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Emails for November 2010
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Santa's Secret Shop | Gingerbread house decorating at Filger Library | New Service Offered at Minonk IGA | Merry-go-round | Is anyone missing a cat? | Marching Knights Raffle | TALES OF THE TREES | Reunion of MD Class of 1954 | Shocked at City Administrator's Comments | Open House for Brenda Weber | Put into words all my thoughts | Local A.B.A.T.E. Chapter Donation | Facebook | Fieldcrest Marching Knights Fruit/Cheese&Sausage FundRaiser | Trick-or-Treating | 4-H in Minonk |

Gingerbread house decorating at Filger Library

Filger Library will once again be having a gingerbread house decorating workshop for the holidays. Children ages pre-school to 5th grade may come and decorate a house on Dec. 9th between the times of 4p.m. and 6 p.m. Please register before Dec. 2 at the library. Space is limited and we are asking for a $2 donation to help cover costs of materials. Hope to see you there!

Kari Jones

Children's Librarian


I just wanted to let everyone know how pleased I am that the merry-go-round is here to stay! My 'thanks' to all that fought to keep holds so many special memories for lots and lots of people.

As a kid I was there at the park everyday, the merry-go-round being everyone's favorite place to be. My grandchildren have enjoyed it, and now I have some great grandkids enjoying it as well!

Thank You

Mary K. Bohlander (Gerdes)

Marching Knights Raffle

31 Tote donate by Amanda Whited with stripped pattern/lime green handles is being raffled off at the Wenona Winter Wonderland on Nov 27th around 7:30 PM, you may purchase chances at K & K Hardware in Wenona, where the raffle tote is located to view, you may also purchase them from Lisa Musser at Fieldcrest East or Christy Kline at 815-854-2640.

31 Tote donated by Amanda Whited with Polka Dots is being raffled during the Minonk Parade of Lights on Dec 4 after the parade, it will be located at the old Visions Video building where you can purchase chances that evening, or before by calling Christy Kline at 815-854-2640.

Each of these totes if filled with neat items. Both have Tupperware drink containers, Enesco Christmas Figurines, Ty Bears, a hair care sample set. The stripped tote also has a bottle of bubbly and a Celebrating Home Baking Stone. The Polka Dot tote has a Fieldcrest Hair item from My Sweet Baby Jane.

Chances are $1.00 each and all proceeds from these two raffles will go directly to the Fieldcrest Marching Knights to help with equipment, uniforms, and other expenses during the year.

Christy Kline

Reunion of MD Class of 1954

The Minonk-Dana Class of 1954 is planning to hold a reunion on July 1 and 2, 2011. Meet at Ag Gaspardo's on the lst. Dinner at Capponi's in Toluca on the 2nd. Trying to plan more. More informations to follow. Contact Shirley Miller for more information.

Shirley Miller

Open House for Brenda Weber

An Open House for Brenda Weber will be held Nov. 14, 3-5pm @ The Sunrise Cafe
to honor her years of service to the community. Serving on the Minonk Ambulance, Minonk ESDA, and the 4th of July Committee, she'll be relocating soon to Michigan. The event is hosted by Minonk ESDA

Rhonda White

Local A.B.A.T.E. Chapter Donation

Thank you everyone that participated in our benefit Veterans Poker Run September 11th. Iron Riders A.B.A.T.E. Chapter donated $350.00 to the Danville Veterans home chit book program. Chit books enable patients to buy items they need that we may be surprised that are not provided. They also are used to purchase phone cards and are accepted at some of their nearby restaurants. We had a nice 125 mile ride stopping locally at Nina's Circle J and ending at AJ's in Benson where Art provided an excellent dinner. Our next activity will be a broomstick pool tournament at AJ's November 13th at 1pm. Shooting pool with an unaltered broomstick throws off the experts enough to make it fun for everyone.

Jack Daniel Devine

Fieldcrest Marching Knights Fruit/Cheese&Sausage FundRaiser

The FIELDCREST MARCHING KNIGHTS kicked off their annual FRUIT/CHEESE&SAUSAGE FUNDRAISER today. The proceeds from this event are used by the Marching Knights to purchase equipment/add uniforms and generally to fund any additional needs through the year.

Please support the Marching Knights as they just finished an awesome year and hope to continue with their success in the future. You can order from any Marching Knights Band member. The products are from BLUE FREEDOM FARM MARKETS and are a very nice quality! The fundraiser runs through November 29th, and you must pay when you order. Checks are to be made to the FIELDCREST BAND BOOSTERS. Delivery date is December 14th so you will have plenty of time to give them to everyone on your Christmas list! Thank You in advance for your continued support.

Fieldcrest Marching Knights and Fieldcrest Band Boosters

Christy Kline

4-H in Minonk

If there is anyone interested in being in 4-H, we are trying to keep a club going in Minonk. You must be in 3rd grade or age 8 by September 1, 2010. Please call me with any questions you may have or to express interest. We are hoping to have a meeting the last weekend in November. Anyone interested in showing any kind of livestock has to be enrolled by January 3, 2011. You may call me at 309-432-2298.

