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Emails for December 2014
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Girls team sports goes unnoticed | Thanks to good Samaritan | Grandfather - Frank "Shorty" A. Matuszewicz | Minonk History Book | Fire department | Thank you, Minonk! | Please get the story straight. | Sirens | Historical Society Meeting | Collecting New Hats, Gloves and Scarves | Tones | Elephant in the room |

Girls team sports goes unnoticed

Thanks for sharing info on all the newsworthy things the Boys football and basketball teams and individuals are doing to represent F.H.S. and Fieldcrest Middle School. But are you aware of all the awesome athletic accomplishments of our Lady Knights over the past 4 months???

Volleyball - State Elite 8 - most school wins in school history

2 All Conference 1st Team Players and 1 Honorable Mention
1 All State Player
1 Player of the Year - LaSalle Tribune with 2 others on all area team and Coach of the Year for Coach Sanders.
1 Pantagraph 1st team selection player and 1 honorable mention player
1 Journal Star 1st Team Player
1 going to college to play Volleyball

Basketball - so far this year
Won HOI Travel Trophy 1st time in school history
Player Tessa Holland scored 1000 points - only 3rd girl in school history to do so

Cross Country - qualified 7 girls at sectional, first time in school history

8th Grade Girls Basketball - Qualified for IESA State - Elite 8

Dance Team - Not the only girls team at Fieldcrest but they are off to a great start too.

And to top it off these girls and wonderful students, involved in the community and at school, and are good role models, not just because they are good at sports. Sad our community and local media didn't give these ladies and coaches the attention and accolades they deserve.

Anonymous writer

Editor's reply: To whomever you are, thank you for this information as I was not aware of all of the girl's accomplishments. I run a one man website and depend on others to submit information as I do not have a staff of reporters nor do I have the time and resources to cover every event. I did cover the boys football team this year as they had an extraordinary year. Even then much of my coverage was providing links to the Pantagraph website which has paid reporters to cover such events.

I do not like to have to resort to links to other websites. Therefore, I am suggesting that Fieldcrest recruit a reporter for each sporting event and then submit the results to me which I will gladly publish. This policy goes to the whole community. This website is a nonprofit community enterprise and it depends on input from the community.

I suspect much of the above information on girls sports was reported somewhere on Facebook. Why not publish it on MinonkTalk as well so everyone gets to see it?


Grandfather - Frank "Shorty" A. Matuszewicz

My grandfather Frank, who died before I was born, was a Minonk. His parents were Stan(islaus) and Catherine Matuszewicz.

During World War I, my grandfather did some reporting for, while in the war, for the local newspaper. I was wondering if Minonk has archived any of those articles? Would love to read them!

Thank you - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Libby Sisson Nash

Editor's reply: There are articles about your grandfather in the upcoming book on Minonk History. Also, if you enter your grandfather's last name in the SiteSearch button on MinonkTalk there are about 7 articles that include your grandfather. One of those articles can be seen by clicking here..


Fire department

This is addressed to Lisa Zimmerman. I did not know who was complaining about the fire department being responsible for the siren going off. Chris didn't name names as you are. I think that throwing names around on Minonk Talk is ridiculous. Seriously, I have never seen people addressed by their name on Minonk Talk. If you had called the city to begin with you would have had your answer. You did blame the fire department by calling over to Eureka to see that they replace the person from the Fire Department. that was responsible for the siren. Really...don't we have larger things to worry about?

I will not argue about this over Minonk Talk. I am not in the sixth grade and will talk to you in person if this issue arises again.

Rhonda White

Please get the story straight.

No where in my email did I blame the Fire Department for anything. I told Chris McKay also to re-read what I wrote just like I will ask you Rhonda White. I, in no way. blamed our Fire Department for anything. These were my words " I hope I see another Employment ad for the replacement of whoever is suppose to be setting the tone for the Volunteer Fireman." referring to whoever at Eureka made this mistake. Now I hope I have made my self clear once and for all. Thanks Dave, sorry about beating a dead horse but I dislike people putting words in my mouth.

Lisa Zimmerman

Historical Society Meeting

This is just a reminder of the meeting on December 11. This is our annual pot luck and carol sing at the Panther Creek Church of the Brethren, south of Roanoke.

