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"Antique Road Show" a Big Success at Filger Library

Sunday, March 18, 2018 - Posted 7:49:58 PM

Kate Bateman addresses the crowd at the "Antique Road Show" event at the Filger Library last Saturday morning.

Ms. Bateman analyzed the antiques brought in and gave them an estimated value.

Ms. Bateman consulted the internet to aid her in determining a value for an object.

Twenty one people brought in items to be appraised. Above are some of the items.

Kate Bateman is the co-founder and director of Bateman's Auctioneers, a fine art and antiques auction house in the United Kingdom and appears regularly as an antique expert on several popular BBC television shows.  She also is the bestselling author of several Historical Romance novels set in the Regency, Napoleonic and Renaissance eras. 

Her website is at and has a Facebook page at