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Emails for December 2007
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Ode to an Editorial, a response | MidState Stars Winter Schedule | Looking for pictures of swimming pool | Parade Of Lights thanks | Parade of Lights memorable | Enjoyed Parade of Lights video | Snow removal rocks! | Addy Seggerman 95th birthday | Christmas House Walk | City council meeting to start at 6:00 pm on Dec. 17th | Ambulance Open House Dec. 15th | Golden Girls look great | Reply to editorial on anonymous comments | Comments on anonymous comments | St Paul's Christmas Program rescheduled | Quilts for sale | Mosticiolli dinner at Pops before Parade of Lights | Luminaries Update | Looking for old pictures of Timmerman water tower | Comment on doctor shortage | Book signing at Filger Library |

MidState Stars Winter Schedule

The MidState Stars Soccer Club will be entering the FCPeoria High School Boys 4 v 4 tournament on December 29th. They are also investigating participating in the FCPeoria Men's 6 v 6 tournament on January 5th.

The second session of FCPeoria league play will begin during the 3rd week of January, which the MidState Stars, will be also entering.

The club would like to thank all our sponsors for making all these opportunities possible. Without your tax deductible contributions, the players from the El Paso-Minonk area would never have the abilities to compete at the highest levels against the top soccer players in Central Illinois.

State Farm, of Bloomington-Normal
Jay Hurd at Country Insurance, of Minonk
Alpha Financial Group
SMF, of Minonk
American Buildings Company, a division of Nucor, of El Paso
Lincor Computer Solutions, of Canton
Crop Production Services, of Wenona

The MidState Stars Soccer Club wants to wish everyone a Safe and Merry Christmas, and also a very Happy New Year!!

Mike Zimmerman
MidState Stars Soccer Club

Parade Of Lights thanks

A special thanks to all who made the 24th Annual Parade of Lights a success. Also, thanks to those who came to see the Parade.


Enjoyed Parade of Lights video


I wanted to send a "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" to the person or persons that video taped the Parade of Lights Saturday night and already had it posted on the website Sunday morning. My youngest daughter was not feeling well and my wife and I decided it would not be a good idea for her to go out in the cold and snow. Of course, she was very disappointed. So my wife and her stayed home while myself and the rest of my kids went up to enjoy the show. The very next day I was able to show her the video and she was very happy to see it and enjoyed watching it.
Thanks again from a new resident to Minonk.

Paul Meyers

Editor's note: Paul, I video taped the parade with my new Sony VX2100 video camera and, in spite of the cold weather, had fun doing the video.

Addy Seggerman 95th birthday

The day after Christmas, our mother will be celebrating her 95th birthday. She is living at Heritage Manor now, but she is still active. We know that she would enjoy getting birthday cards.

Her address is: Addy Seggerman
201 Locust
Minonk, IL 61760

Thanks to the staff at Heritage Manor for all that you do for our mother. And Mary, thanks for providing the Sunday church service. It's the highlight of the week for Mom.

Bonnie (Seggerman) Cottrell and Judy (Seggerman) Mowery

City council meeting to start at 6:00 pm on Dec. 17th


Would you please put a note on Minonktalk that the City Council Meeting on Monday December 17 will start at 6:00 p.m instead of the usual 7:00 pm.

Fieldcrest South is having their Christmas concert at 7:00 p.m. and many members of the council have kids in the program.

Bill Koos

Golden Girls look great

Just saw the picture of the "Golden Girls turning 70. My My what a beautiful sight to see. I too turned 70. Looking at the ladies brings back great memories of our high school days. Even though I left Minonk in 1954, I still get back there to see my Brother Bob Curley. Of course all of the rest of my people too!! I still live in Eastpointe, Michigan. Have been since 1964. My wife of 48 years and I have two children, Victoria 45 and David 44. I'm retired now and spend a lot of time at our church. Baptist you know. I also retired as Mayor of our city. Served for 12 years. Also 9 years on the school board. Anyway, you all look wonderful!! Hope to be down to Minonk some time soon.

