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Bob Hakes Set To Retire!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - Posted 4:59:37 PM
Bob Hakes, Senior Community Banker and Senior Vice President, will be retiring from Minonk Community Bank after 39.5 years on Friday, April 6, 2018. Bob began his career at Minonk State Bank on November 8, 1978 as an installment loan officer. The Minonk State Bank merged into Alpha Community Bank and later merged with Morton Community Bank on September 8, 2008. Bob has held various positions in the bank over his years in banking and has seen a lot of changes. Bob's wife, Joy, will also be retiring and they plan on spending a lot of time with their grandchildren and traveling.

A retirement open house will be held at Minonk Community Bank on Friday, April 6 from 2:00 to 4:00. From everyone at MCB, we thank Bob for his many years of service and we extend our warmest wishes for a long and happy retirement.


Susie Nelson: What a great guy. Jule Beckman loves him dearly. He’s all Jule and Ed said he was. Good Luck Bob and Joy.
Rhonda Weppler: Gordon Congratulations to my childhood friend. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.
Chris Hataway: Congrats Bob! Great seeing you and Joy Saturday. Hope you enjoy retirement... I do
Marge Dunham: happy retirement bob enjoy it and also to joy when she retires end of. may
Sandy Hattan: Congratulations to a very nice person
Marilyn Heidenreich: Congratulations! Happy Retirement Bob and Joy
Heather Payton: Sure am going to miss seeing you Bob!! Enjoy your retirement!!!
Sara Zank Beisser: Gravelle Wishing all good things for him....
Michael Wray: Congratulation Bob now you will have more time to go fishing
Barb Petri: Congrats Bob, enjoy retirement, it's great.
Susann Feazel: Congratulations Bob!!!
Richard Dick McCue: Bob you started with the bank on my birthday.
Cheryl Gulo: Enjoy your retirement!
Charles Volker: Happy Retirement. Bob
Christie Miller: Congrats Bob!!! Enjoy retirement!!
Sandy Murphy: Harms Good for you Bob! Enjoy!
Evelyn Heidenreich: Congratulations
Ann Knighton: Happy Days!
Richard Dick McCue: Congrats Bob!!!
Tammy Nodine: Congrats Bob.
LJ Tucker: Happy Retirement!
Holly McKenna: Congratulations Bob
Kim Hovey Krischel: Congratulations Bob!!!
Jordan Zmia: Congrats Bob!
Edgar Bevins: Congratulations