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Weistart Family has Sesquicentennial Farm

Sunday, January 15, 2017 - Posted 2:05:49 PM
Former Minonk resident Jerry Weistart and his wife Jean, shown at the left, recently had their farm designated a Sesquicentennial Farm by the State of Illinois Department of Agriculture through its Sesquicentennial Program started in 2001. The farm is located in Peoria County next to the Spoon River.

To qualify as a sesquicentennial farm, the farm must be owned by a straight or collateral line of descendants for at least 150 years. The farm was bought by Jean's family in 1865 and has been passed down through the family.

Over 800 farms have been designated sesquicentennial farms and over 9000 farms have been designated centennial farms.

Jerry and Emma Weistart's son, Jerome, lives in the home built by Elder Aby on the family's Sesquicentennial Farm.. (Photo: Weistart family)

Above is the certificate for the Weistart's sesquicentennial farm.

Above Elder Aby, Jean Weistart's ancestor and original owner of the Weistarts' Sesquicentennial Farm, stands in front of his home with his wife and child. (Photo: Weistart family, Illinois Centennial Farms book)

To the left is the sesquicentennial sign for the Weistart farm.

Application information can be requested by writing to the Illinois Centennial/sesquicentennial Farms Program, Illinois Department of Agriculture, P. O. Box 19281, Springfield, Il 62794-9281; by phone at 217-785-7799; FAX at 217-524-5960; email:

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