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City of Minonk Establishes Exchange Zone for E-Commerce

Friday, January 27, 2017 - Posted 5:51:41 PM by City Admn. Austin Edmondson
In the picture at the left City of Minonk Public Works employees Jared Marshall (l) and Kaleb Garber (r) install the new e-commerce exchange zone sign at the Minonk Police Department parking lot.

 The Minonk Police Department wants you to conduct your e-commerce transactions (Craigslist, Swip-Swap, etc.,) in our parking lot.The department has established an "E-commerce Exchange Zone" in our front parking lot for those who wish to conduct such transactions at a neutral site and where video surveillance is in place. Selling and buying things online can be tricky, and sometimes scary, because the people involved don't know each other.Now there's a new and safer place where anyone can go just to make those exchanges. If a criminal offense occurs, we'll get involved. If there's a civil dispute, we won't.We encourage you to use the designated area during business hours as a "neutral site".

It is our hope that by establishing this program, we can prevent our community members from being victimized.


Stillwell Richard: Brilliant
Annie Otto: Love this
Pam Jolly: Great idea!
Steve Park: Good idea