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Fieldcrest Building Committee to go with same size gym

Thursday, June 14, 2018 - Posted 4:04:07 PM by Dr, Dan Oakley
The Board Building Committee of the Whole met Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Items discussed included the following: discussed and affirmed of the Building Design Team's recommendation to pursue prefabricated metal frame construction in both the high school and middle school building plans; discussed and affirmed of the Building Design Team's recommendation to design a high school gymnasium similar in size to the current gymnasium; and entered closed session to discuss land acquisition for the high school building site. The Board also heard from Rick Krischel, construction manager, that the move to prefabricated metal would likely save the district around $30-$35/square foot in construction costs.

The team discussed classroom programming for the high school building, and determined construction of two locker rooms large enough to hold athletic/football lockers was sufficient. The team also discussed at length the number of classrooms necessary for future use, and settled on 16 regular classrooms to go along with all of the special spaces such as science labs, ag shop and others. The team also agreed to go with an "inverted" or scaled approach to the sizes of classrooms, as many of the classes in the high school are smaller sized and therefore do not require larger spaces. The team addressed middle school classroom programming, which is easier due to the lack of elective-type classes available in middle school.