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Black Partridge DAR help students celebrate 200th birthday of Illinois

Sunday, April 22, 2018 - Posted 5:25:56 PM by Carl Bond
The Black Partridge Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution helped Mrs. Beverly Woodward's third grade classroom at the Lowpoint Washburn Grade School in Washburn, IL celebrate the 200th birthday of Illinois. It was 1818 when Illinois became the 21st state on December 3rd. 

The students learned many facts by seeing objects and hearing facts of their state. The students were each given Illinois books and a snack of popcorn which is the official snack food of Illinois. 

Karen Ghighi and Kenda Bond from the Black Partridge Chapter were the presenters. Mrs. Woodward's students were eager learners and a joy to be with for an afternoon of learning.

Mrs. Woodward and her third graders at the Lowpoint Washburn grade school.

Students viewing the shared objects and pictures.