Pot luck rules apply: Bring a dish or two that will serve 10 - 12 people. If you want to participate in the gift exchange, bring a gift that cost $5 and label it "MAN," "WOMAN," or "EITHER."

New officers will be elected at this meeting. The slate is as follows:

President - Leland Zimmerman
Vice-President - Murllene Kramer
Treasurer - Barbara Bradle
Secretary - Karen Fyke
Trustee - Maurice Yordy

One of our most stalwart members has died. Kenneth Willman has been an amazingly loyal and hard-working member of the Society. For many years he honored people who had served in the military by placing flags on every one buried in the Metamora area cemeteries. A gentle man, he was postmaster in Metamora for 30 years. He will be greatly missed.

I know that many of you who get the email cannot attend, but I wanted you to know what is going on.

Karen Fyke


Need to clarify a couple things. 1. Minonk Fire department does not do tones nor have the ability to set off the sirens, if you need to complain you probably need to complain to the county before blaming the fire department.

Chris McKay

Thanks to good Samaritan

I wanted to thank the person/s that found my gloves on the nature trail and left them on one of the benches. I knew that I had dropped them someplace, but wasn't quite sure where. I was very excited to see them this morning on my morning walk! Thank you to that good Samaritan!

Jeanne Hawk

Minonk History Book

I am so glad to see another book of the history of Minonk being published. Too Cool!!!! My question is If I understand correctly 3 volumes are to be published. What is the time frame of these books? For example volume 1 will be from what date to what date, volume 2, volume 3, ect. Thanks again for bringing back memories of long ago about our hometown.

Becky Quick

Editor's reply: Each book will cover specific topics from 1854 to 1955 so each book will be in chronological order for that time frame. In other words, each book will cover the time frame from 1854 to 1955 for different topics. We are still way below the pre-order sales we need to get the book published so those who want to purchase the book should get their order in before the cutoff date of January 30.

Thank you, Minonk!

The Food Pantry Board would like to thank the community for support for the Food Pantry. We appreciate all the donations, monetary and food items, which are given throughout the year and especially at this time of year. Your donations whether given individually or through one of the Churches or the schools help us keep the doors open for people who need assistance. Also, a big thank you to the volunteers who give of their time to unload trucks, stock the shelves, work in the aisles once a month, and help load groceries into cars. We were able to help an average of 48 families each month this year . Thank you for your generosity!

Lila McCulley


The fire department has never had control over the sirens. Instead of blaming them, you should you thanking them for putting their lives in danger for us.

Also, ditto on what Chris McKay said!!!

Thank a police man, an ambulance employee and the fire department. You may need them someday. You can't even imagine what they go through when they are called out.

Rhonda White

Collecting New Hats, Gloves and Scarves

The Minonk Successful Farmers 4-H club is currently collecting new hats, gloves and scarves as part of their community service efforts for 4-H. Items will be donated to the Heart House in Eureka. You can bring your items to Casey's in Minonk or Roanoke in which there is a tree to put your items on. We are collecting until December 20th. So when out shopping this Holiday Season, remember those who aren't as fortunate and pick up a pair or two of gloves or a hat. Thank you for your help! Happy Holidays!!

Kim Barth

Elephant in the room

Okay. I will ask then. Why was I abruptly woken up at 12:00 am to the Tornado Siren? I can't believe it was just a simple mistake again. A few years back this happened twice within a few days of each other but it was during the day, not that it makes a difference because no matter what, this is a mistake that needs to stop. I was brought out of a dead sleep screaming for Mike to grab Mandy and get to the basement. I was grabbing my purse, more clothes and the Weather Radio and flashlight to head for the basement. It took me about 5 minutes to realize that it was another mistake! I sure do feel bad for all the kids that had to have been scared out of their wits last night and the parents who had to calm them down. I hope I see another Employment ad for the replacement of whoever is suppose to be setting the tone for the Volunteer Fireman. Thank goodness it was a false alarm but we need people who are responsible in not ever letting this happen again. Thanks for letting me vent and it sure has been a long day today and it is only 12:50 pm. Lisa Zimmerman

Lisa Zimmerman