Kim Barth

Santa's Secret Shop

Fieldcrest South is excited to host our second annual Santa's Secret Shop this year. This exciting program enables your children to purchase their own special holiday gifts for family and friends. The shop will be open on Friday, December 3rd, during school hours, for students to shop. The shop will also be open, to the public, on Saturday, December 4th, from 10AM-1PM.

The gifts will be moderately priced, with almost everything under $5. Some of the items which will be available to purchase include, jewelry, tools, plaques, coffee mugs, and many more items! The Santa's Secret Shop will be set up at Fieldcrest South and supervised by parent volunteers. "Personal Shoppers" will be available to help the children shop.

We are excited about the value of this program as a learning experience for the kids, as well as, a fundraising opportunity for our school. The children enjoy surprising their loved ones with "secret" gifts they purchased all by themselves! Please plan to support this program.

If you are a parent or grandparent of Fieldcrest South student, we are still in need of a few volunteers for this event. Please contact Jodi Timmerman at: 432-3061, if you are able to help with this shop.

Thank you,
Fieldcrest South PTO

Christine Cunnigham

New Service Offered at Minonk IGA

We are now offering a curb side delivery service for anyone not wishing to get out of their cars in cold weather. You may call (432-2536) or E-Mail ( an order to the store. We will get the order together and have the bill ready when you arrive, You may call on your cell phone when you pull up in front of the store and we will bring the order to you, All Email orders must be sent by 10 A.M. Monday through Saturday for same day pick up. Any orders received after 10 a.m. will be available the next day. Phone orders must be called in by 3 p.m. for same day service.

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.

Vicki Overocker

Is anyone missing a cat?

I've had an orange tabby cat stowing away in my garage for a few nights. I'm pretty sure he is a male, has white paws, is orange and is a fairly large cat. I think it might be declawed too. It is a very friendly cat but the other stray that I take care of and that sleeps in my garage is a female and not liking this new room-mate! If you think it might be your cat please stop by and check. If it is a stray and you might be interested in providing it with a home that is fine too!

Cell # 309-310-4150

Debbie Rippel


I was reading the viewer's email page and seen the title "Tales of the Trees" books for sale. Are there some? Will there be more?
Years ago I contacted E. Schneider to see if we could work on printing more, then the project was forgotten. Please post if there are more opportunities in purchasing these books. Read it once, found it very interesting .

Thanks Beck Quick

Editor's reply: I bought the copy of "Tales of the Trees" book that was for sale so I could add it to the Minonk Museum I have in my building. If any more come up for sale. I will definitely mention it on the website.


Shocked at City Administrator's Comments


After reading the article in the Woodford Journal dated November 4, 2010 and the Pantagraph dated November 5, 2010 regarding the storm sewer project, I was shocked at Administrator Doug Elder's comment. Elder stated "people who have questions or heartburn over any aspect of the plan should attend the November 15th meeting." Elder's approach to this issue seems unwarranted and downright irresponsible. We do not have "heartburn" but we do have "heartache" over the removing of a tree down we have watched grow over 35 years. We are in our mid 60's and will never see a new tree grow to that size. We have worked hard to maintain a nice yard pouring edging, planting bushes and recently poured a new driveway, all which will be destroyed. We fully understand progress does come with a downside; however, Elder's choice of words were very unprofessional. Elder consistently displays this type of attitude towards the citizens he is to serve. Perhaps if Mr. Elder should consider acting in a more professional manner and be more sympathetic to citizens his is to serve.

Rodney & JoAnn Ruestman
Minonk, IL

Put into words all my thoughts

Hi Dave, Well now we all know how the elections went. I do think most people voted for the person this time, and what they hoped they could believe in than voting for the party the party. Which to me is a good thing. I will not live to see it , but some day there will not be any parties, but people will vote for the person only that one thinks will do best.
In your Editorial it voiced in the written word ALL the things that I contemplated. I also agree for way too long, at least started in the 60's...over spending on things that were not needed...way too much expensive gift giving, especially at Christmas. When the best thing to realize is being with family for dinner and EVERYONE contribute a dish to the meal, would be the best family gift of all. Family does not mean the same anymore...seems to me its who has the most is what matters. So, I really related to the last part you said about over spending for way too long.
Keep up the good Editorials. See, I still keep in touch with Minonk!

wanda patterson


The Sweet Shop now has a facebook page.. Anyone wanting to receive lunch special updates should join the facebook page. Specials will be updated daily. Thank You

Sweet Shop


I just wanted to send an email to say how great it was to see so many families out last night (Halloween). I, personally, passed out candy to over 120 children. The night was a reminder why I LOVE living in our town. I hope every year can be as fun as last night was, and I hope everyone else had a wonderful Halloween!

Sarah Prosser