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Emails for December 2016

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Church pews are sold | Church building pews still available | John and Judy Mowery Anniversary | recycling concrete | Recycling plant | Concrete recycling | Concrete Recycling | Justcore Explanation for Recyled Concrete Permit | State of Illinois Behind Payments to Fieldcrest |

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Church pews are sold

All of the old Presbyterian church pews are now sold.


Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, Superintendent


John and Judy Mowery Anniversary



Recycling plant

In reference to comment on recycling plant on 251. They were proposing a permanent readymix plant at that time which is completely different operation than JustCore is asking for there's is for temporary crushing of concrete that will only last for a few days.

Josh Porter

Concrete Recycling

First of all I'd like to recognize Justcore (Justin and Cory) for having the courage to start a business in this state / community. They have employed a lot of people in our community and have volunteered time and materials to help our city out in these difficult times. I, personally, have used Justcore for my garage foundation and floor on Mary Street.

I am writing this email to better understand what the reasoning is for the recycling permit. Back in April zoning hearing, there was some concern over what business functions were going to be included on the lot that is now a Justcore business. The land was originally zoned commercial and it was changed over to an industrial lot at that time. There were some specific questions that centered around if there would be a ready mix plant or recycling facility. The questions were not to limit the business potential, but rather to ensure there were road maintenance plans / funds in place in case damage were to happen from heavy truck hauling. The roads in town were never built to handle the potential heavy truck weights that may occur with concrete hauling. In the meeting, seven months ago, it was reported that there were no plans for a mixing or recycling facility.

I know when Justcore cleaned the lot up to build their building, there was concrete across the ground. And in Justin's letter I see he has volunteered to help the city and the citizens out, by taking any unwanted loose concrete, which again is helping our community. My concern is the concrete pile on that lot has been growing across the summer months. Recycling concrete to clean up a lot or assist the members of this community is commendable and does not put the roads within our community is jeopardy. Recycling concrete hauled in from various jobs puts the roads at risk and may end up costing the citizens more in the way of tax dollars.

The last comment I have on the topic is that there were concerns raised, during that April meeting, that this request may happen someday and it appears that the described process is in motion. Comments raised at that time were centered on excessive noise, polluted air (dust particulates) and the safety of individuals entering and leaving Millennium Park. Justcore is going through the mandated process to fulfill the requirements to recycle. Citizens in support of, or in opposition to the request should participate in the process or forever hold your peace.... I am reserving my opinion until I better understand the full story.

Roger Gaspardo

State of Illinois Behind Payments to Fieldcrest

The state of Illinois is currently behind in payments to the Fieldcrest district in the amount of approximately $440,000. About half of that amount was due in June of 2016 and was to have been part of last school year's budget. The remainder was due in September.

Please continue to talk to your legislators regarding the issues involved. Contact information for legislators can be found at this link.

Dr. Dan Oakley

Church building pews still available

Fieldcrest CUSD 6 still has about a dozen pews from the old church building in Minonk remaining. These will be available for purchase, best offer, Thursday December 29, 2016, from 7-9 am and 6-7 pm, in the Ag shop at the high school. All pews purchased are to be removed from premises at that time. Any pews remaining after December 29 will be destroyed.

Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, Superintendent


recycling concrete

On 12-14-16 the City of Minonk zoning board approved to make a recommendation to the city Council to approve JustCore Concrete's request for a special use permit to recycle concrete on a limited bases for a period not to exceed five days.

At the meeting there were a few residents that spoke out with concerns of how this could negatively impact some of the residence in the area. All though JustCore respects these concerns there was no evidence to support their opinions, just speculations.

Contrary to the speculations, members of the zoning board did their own investigation into the positive and negative effects of recycling concrete.

It was determined by members of the zoning board after observing the portable concrete recycling machine operate that these concerns were unfounded. These members testified that there was very little dust produced during the recycling process that they observed. Based on this they believed the dust levels would not negatively affect any resident. They also testified to the noise levels of the machine. In the testimony a member of the board said at a distance of over 300 feet he could still hear the machine running but the noise was minimal. Noting that the nearest resident was greater than 600 feet away from where JustCore has proposed to operate, they felt that the noise would not negatively impact the residents. In their research they also spoke with residents in another community which lived very close to a concrete recycling operation. It was reported that only one resident that lived within 150 feet from the operation was affected by the noise and had to turn their TV volume up. Some of the other residents within 300 feet said they had heard something but didn't know what it was and was not disturbed by it. Others within the 300 feet reported that they had not heard anything. None of these residents reported any issues of dust.
It should be noted that recycled concrete dust is not listed has a hazardous material by OSHA.

The positives of recycling concrete are as follows: This allows the product to be repurposed to gravel to be used for fill or gravel roads / parking lots. If it is not recycled it can end up in landfills and take up valuable space. Recycling concrete gives the business owner the opportunity to be more competitive and save money from having to purchase the material. It will benefit the community by saving money to clean up and recycle concrete that is piled on city property. It allows residents of Minonk to get rid of unwanted concrete material that is on their property and help clean up the community.

Based on the evidence and recommendation of the Minonk zoning board, JustCore asks that the city council makes a decision based on the research and facts presented by the zoning board. This would greatly help its local business thrive in an Illinois economy where the cards are stacked against small businesses.

Respectfully Submitted,
Justin Faulk
JustCore Concrete Construction

Justin Faulk

Concrete recycling

News article on recycle concrete permit request brought back a time ago, when a concrete company requested a permit for a plant on the west side of 251 ,it was hazardous then, what has changed ? is the composition different?

frank zmia

Kevin Persic: What is in the aggregate? Lead?
Mindy Johnson: No just rock.
Tony Ladd: Mindy Johnson, the place that I work at has 3 huge crushers that are portable, and they crush right in the middle of the towns where the job sites are at. It's noisy but that's about the only con the pros are that it's all recycled material instead of pulling new from the ground and having to dig a hole to bury the old

Justcore Explanation for Recyled Concrete Permit

Residents of Minonk,

JustCore Concrete Construction has applied for a temporary special use permit to recycle concrete. This request is for a permit to not exceed a two week time period.

The reason we have filled for this permit is to clean up concrete at our location on Moran st. and clean up concrete at the city of Minonk sewer treatment plant. If this permit is granted we have offered to clean up all concrete at the sewer treatment plant and will also allow residents of Minonk to dispose of any unwanted concrete products from their properties for no charge. This will save thousands of tax dollars for the city and prevent this material from going into land fills.

We understand that there are a lot of unknowns about the recycling process and that always creates concerns. We are sensitive to these concerns and do not want this to cause a negative effect on the resident of our community. We have researched this process and are confident that these concerns will not be an issue with the resident. We have outlined in the permit that hours of recycling will be between 8am and 4pm weekdays only. Location of the recycling will be at our furthest north west corner of our property which would place this over 800 feet from the nearest resident.

We have request two week special use permit but are confident that without inclement weather it will all be completed in a few days.

There will be a zoning meeting held December 16th at the city hall. I would like to invite anyone interested in coming to the meeting to come and ask questions. I will also be available for calls on the 15th and 16th if anyone would like to call with question. You can reach me at 309/275-2572.

Justin Faulk
JustCore Concrete Construction

Jeff Kretlow: Outstanding!
Todd Weir: Always nice to see responsible business owners! Hope everything is going well for you and your family!
Kirsten Waters: Thank you, Justin! I hope your permit is approved.
Mike Trobec: Sounds like a win .. win situation for everyone!!!