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Emails for December 2013
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I am writing about a concern for which I hope I am mistaken. I attempt to follow the results of the Fieldcrest athletic teams as best I can from afar. I marveled, and was very proud of the performances of the Boy's Football team and the Girl's Volleyball team this year. Their deeds were, if I understand correctly, 'first ever accomplishments'. I also try to follow the other activities occurring in the Fieldcrest School District. I did read the November and December Board of Education Agenda and Minutes. I was disappointed/dismayed to find not one Agenda Item or even one comment in the Minutes commending these outstanding student-athletes for their fantastic achievements.

This is where I hope I am mistaken, and that the Board of Education did in fact have the decency to publically commend these student-athletes for the honor which they brought to the Fieldcrest School System and to all of the Fieldcrest Communities. I hope I overlooked some item somewhere.
Every member of all of the communities comprising the District should be extremely proud of these fine young men and women. It would be nice if someone were to acknowledge that fact.
Jon R Johnson, MDHS '54

Jon R Johnson

Parade of Lights


Just wondering, why is the Parade not a " Christmas Celebration". Has Minonk become so PC that Christmas is a bad word?

I am disappointed in my home town.

Dave Ullman

New dental office open during Parade of Lights

Hi Dave,

I wanted to let you know, we will be having our dental office open at 430 N. Chestnut Street from 4:30-7:30 pm on Saturday during the Parade of Lights so that people can come in and see the progress that has been made. The office will still not be open for business for several more weeks, but we will be offering coffee and hot chocolate and letting people see the work that has been done so far.

Thank you,

Dr. Stephanie Hamper

Dean Barth

Yes, Dave, your editorial describes him well. When I was the pastor at St, Paul's, I enjoyed his friendship and benefited from his wisdom. The church and the community were made better by Dean's presence and participation. Thanks for honoring him.

Dan Gansch-Boythe

Thank You!

We would like to Thank everyone for the outpouring of prayers, support and donations that we have received. We have only lived just outside of Minonk for 4 years. The love and support from the town (many we have never met) has been amazing! We are very proud to say that we are part of such a wonderful and caring community!

Brian & Kristi Tjaden

Reminder on Giving Tree at Minonk Parade of Lights

This is a reminder there will be a Giving Tree at the Minonk Parade of Lights Stop-n-Shop this Saturday!

This Christmas Tree will hold 100+ Clothespins!! We are asking the community to put monetary donations, Gift cards and gift certificates on these clothespins for the local families who were affected by Sundays tornadoes!!!

Gift cards / Gift Certificates can be for Walmart, local grocery stores, Target, Toys r us, Kroger, local restaurants Any place helpful for them for the holidays!!!

Kylie Rodgers

Santa's Helpers Needed!

Santa's Helpers are again providing gifts for the many children aged 12 and under who have been signed up through the Minonk Township Food Pantry. At the November 7th Food Pantry opening, 114 children were signed up and several more have and may be added at the December 5th opening. Currently only 50 Santa's Helpers have signed up to sponsor a child.

If you would like to be a Santa's Helper, please call Jennifer Lindsay (309-212-2908) and she will match you with a registered child.

Please take the gifts (unwrapped, but identified with the assigned number) to Jennifer Lindsay's home at 711 Oak Street or to St. Paul's Church at 236 W 5th St. no later than Saturday, December 14th.

The gifts will be wrapped at St. Paul's Church on Wednesday, December 18th at 5:00pm and distributed at the church between 8:30 and 11 on Saturday, December 21st.

St. Paul's U.C.C.