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Fieldcrest Board Updates Curriculum, Changes Immunization Requirements

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - Posted 8:31:53 PM
The Fieldcrest Board of Education made a change to the date for having immunization shots done from October 15 to the first day of school. Board President Joe Kirkpatrick said a letter will be sent out shortly to parents informing them of the change in immunization dates. For a link to the immunization requirements, click here.

The board approved a 3 year contract with Industrial Appraisal Company of Pittsburg, PA to do an appraisal of the school's buildings, equipment and other assets to determine an appraisal value for insurance purposes in case of loss due to accidents, tornadoes, fires, etc, The fee for the appraisal is $4365.00.

The board approved the hiring of Julie Winkler as an Alternate Study Area Supervisor and the assignment of Sam Bane as an Unpaid Volunteer Asst HS Track Coach.

The Board approved the Water Quality Management Plan that will be used for monitoring the water quality in the schools and for taking appropriate action when needed.

The board approved adding a transitional math program to  the 2019Y  curriculum based on a proposal by Fieldcrest High School Principal William Lapp.  By adding a transitional math program to the school's curriculum. Mr. Lapp said the course will provide senior students who do not qualify for college level math to take a developmental course like those completed by students at ICC. This would enable a student to take a college credit bearing math course. The class could be taught by a Fieldcrest math teacher. Students who receive a "C" or higher will be allowed to move into the Concepts of Math or Educational Statistics course. By entering into an agreement with ICC  a Fieldcrest student could avoid having to take a course at ICC that would cost $600. The cost of the course would be the purchase of textbooks. All other material would be supported by ICC.

Fieldcrest Superintendent Dr, Dan Oakley suggested shortening the Christmas break for next year. He thought this past Christmas break was too long and suggested that students return to school on January 2 in 2019. Dr. Oakley also recommended starting the next school year on August 20. He said he didn't want to start too early and said with the proposed starting date school should be out by Memorial Day.

Dr. Oakley presented a slide show on the State of Illinois Evidence Based Funding Model which is supposed to remove the inequities between rich and poor schools in the state. He showed a formula that used 26 markers that determine how much funding should be given to a school. The model is supposed to replace the current General State Aid calculation. Dr. Oakley said the new model would bring in an additional $65,000 compared to what the school is receiving in state aid. However, he said based on the interpretation of the new funding model the school might receive an additional $285,000.

Robert Prince presented a check from the Knights of Columbus for $1218.83 to Fieldcrest Board President Joe Kirkpatrick at the board meeting. The K of C has been presenting similar check amounts to the school district for a number of years and the accumulated total is over $40,000.

At the end of the meeting, board member Charles Lohr said he received an email this afternoon from engineering firm Cordogan Clark containing the results of their estimate of repair cost to the school building in Wenona. Mr. Lohr said the results look real promising and could possibly save the school district a lot of money. Mr. Lohr said he will forward the email to Dr. Oakley and get together with the building committee to discuss the results. He also said representatives from Cordogan Clark would like to make a presentation of their study to the board.


Kerri Stoeger: Definitely agree on shortening Christmas break.
David Dunham: Nooooooo!!
Christine Cunningham: I don't like the idea of returning January 2nd. Christmas is such a busy time and if you are traveling it is nice to have the extra time. I have never liked returning the day after a holiday, Easter or New Years
David Dunham: I agree Christine Cunningham
Kristen Amigoni: The break this year turned out to our advantage with the weather too because they probably wouldn't have had school a few of them days this past Christmas break, if it wouldn't have been as long.
Nicole Embery:I think he should leave Christmas break alone. I'm like Christine...i hate sending kids back to school the day after a holiday.