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Emails for December 2012
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I just saw the golf cart pictures. Now Ruestman did it up right. He has a windshield and side curtains which he can drop down if he sees an accident coming. That way he'll never know what hit him. His vehicle is so complete it could even have a heater in it. Why, I'll bet he could drive that golf cart to Arizona and into any retirement community and people would take him for a life long member.

Now Meyer's cart is "a horse of a different color"--(red). No windshield, no drop down side curtains, probably no heater. He could get caught in a snow storm with snow piling up inside his cart and people would think he was a snow ball rolling down the street. My advice to Jim is get an "Avalanche". That's a Chevy Truck with windshield, side windows and a heater (and air conditioner). Of course it would be harder for older people to get in and out of an Avalanche.

Barth Weistart

Thank You to Parade of Lights Volunteers

I just wanted to say Thank You to all the volunteers that helped make this year's parade a success. This event could not happen without all of the work you do. I hope next year it is even better.


Nick Petri

Thanks Dave

Thanks Dave for your article regarding the St Paul's carillon, You made people aware of the need and everyone responded. We will enjoy the carillon again.

Rodney & JoAnn

Gingerbread Workshop

Filger Library will be having its annual Gingerbread House Workshop on Thursday, December 13th from 4:30-6:00 P.M. Children will be making a gingerbread house to take home with them. We ask for each child to bring $4 to cover the cost of supplies.
Please call Kari at 432-2929 to reserve a spot.

Filger Library