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Emails for November 2013
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Giving Tree at Minonk Parade of Lights Stop-n-Shop | Report from former Minonk resident on Washington tornado | Parade of Lights Activities Saturday Dec 7th | Heritage Health Bake Sale for tornado relief | Brian & Kristi Tjaden Tornado Relief Fund | For Marcia & Jim Stolt | Tree at corner of Sixth and Lincoln | Thanks to local police | 60th Wedding anniversary | Veterans Day at elementary South | Class of 1966 | St. Jude Greenery Fundraiser | Need to know | mural |

Giving Tree at Minonk Parade of Lights Stop-n-Shop

"Today Betty Barth and I Decided we will have a Giving Tree at the Minonk Parade of Lights Stop-n-Shop!

This Christmas Tree will hold 100+ Clothespins!! We are asking the community to put monetary donations, Gift cards and gift certificates on these clothespins for the local families who were affected by Sundays tornadoes!!!

Gift cards / Gift Certificates can be for Walmart, local grocery stores, Target, Toys r us, Kroger, local restaurants Any place helpful for them for the holidays!!!

Kylie Rodgers

Parade of Lights Activities Saturday Dec 7th

I know everyone has been very busy with the cleanup after the storm, but if any businesses have anything special planned for the night of the parade, please let me know so I can get them listed in the ads that we place and in the Public Service Announcements we send out to the local media outlets.

We have been through fires, tornadoes, ice storms and every type of weather you can get, but The Parade of Lights continues. This is the 30th year of the parade, please help keep the tradition going.

Thank you

Nick Petri

Brian & Kristi Tjaden Tornado Relief Fund


Due to those wanting to provide support for the Tjaden family, I've put together this site to channel financial resources to them in the short-term. The funds donated will go directly to the Tjaden family, to help them get set up in a temporary residence and begin to rebuild and take care of their immediate needs.

The website is:

Would you please share on the Minonk Talk website?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

Spring Uphoff Neely

Tree at corner of Sixth and Lincoln

I was looking at the storm photos and was sad to see that one of the big maples in front of the home where my sisters and I grew up was ruined. My parents planted that tree when my sister Helen was born. This will give you an idea of its age. My mother always loved those trees.

Thank you for maintaining this site. It keeps us at least a little connected to Minonk.

Marg (Gardner) Robertson

60th Wedding anniversary

Mr & Mrs Glenn Barth of Minonk will celebrate 60 years of marriage on Fri.Nov. 22nd.
Glenn & Joan (Stokowski) were married in 1953 in Minonk. They still reside in Minonk and have two daughters. Lori (David) Harper of Bloomington & Jane(Keith) Paris of Minonk.
Two grandchildren, Liz Harper of Normal & Josh Harper of Bloomington.
They will celebrate their Anniversary with a family dinner in Bloomington.

Jane Paris

Class of 1966

The class of 1966 has had a reunuion every 5 years, next one in 2016.

Carmon Paris

Need to know

When or has the Class of 1966 ever have had a Class Reunion?????

Tom Supan

Report from former Minonk resident on Washington tornado

To my Minonk friends and classmates of 1956. As you know a tornado struck Washington, Il
on Sun. Nov. 17. I live in Devonshire Estates and thank The Lord my house was spared with minor damage with only shingles blown off. My grandson (19), his dog, and I were in the basement and were thankful we took the warnings serious. My daughter went to the second church service and I kept in touch with her by texts as I had a scanner and knew how bad the weather was. As sirens went off, all worshipers went to church basement and all survived the tornado but every vehicle in the parking lot was totaled including my daughters Escort. One members truck was found in the basement of a neighbors home. The Parsonage was also damaged badly and unlivable but can be repaired.

I am so grateful The Lord is constantly watching over me and my family. As you may know my son and his family of 5 survived the tornado in 2006 in Stoughton, Wi. They lost their entire home, van, truck, and 18x30 swimming pool. My daughter also went through the tornado in Elmwood, Il in 2010 while visiting a friend. Her car suffered damage but she was safe. It is so comforting knowing the Angels are always there in time of need. My thanks to all who have offered to help. They are now staying with me until they rebuild or decide what their next step will be and taking it one day at a time.

From Norma (Graack) Fisher in Washington, il.


Heritage Health Bake Sale for tornado relief

Minonk Heritage Health Activity Department is having a Bake Sale Wednesday November 27th from 9:00 am until goods are gone. There will be sugar-free baked goods available. ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS TORNADO RELIEF FUND FOR OUR AREA…

Gina Greenland
Social Service Director
Heritage Health


For Marcia & Jim Stolt

Trying to contact Marcia & Jim Stolt. I called the only phone number that I had but I think that it was your home number and not the cell phone number. I am concerned that your are okay. Kokomo Indiana hardest hit area in the state. Many residences and many businesses destroyed or seriously damaged. We are under a state of emergency with curfew hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. My family and I are safe and sound with no damage around our properties. We all live in the northwest part of the county. Two tornadoes came in from the southwest of the country and went out the southeast portion heading for Ohio. However, many families displaced and are being provided shelter. Contact me when you can.

Faye Weikle

Thanks to local police


Gerri Cleary

Veterans Day at elementary South

There will be a flag ceremony and Veterans recognition
At the Grade school in Minonk today at 1:00. All veterans are welcome.

Marion Kennel

St. Jude Greenery Fundraiser

Like last year the Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Runners are selling wreaths, swags, trees, pillows & grave blankets. They all are great quality and perfect for the holidays that are fast approaching. Order forms are available by clicking on the link below or on our Facebook Page or by contacting one of our Runners. Get your order in today because the holidays are right around the corner. Forms need to be post marked by Nov. 18th or given to one of the runners by Nov. 20th.

Click Here:

If you have questions you can call Kurt at 815.712.8625 or Angie at 815.712.8626. If you have questions you can also send an email to:

Thanks for all the support to date.

Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run


For those who are concerned that a mural would appear graffiti-like and would not blend with a park-like image, I suggest checking out the many beautiful murals in Pontiac. Commissioning a mural that reflects Minonk's history could well inspire civic pride. How many people are aware that Minonk is credited (in some sources) at least, as the first town to have electric street light? A painting depicting Minor T. Ames's lights strung along Main Street to the shaft would draw attention to this little-known aspect of Minonk history. Any such mural, however, would best be done by someone who knows what they are doing; otherwise, a cheap, amateurish cartoon-like depiction could be the result. That would be worse than no mural at all.

Terry Warren