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Feed the Kids Program funded by community

Monday, June 12, 2017 - Posted 5:29:41 PM by Liz Uphoff
Toluca Rotary Club reached out to a couple of local grocery stores to assist in the preparation of the "Feed The Kids" Program. Two Grocers, Toluca Supermarket, managed by Sukhjinder Singh Multani; and Grosenbach Grocery, managed by Corey Grosenbach, demonstrated great community partnership by being kind enough to sell the goods to Toluca Rotary Club at their cost. They then further integrated their expertise of procuring and expediting goods, and did so in a timely manner so Toluca Rotary could prepare the program for launching. 

Sukhjinder Singh Multani, Manager of Toluca Supermarket

Logistics, facilitated by Fieldcrest West Elementary School Principal: Molly Allen; suggested that 185 children in grades K-4 were at risk of not receiving proper nutritional intake over the summer months. This, being as a result of the children not receiving school-provided breakfasts and dinners. Toluca Rotary Club addressed this need by purchasing the food and providing it to those individuals. Twelve Rotarians met at the St. John's church and stocked 185 bags of the supplies in 25 minutes; with the help of friends from St. John's Lutheran: Ruth Ann Clanin, Rodney Schulte, Karen Kinsey, Carla O'Conner, Tim O ‘Conner, Robert Farner, Rhonda Sunken, and Dave Hall. Some contents of the bags included: applesauce, peanut butter crackers, and canned corn.

These items were purchased based on their nutrition, and their ease of access, so that children could easily open and consume the goods with their hands. 

Corey Grosenbach, owner of Grosenbach Grocery, and Liz Uphoff with donation check for Feed the Kids Program.

Donations were provided from: Wenona Rotary Club, Henry Rotary Club, Fieldcrest PTO's, City of Toluca, Toluca American Legion, Ajinomoto Windsor, Minonk Business Association, St. Ann's Catholic Church (Toluca), St. Johns Lutheran Church (Toluca), Toluca Supermarket. St. Mary's Catholic Church (Wenona), Bethany Lutheran Church (Wenona), St. Patrick's Catholic Church (Minonk), St Paul's United Church of Christ(Minonk), Immanuel Lutheran Church (Minonk), and Grosenbach Grocery, of Minonk. 

Many other individuals also kindly contributed to the funding of the cause. Toluca Rotary, due to these kind donations distributed 179 of 185 bags that were made up on the last day of school. Toluca Rotary club would like to extend its immense gratitude for the kind donations from several folks, which helped generate a successful outreach.