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Emails for November 2016

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Gift from Gerdes Nursery | Unable to Provide Christmas Trees This Year | thank very much | Pneumonia awareness. | Thanks for voting Trump in | Schmoe's Monthly Quarter Auction | Thanksgiving Trash Pickup Schedule | Police Chief John Wherry | Candidates | Safety of our country | Voting | Contact for floats in Minonk Parade of Lights |

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Unable to Provide Christmas Trees This Year

Due to an injury I will be unable to sell Christmas trees this year.

Dennis Kleen

Denise Lindley Robinson: I'm so sorry, Denny! I hope you heal up quickly.
Lynne Tarmann: Oh no Denny...hope you are ok!!
Jan Beschorner Denny give me a call maybe I can do it for you
Laura Spires Krischel Get well soon
Elaine Cinnamon Hope you feel much better real soon.

Pneumonia awareness.

Hello everyone,
I just want to let everyone know that November 12th is Pneumonia awareness day.

Pneumonia is a serious situation that can take someone's life in less than 24 hours!
Please, do not wait to see your doctor if you have any of the symptoms.

Sadly, I lost my love, Cassie Jolly. You don't have to lose yours. Be proactive.
Thank you, everyone and God Bless.
Scott Sharp

Scott Sharp

Schmoe's Monthly Quarter Auction

Schmoe's Quarter Auction
3rd Wednesday of each month
Doors Open at 6 pm Auction starts at 6:30

Come help support local organizations

Here is a list of auction dates:
Wednesday, Nov. 16-Hosted by Fieldcrest High School Volleyball Team
Wednesday, Jan. 18-Hosted by Crush Team
Wednesday, Feb. 15-Hosted by St. Jude Runners
Wednesday, March 15-Hosted by Fieldcrest High School Poms Team

Go to our facebook page Schmoes Quarter Auction for more information.

Danielle Salz

Police Chief John Wherry

I have been watching the Minonk news for quite awhile and am truly saddened that you have not put in a picture of the new police chief and the department. It has been a year and nothing has been updated, yet! Police Chief Wherry is also a Veteran and Veteran's day is coming up Nov. 11th...........I am sure there are other Veteran's in Minonk that could be mentioned, also. Kindly change the Police Departments site for an update. Thank you!

Editor's reply: This website did post a photo of Police Chief Wherry on Sept. 8th, 2015 at this link.. This website does not have a police department webpage. That is on the City of Minonk's website which mentioned Police Chief Wherry as the police chief but there is no photo of him. You should contact the City of Minonk for that.


Safety of our country

I'm not especially worried that Trump will do anything nuclear. Clinton, however, has demonstrated her aggressive stance.

James Flynn

Contact for floats in Minonk Parade of Lights

Hello Dave -

If anyone has floats they would like to put in the Minonk Parade of Lights and haven't been contacted yet to contact Jordan (Ruestman) Meyer at or 309-643-7468. Also, if any volunteers would like to assist with the parade to contact Jordan as well.


Jordan Meyer, PharmD

Gift from Gerdes Nursery

The gift of ornamental trees and shrubs given by Gerdes Nursery to the city is amazing! It will be a lovely and lasting addition to the landscape of the city.

Pam Palmer Goy

thank very much

fieldcrest dental, cant thank you enought for all the FREE work you done for me, made me feel proud to be a vet. Your staff are so nice, the lady doctor { cant rember names } so gentle did not hurt a bit,very nice person. THANK YOU A BUNCH

fred baker

Thanks for voting Trump in

I'd like to thank everyone who voted Trump into the job of President. My retirement was going way too well. What you probably don't know is the GOP House budget written by Paul Ryan which he has been trying to get passed into law for almost eight years now privatizes Social Security and gives all people receiving SS an immediate 20% cut in our checks. I'm also USAF retired. Also included in that budget bill is a 30% cut to military retirement checks. Of course, Trump promised not to touch Social Security but he's not smart enough to know any better. He'll sign that bill into law and we seniors will be royally screwed. So thank you a whole bunch. By October 1st, 2017, I'll have to stop my retirement and get a job to replace the money that the GOP will steal from me. Those of you who are close to retiring, keep your jobs because the retirement age is moving to 70 for both SS and Medicare. That's in that budget bill too. I'm just so happy now that I have to rejoin the workforce. Whoopie!!!!

Jim Anderson

Thanksgiving Trash Pickup Schedule

With the Thanksgiving holiday there will be a change in trash pickup. Trash pickup for the WEST side of Minonk will be Friday, November 25th. Pickup for the EAST side of Minonk will be Saturday, November 26th. Please have your trash out by 6:00 AM on your pickup day.

City Adm. Austin Edmondson


You're right about neither being a good candidate. Woe are we. This can happen in a two-party system. Other parties are mostly shut out.
On the lighter side, it is said that they're permanently fastening down all the furniture and historic items in case the Clintons return.

James Flynn



How can you possibly even consider voting for Clinton. She should be in jail right now!! The only reason she isn't is she apparently is above the law! If you or I had done the same thing in regards to her e-mailing of confidential information on a private sever we would be arrested and jailed in a heart beat! She is exactly what the country does not need - a habitual liar that can not be trusted. Is Trump perfect? Heck no but I would pick any day of the week over Hilary! This country is in decline both economically and militarily. Her election would send us into an abyss that we could never recover from. Freedom of religion, right to have or own guns, and even basic freedoms would all be eroded under a Clinton presidency!! To summarize, a vote for Hilary is a vote for the devil himself!

Dave Stokowski

Dave Stokowski