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Emails for November 2006
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Congrats to Fieldcrest 7th grade girls | Fieldcrest Grade Girls wins Sectional | MidState Stars Soccer Club results | Giving thanks for our many blessings | Minonk native working on Asian Games in Qatar | The Stompers last gig is this weekend????? | Healy Travel Window comes to Minonk | Christmas House Walk announced | Fieldcrest students WIN | Why I like Mike | Best Show in Town! | Correction to Woodford Journal story on referendum | Dan Rutherford and Jesse White forum | Fiddler on the Roof presentation this weekend | St. Paul's Fall Festival Thanks |

Fieldcrest Grade Girls wins Sectional


Just wanted to give an update to the Fieldcrest District that the 7th Grade Girls Basketball team won their Sectional game last night in Washington. They defeated Mossville and won in OT by 2 points. Congratulations to the Lady Knights, Coach Krieser, and Coach Schmitt!

Fieldcrest will play Paris Mayo at 2:30 p.m. in the quarterfinals at Riverton on Saturday, December 2nd.

Go Lady Knights!!!
Sherry Stalter

Giving thanks for our many blessings

Thanksgiving is an occasion to meet with relatives, recount family memories, and give thanks for our many blessings.

Unfortunately, it seems that every year Thanksgiving becomes more overshadowed by the day-to-day excitement of our busy lives. All too many of us are guilty of thinking of Thanksgiving as a day off work, a day to watch those special football games, or as the day before the pre-Christmas super sales begin.

Instead, we should view Thanksgiving as an opportunity to sincerely celebrate our good fortunes and be in the company of those we love. As Americans, Thanksgiving is a holiday where we should not only be appreciative for the many liberties and freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis, but to show our gratitude for the men and women who are serving their country abroad, away from their loved ones during this special time.

On Thanksgiving, we should also be mindful of those who won't be eating turkey and sweet potatoes amongst friends. Although it is important to acknowledge all the good things in our lives, it is equally as important for us to consider the many Americans who are living in poverty and can't afford to have a hearty Thanksgiving meal, as well as the many people who have no family or friends to share this special holiday.

Remember that as we offer our sincere and humble thanks for our safety and happiness, as well as our civil and religious liberties, there are far too many Americans who live a lonely life of uncertainty and hardship. Today, as we all give thanks, please direct your thoughts and prayers to those who are alone, hungry, or are away from those that they love.

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

Dan Rutherford

State Senator 53rd District

The Stompers last gig is this weekend?????

That's right, folks. I should have let you know about it sooner, but most of you know about my wife's recent health problems, and that has kind of taken a priority. One of the guitar players for the New Glory Stompers, Dan Tuggle, will be moving to California before Thanksgiving, so we're going to set up at Stosh's Third Base Tap in Minonk, our all-time favorite place to play, this Saturday, November 18. We'll kick things off at 8pm and play all night if they want us to (just kidding Stosh). This is one party you don't want to miss! Will the Stompers ever play again? We never say never, but for now, THIS IS IT!


We've booked a boat-load of dates for the Hands before the end of the year, so get out your calendars and start filling in the blanks!


We would love to see everyone whenever they can make it. And always remember, if you can't see us (or can't stand us) be sure to always support live music in Central Illinois!

Hey, you been better to me than I been to myself,
Rick Halberg

Christmas House Walk announced


The 4th of July Committee is sponsoring a Christmas House Walk, December 9 from 2 to 6 p.m. This is a chance to see how people decorate their homes for the Christmas season and to see some of the unique features that make up some of the homes here in Minonk. The entire write up is on this web site's home page and we hope that you will be a part of our event.

The Committee needs your help - we are having refreshments as a part of this event and hope that if anyone would like to make Christmas cookies/desserts to donate please contact us for more information. We also need plastic bags for shoes. Each person that tours the homes will be asked to remove their shoes and plastic bags will be available to put the shoes into. If you wish to assist us with either of these please feel free to contact either Cathy McKay 432-2605 or Sue Park at 432-3269.

