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Emails for December 2009
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More About Snow Plowing

Like Fred Baker, I don't know Angela Langley, but I am happy to know there are still some people left in this world that can appreciate the things that are being done for their benefit, instead of complaining about it.

As for plowing snow anywhere anytime, I challenge anyone who complains about it to get up anytime in the night hours, leave your warm home and bed, any day, night, weekend, or holiday to go plow snow so the general public can have the benefit of getting out onto the roads, streets and sidewalks when they ready to start their day.

For anyone that thinks plowing snow is an easy or fun job, I challenge you to get into the truck and try it sometime. I speak from experience as I did just that while employed as City Administrator in Minonk. I might add, there were times our city crew and myself were in the trucks for extended periods of 8 to16 hours.

I say to anyone that wants to complain about the snow plowing job in Minonk, keep the complaint to yourself as you have no idea or appreciation of what is being provided for your benefit.

Further, I say there is no justifiable reason for anyone to complain about the snow plowing work or any other work performed by our city employees. These are people completely dedicated to their obligation as servants to the public of this community.

Dave Shirley

Dave Shirley

Thank You City Street Crew

The City of Minonk Street Crew has done a fine job cleaning up the streets and sidewalks! I write this in defensive mode after a friend posted on her Facebook about how poorly the streets in Minonk were after yesterday's snowstorm (this was after my dad spent more than twelve hours in the snow plow the first time out yesterday).

I live in Peoria and the streets truly are in poor shape. I ventured out yesterday morning and saw eight snow plows and the only two plowing were the IDOT plows on I-74. The city plows were just driving around without plowing snow or dropping salt.

I know this has nothing to do with Minonk. I'm just trying to say that these gentlemen (my dad included) work so very hard to keep the streets and sidewalks in good shape so rather than criticizing, we need to thank them! Yes, they are paid to do this work so it is there job. When people do a job well, they should be thanked not criticized. They spend hours upon hours on their days off and holidays to make the roads and walks as safe as they possibly can and do a good job. In many towns, cleaning the sidewalks and parking lots is up to the business owners not the city crew. Please appreciate the work that they do and thank them!

Angel Langley

Thank you note from Havener family

The family of Dewey Havener would like to thank all of the people in the Minonk area for all the cards, letters, visits and prayers that were sent to him while he was sick, and at the time of his passing. We are forever grateful.

Tim Havener

What happened to the mural?


I wondered if you knew what happened to the mural on the Coke Shop ? It seems as though the idea has been scrapped.

Dick Meierhofer

Editor: I have heard through the grapevine that the mural has been delayed but do not know if and when it will become a reality.

Paper Drive Stuff!

Dear Readers,
There is a group at the high school, Protect The Planet. Protect the Planet collects paper and other recyclables. If you want we can arrange something.

Snow Removal

First off I would like to say the City Crew does a very good job for a small town our size removing snow from the streets and from the front of the business that bring money into our small town. And with anything that is done well people's expectation are higher and when everyone was thrown off by 4 inches of snow on Main Street and in the parking spots they were probably a little aggravated. I know I was when I saw a lady in her 60's slipping and sliding out of her car to get to the grocery store so I went to help her up to the sidewalk. Now I could care less about 4 inches of snow on the side streets but on Main Street it would be nice to have those clean. I also understand that the city crew was removing snow on Saturday for almost 12 hours.

So my question would be why not have a split crew of 2 or 3 guys on one shift and 2 or 3 on another so not everyone is burnt out and there would be coverage for a case like we had this past weekend of continuous snow. Or another thought would be have a volunteer sign-up at City Hall for people who are qualified to drive the plows and or other snow removal equipment to help relieve the city workers in times of continuous snow removal. I know I would volunteer to help in extreme cases of major snow storms to relieve the city crew so they could get some rest. These are just some ideas.

I also want to address something Mr. Shirley said in his e-mail "I say to anyone that wants to complain about the snow plowing job in Minonk, keep the complaint to yourself as you have no idea or appreciation of what is being provided for your benefit." Mr. Shirley, no one complained about the snow removal on this website however it was mention on several other social websites. In my opinion that is OK because everyone is entitled to their own opinion good, bad, wrong or right. Just like you were entitled to make the statement I quoted above. But some would argue with you and say that it is the City and City Workers job to remove snow even if it is for 12, 16, 24, 32 hours of work. Just like my job if I get called in the middle of the night because a system is down (which happens several times a year) I would have to get up and get dressed and drive in to Bloomington to work. It is my job! That is what I get paid to do. Plus as taxpayers who are paying for that snow removal service and for the city workers salaries one might say they have a right to complain or voice their concern or opinions.

Like I stated before I think the guys on the city crew do a great job. And I offered ideas to alleviate the problem if a major storm hits us later this year.

Everyone have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Jason E Buchanan

snow plowing

Angel Langley, dont know you, but thanks, I second what you wrote about snow plowing. Fred Baker

fred baker



Havener Family

My heart goes to the Havener Family, especially Kirk and family. Dewey was so proud of his grandson, and Mary, his wife, who he praised for taking care of him through all his suffering, and Miss Kate, his light.

And to his sister Marcia and brothers. They were such a popular and loving family from Minonk.
I spoke to him recently and he was so brave, he will be greatly missed --- but I know he is up there playing golf right now and waiting for the rest of to catch up!!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Colleen Baker Bagley

Colleen Bagley

Newspaper drive

Yes Rhonda, St. Paul's church is doing the paper drives and just had one yesterday 12-5-09. Suzie Shertz along with the youth group pick up the newspaper. They pick it up every other month and it's on the first Saturday of the month. So they will have it again in February.

Lisa Zimmerman

Paper Drive

Does any organization pick up newspapers anymore? I know I can put them in the recycling dumpster but would rather give them to someone.

Rhonda White