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Fieldcrest Response to News 5 Chicago's investigative report

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - Posted 9:29:04 PM by Dr. Dan Oakley
Fieldcrest CUSD 6 is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for our students and staff. Our curriculum includes 21st Century skills emphasizing appropriate digital citizenship and responsible use of technology.

We were made aware this afternoon of an investigative report from News 5 Chicago which included the name of Fieldcrest High School. That report can be found at

We are aware that inappropriate sharing of images has become a problem across the country. We will continue to educate our students on the risks and consequences of sharing digital images, as well as other items of concern or danger, via the internet or social media. We encourage our students to ask questions and to speak up if they are having issues

If anyone in our community, whether student or adult, believes his or her image or other confidential information might have been shared without his or her permission, we encourage him or her to contact local law enforcement agencies or other appropriate agencies. We also encourage parents to talk their children about appropriate usage of digital technology and personal data and information.