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Tornadoes miss Minonk as turbulent weather hits the area

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - Posted 11:16:51 PM
Unseasonably warm weather in the 60's spawned severe weather Tuesday afternoon and evening in the Minonk area.  Around 5 pm a tornado touched down in Washburn damaging several homes.  A tornado also touched down south of Toluca and another one touched down 5 miles northeast of Rutland.  Golf ball size hail was also reported in certain areas.

Weather alerts for a tornado warning were issued around 5 pm for the Minonk area and warning sirens were set off.  However, 
the area did not receive any wind damage. A line of thunderstorms hit the area around 10:30 Tuesday night with gusts of high winds but no damage or hail was reported.

To the left is a photo of jet contrails over Minonk heading west toward the dark clouds that later spawned the tornadoes to the north of Minonk. 

A video of the tornado was captured by Cary Block. To view his Facebook video of the tornado, click here.