Harvey Curley, Class of 1955

Comments on anonymous comments

Dear Dave,
I sometimes need help in realizing issues others are concerned with, (empathy is not one of my gifts). Could someone explain to me why we even need a forum for anonymous comments? Seems to me if you are not proud enough to put your name on what you say it would best be left to mumble to yourself. There is already a place for people to anonymously attack others without having to own up to their comments. It's always been the bathroom stall and that's where it belongs.

If someone was afraid to speak up because of fears of repercussions, or ridicule of their ideas they could send an anonymous letter to the city council airing their concerns. Of course without a return address they could not respond to that individual, and that is exactly how Mayor Koos says he will treat comments on the website. With no response... and I don't blame him. Judging from your editorial comments about community attendance at the city council meetings... perhaps addressing the council in person would be almost anonymous.

So what is gained by including anonymous comments? I know you used to require ownership and have since changed your mind, no doubt for a good reason. I just can't figure it out.

Don Sweeney

Editor's reply: I feel that anonymous comments lowers the quality of a website but I discussed this with the Mayor and he felt that they should remain. The Pantagraph and Journal Star have anonymous comments that probably makes for interesting reading which is what those newspapers want - eyeballs. However, this website is not about making money but helping resolve issues. The pompous New York Times allows anonymous comments so I guess that makes it legitimate.

Quilts for sale

Just wanted you and Minonk to know I have several quilts for sale, and fabric to make your choice.Just call or email.

Linda Sams

Luminaries Update

Luminaries are still available for SALE and will be all of next week as well!! The form and information is on this website at a button on the bottom of the home page. Christy Ruestman and I would like to encourage everyone to take part in this wonderful light display. The event this year is on Saturday, December 15th and other events occuring on that same day are the Christmas House Walk and the Parade of Lights. We will have many, many visitors to our community and wouldn't be wonderful if they could see how truly beautiful we can make our town.

Cathy McKay

Comment on doctor shortage

I saw your editorial regarding the first hand experience with doctor shortage. I have a suggestion to address the problem. Contact the doctors office with the dates you called and if possible the nurses name. There is no reason at all that they shouldn't have returned your call within a day or two even with all the "sick" patients. I myself have multiple medical issues. I have had to use this a few times. When you call to discuss this issue with them ask to speak to the office manager. Let them know you contacted the office twice and due to the lack of return calls you ended up at prompt care. They should listen and take steps to correct the issue. They will not want to lose a patient to prompt care due to the nurses lack of attention. I hope this helps!

Molly Schneider

Ode to an Editorial, a response

Some things in your editorial were so very sad,
but reading about the coach made me quite mad!
Your statement about him has no tact,
drive time is an opinion instead of a fact.
On those grounds I must object,
it is a line that you should correct.

For if you were to step back and think,
continuing to insult him really does stink!
Furthermore, I shall write to set the record straight,
practice in Wenona would only make him late.
Holding practice in Minonk is right on his way,
as he goes home to Eureka at the end of the day.

By writing this ode it truly does seem,
He is forever a villain that you deem.
The one who you point the finger and blame,
and whom your writings continue to defame.
While you say you tout the best interests of the town,
this really is a story that you need to put down!

For a New Year should bring forth a new mentality,
to stop tearing people down, yes, make that a reality!
Honor those who mentor our kids, and sacrifice their time,
So when you wish to be entertained, it is well worth your dime.
Lest you forget, in today's society, it's not easy to serve youth,
Let's hear about those people, write about that Mr. Supersleuth!

Yes, a monthly editorial honoring those should be done,
it sure would make this website a little more fun!
Why not concentrate on making people happy,
so I can stop this poem before it gets sappy!
A challenge I have laid down-will you rise to the occasion,
or choose to ignore-unless someone else has persuasion?

Christina Jenkins

Looking for pictures of swimming pool


I am looking for pictures of the old Minonk swimming pool. I would like to share these with my kids. I did receive some pictures of the Jumbo, which were much appreciated. If anyone has any pictures of the pool that they would like to share I would appreciate it. I wish all of Minonk a safe, happy and blessed 2008.

