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Fieldcrest Board Meeting Summary

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - Posted 8:54:35 AM by Dr. Dan Oakley
The Fieldcrest CUSD 6 Board of Education held its regular Board meeting on April 26, 2017. Members present were Mykin Bernardi, Joe Kirkpatrick, Charles Lohr, Kimberly McKay, Tim McNamara, and Elizabeth Palm. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, building principals Molly Allen, Jason Chaplin, William Lapp, Nathan Lorton, and Sean Poston, Farnsworth architects John Bishop and David Leggans, and a few teachers and community members. 

The Board met in closed session to start the meeting to discuss personnel employment and compensation. 

In Board action during regular session, the Board: approved the consent agenda; approved the annual renewals for membership in the IHSA and IESA; approved all administrators' contracts through June 30, 2020 with 1.5% raise (equivalent to union raise) for the 2017-2018 school year; adopted a position statement on County Sales Facilities Tax favorable to joining the process for any or all of Woodford, Marshall and LaSalle counties, if such an opportunity should arise; and selected an approach for repair of the north wall of the old gymnasium area at Fieldcrest High School, which would require reconstruction of the exterior portion of the wall. 

During the action portion of the meeting, discussion was held on the following: County Sales Facilities Tax - the Board viewed a presentation on what the CSFT was, what it represented for the district in terms of potential dollars for facilities repairs or replacement, how that money would be collected, and how the dollars collected could be used to partially alleviate the tax burden on property taxpayers; FHS old gymnasium north wall repairs - Bishop presented two options for repairing the wall. One would be to build a metallic frame across the wall to hold in the current wall, the other to rebuild the exterior wall. The first option would accomplish the necessary task, but would not be as aesthetically pleasing, and could cause some issues later if the district were to decide to add on to the area. The second option would provide the best structural approach, including the ability to insulate the wall, and would allow for future options in the area. Considering the cost differential was only around $15,000 on a total cost of up to $250,000, the Board selected the second option. 

In employment action, the Board: acknowledged Melinda Stimac's resignation letter; hired Drew Barth (cleaning), Ryan Barth (cleaning), Kyle Colglazier (cleaning), Emma Fortner (tech), and Jonathan Panzica (cleaning) as student summer workers; hired Kathy Jackson as adult summer worker; and assigned a list of extra duty sponsors. 

Mr. Lorton and Mrs. Baran addressed the Board regarding an exciting project Mrs. Baran's students have been doing at East. The students wrote their own stories, had them published in hardback copies, and are in the process of reading the stories onto CD to share. Dr. Oakley presented a few slides of the Illinois State Board of Education's ESSA plan, specifically how the plan "grades" schools, with some discussion following. 

Dr. Oakley also spoke to new Board members regarding methodology to accomplish the required Board member training, and time frame to accomplish the training. 

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31, 2017, at 6:30 pm at Fieldcrest High School band room, with closed session starting at 6:00 pm.