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Summer League Park and Field Maintenance Bid Released

Monday, February 20, 2017 - Posted 10:54:08 AM by Libby Goodwin
Minonk Parks and Rec Base Bid

The bid for 2017 Minonk Parks and Recreation Board field maintenance work pertains to all games falling under Minonk Parks and Rec jurisdiction, including all regular season, make up games, All Star games, season ending tournaments, and any other tournaments Minonk Parks and Rec may host.

This bid also includes diamond preparation for all Crush, Xtreme and any other travel team games which may play in Minonk.

Various levels of leagues include but are not limited to T-ball, Co-ed Instructional, Minor League Softball, Little League Softball, Minors Baseball, Majors Baseball, Junior League Baseball and Adult Softball. Game schedules will be posted once they are available.

We anticipate around 30 league games in Minonk baseball and softball combined. This may vary based on the total number of teams. Additionally, we anticipate there being 20 Xtreme games and 20 Crush games.

Additional Tournaments

Occasionally Minonk is asked to host District 20 tournaments for baseball and/or softball. The bid package should include a separate line item for District 20 tournaments, stating the charges for field maintenance per tournament.

The Minonk Parks and Recreation Board must have at least one nominee and a majority vote to issue the field maintenance position to an individual or group.

All bids must be submitted by 5 PM Friday, March 17 to:

Minonk City Hall
670 Chestnut St
Minonk, IL 61760

For a copy of the bid form, click here.