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Fieldcrest Board Meeting Summary

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - Posted 10:15:52 AM by Dr. Dan Oakley
The Fieldcrest CUSD 6 Board of Education held its regular Board meeting on March 22, 2017. Members present were Tom Barth, Tammi Coons, Scott Hillenburg, Joe Kirkpatrick, Greg Kroeschen, Tim McNamara, and Danielle Reichman. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, West principal Molly Allen, several community members including candidates for the Board, and Farnsworth architects John Bishop and David Leggans. 

The Board met in closed session to start the meeting to discuss personnel employment and student concerns. 

In Board action during regular session, the Board: approved the consent agenda; approved the annual senior class trip; approved an intergovernmental agreement with ICC for financial aid through FAFSA for dual credit students; and approved the district curriculum. In employment action, the Board: hired Stephanie Haney as a music teacher and Melinda Stimac as a special education teacher for FY18; recognized Rebecca Holdsworth's resignation as a scholastic bowl coach and senior class sponsor; and performed several reductions in force, as follows: 

-Certified staff reduction in force - Kelsey Bradford and Thomas Derry 
-Support staff reduction in force - Cody Miles, Vicky Walker, and Jacob Zulz 
-Support staff reduction in time - Shelly Barth, Richard Hahn, Jim Nix, Lyndsey Perry, Dorothy Rampa, Tim Spencer, Al Stenzel
 -Extra Duty Reductions in Force - Assistant HS Student Council Sponsors Misty Wilson and Dee Foor; Internal Coaches Kristin Wilson, Lynn Tjaden, Rebecca Rickman, Ryan Koehler, Angie Cooper, and Christa Korstick; Technology Aides Michael Freeman, Ryan Koehler, Rebecca Rickman, and Sarah Miles; Yearbook Sponsors Megan Lawrence, Angie Cooper, and Linda Seggerman; Mentor Emily Furrow; Assistant HS Boys' Basketball Coach Colby Vernay; and Freshman HS Boys' Football Coach Michael Freeman; and 7th period/ICC Dee Foor, Gail Wyss, Kristin Wilson, Jeremy Hahn, Matthew Winkler, Philip Pulley, Melissa Kowalczyk, Nancy Reiter, and Mitchell Neally. 

Mr. Allen addressed the Board regarding upcoming activities at West, including the testing segment this spring. This led to a discussion of the value of standardized testing, which the state keeps changing and which focuses on grade-level knowledge, compared to the MAP assessment program which will be implemented next year, which focuses on actual student position and growth over time. 

Dr. Oakley reminded the Board that all current Board members need to be present at the April 12 planning session to adjourn the Board sine die. The new Board will also be seated at that meeting. Dr. Oakley also noted that plans for grade level realignment in FY18 are going well, and the teacher advisory committee and its subcommittees have done some great work putting together a mixer and celebrations. 

Bishop spoke with the Board at some length regarding the structural issues with the north wall of the old high school gymnasium. The ties which held the outer block wall together with the inner block wall have apparently given way, and the outer block wall is floating free and moving outward. During recent high winds, the block wall move at least an inch outward. With the ties no longer holding the block walls together, there is an outward fall risk. The area has been cordoned off until such time as work can be completed on the wall. Such work is not as simple as taking down the current block and replacing it, as building code requires much more substantial work be done. Bishop and Farnsworth will work with Dr. Oakley and the Board on options. Dr. Oakley will file an emergency HLS request with the state in order to allow the district to spend HLS dollars and get the project moving as quickly as possible, although it is likely to be this summer before work can be done. 

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26 2017, at 6:30 pm at Fieldcrest High School band room, with closed session starting at 6:00 pm. A Board planning meeting, at which the new Board will be seated, is scheduled for April 12, 2017, at 6:30 pm at Fieldcrest High School.