Brian Cannon

Parade of Lights memorable

Dave, The parade pictures were quite memorable. I think I knew about it happening in the past, but was never in Minonk during the Christmas Season. It certainly showcases many of your community activist's involvement, as well as provides a great Holiday opening. As we ex patriot old timers already knew, Minonk is a very special place and it is folks like you and the other fine people who make it a great city to live in. Keep up Minonktalk's good work.

Albie Johnson

Snow removal rocks!

To The City Guys-

You guys rock!!!! I can't believe what a wonderful job you did removing snow and in such a small amount of time... You must have been up all night long. If you read OPINIONS in other papers you'll notice slow snow removal is always a complaint. Well, City of Minonk, we don't have any reason to complain.

Thanks again guys for all the hard work you do.

Rhonda White

Christmas House Walk


Just a reminder that Christmas House Walk tickets will be available Saturday at Vintage Canvas next to A Stylish Affair from 11 a.m. throughout the afternoon. The house walk is scheduled from 1:00 p.m. until 5 p.m. and for more information please feel free to read the button on this website's homepage. If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Sue Park or Cathy McKay.

Cathy McKay

Ambulance Open House Dec. 15th

Hi Dave,

Could you please let everyone know that Minonk Ambulance will be hosting a open house at the Ambulance Building (636 Jefferson St) on Saturday the 15th of December between the hours of 3 pm and 5 pm. We will be having coffee, hot chocolate and cookies. We also be offering free blood pressure checks and free blood sugar checks.

We welcome everyone from the community to stop in at the ambulance building at anytime, any day of the week. Someone is usually in the building Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Deborah J West
EMS Chief

Reply to editorial on anonymous comments

I sat on the Council for 4 years. And I agree you have to have thick skin and be able to handle the arm chair quarterbacks. Heck, I was even attacked publicly in one of the council meetings for making some hard choices my last year in office. However, I made up my mind and did what I thought was the best and I would do it again. So I know how it is listening to the critics or maybe even taking things personally at times. But one thing I did learn being on the Council and that is your not going to make everyone happy. Decisions are made based on what is presented to you and what you are told and hard choices have to be made. It might not be what this person thinks should happen or the other person wants. But a decision has to be made for the good of the community. People who have never sat on the Council will never understand that no matter what they think or how much they think they know.

With all that said, I haven't agreed with a lot of things since leaving the council. But that is my right as a community member. I also think people have the right to post comments with or without their name or even write e-mails to be published. Freedom of speech and expression! So I personally encourage people to keep questioning what is going on within the city. I also agree with Mayor Koos and the rest of the Council and the Editor of this website. Go to Council Meetings and be heard if you have a concern. Don't let people discourage you from voicing your concerns just because they want to know who you are.

Jason E Buchanan
Former Ward 3 Alderman

St Paul's Christmas Program rescheduled

Due to the weather over the past weekend, we postponed our Children's Sunday School Christmas program. We have rescheduled the program for this Sunday, December 16 during the 10:15 Church Service. Please have your children at Sunday School at 8:30 for a final practice and stay for church at 10:15 for the program. Thank you!

Kim Barth and Jaime Mool

Mosticiolli dinner at Pops before Parade of Lights

I would like to let everyone know that Pops Sweet Shop will again be having a Mosticiolli dinner from 4-6 before the Parade of Lights. Serving Mosticiolli, Green Beans, Lettuce salad, and a roll & butter for $6.50. Carry outs are always welcome. Also a reminder to those young (and young at heart) that Santa and Mrs Claus will be at the store after the parade.

Thanks So Much;
Shelly Butler

Looking for old pictures of Timmerman water tower

I am looking for photos of the old Timmerman place with water tower, preferably older shots that could give me information on roof details of the water tower. Please contact Gregg Frei.

Greg Frei

Book signing at Filger Library

There will be a book signing by Linda Hartzler at the Filger Library in Minonk Thursday, December 6th from 3:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.

Linda's book, "A Veggie Birthday To You" will be available for $8.00. Refreshments will be served. We hope to see all of you fans there.

Caroline Glowacki