Thanks so much.
Cathy McKay

Why I like Mike

Like many of you, I am frustrated with how things are being done in Springfield. I feel like the "professional" politicians who make the decisions that directly affect us do not even know who we are; furthermore, they are completely unapproachable. I have made many phone calls and emails and have yet to receive a personal response on the issues I raised concerns about. It disturbs me that politicians make decisions about how our school and community should be run when they've never even been here. They don't know us, how we think, or even what we value. The only time I ever hear from them is when they send me flyers in the mail or when they air their commercials on TV, all done to remind me to vote for them. What's more, instead of telling me how they will serve or asking for input about what issues are the most important to me, they insult my intelligence by skirting the real issue and instead sling insults about the other candidate….I find this truly disgusting.

There is good news, however. There is a candidate who is running for office that isn't like many of those "professional politicians" in Springfield now. This man is just like the rest of us in this small community. He values the same things we do, and he understands us. His name is Mike Phillips, and he is running for Illinois House of Representatives in the 106th District.

I know Mike Phillips personally, as he was my Historical Geology instructor at Illinois Valley Community College. As an instructor, Mr. Phillips was never too busy to answer my questions or take time to listen to any input I had. Many times Mr. Phillips would take at home phone calls about class from me or other students because he is committed to helping others and to making a difference. Mr. Phillips even went out of his way to ensure that the Minonk Successful Farmers 4H club was able to go with his IVCC Geology classes on a fieldtrip with the Illinois State Geological Survey. While at that fieldtrip, Mr. Phillips interacted with the 4H club members, giving them valuable information which added to their overall experience during this wonderful opportunity. (/news/n050504a.htm)

I've seen Mike Phillips around my hometown several times since he announced he was running for office. He's taken the time to personally meet and greet the voters, inquiring about which issues are of most concern. Many of these issues that concern us concern him too, as Mike Phillips is from a small town just like we are. In my opinion, having a small town representative in Springfield will ensure that small towns are being looked out for! Furthermore, with Mike Phillips being a teacher and school board member as well as a parent of young children, this will guarantee that our small schools will have a voice in Springfield! (

Tuesday's election is an important one; exercising your right to vote is a freedom that you should not take for granted. This Tuesday, let's send a clear and concise message to Springfield. This isn't about party anymore….this is about change. Let's tell those professional politicians in Springfield who we are and what we value by casting our votes. Take a stand, make your voice heard!

Thanks for your time!
Christina Jenkins

Christina Jenkins

Correction to Woodford Journal story on referendum

Dear readers,
There was a gross error in in this week's Woodford County Journal, Minonk edition regarding the upcoming Fieldcrest referendum. The headline stated: Fieldcrest District 6 tax rate is likely to increase, and the first graph stated: Fieldcrest residents would see a 65 cent tax rate increase in the district's tax rate regardless of the out come of Tuesday's referendum.

The correct information is that Fieldcrest tax payers would see a projected 2 cent DECREASE in their overall tax rate if the referendum passes.

To explain in layman's terms, Fieldcrest will have a decrease of 67 cents in their total tax rate this year because of a 37 cent reduction in the municipal retirement fund tax rate and a 30 cent reduction in Working Cash (loans) fund tax rate. Thus, the 65 cents that the district is asking for is 2 cents less than the 67 cents of reductions that will have been made. Therefore, the total tax rate would DECREASE by 2 cents.

On the flip side, if the school is forced to take out the $1.5 million in loans which it has been authorized to do, tax payers will pay for that loan with an estimated 65 cent tax rate increase - the SAME INCREASE as if the referendum were to have passed - ONLY $325,000 of the money that this 65 cents will bring in will be used to pay back interest on the loan, instead of going to the school district.

Because my position is meant to be objective, I am not advocating for one side or the other. However, I feel that my most important role is to get ACCURATE information out to the public and this week's article failed to do that. Because the mistake made in this week's paper will not have the opportunity to correct itself before Tuesday's election I am, on my OWN accord, using minonktalk to try to inform readers so that they can make an educated decision when visiting the polls Tuesday.

Julia Voss
Woodford Journal

Fiddler on the Roof presentation this weekend

A wonderful group of Fieldcrest students will present the Broadway Junior version of "Fiddler on the Roof" this Friday and Saturday, November 3 and 4, at 7 pm, and Sunday, November 5, at 2 pm. Tickets are available at the door. I invite the community to support these kids and their good work.

Dan Gansch-Boythe

Congrats to Fieldcrest 7th grade girls


Just thought some people may want to know that the 7th grade girls basketball team for Fieldcrest will be going to state on Saturday, December 2nd in Riverton, IL, they will be playing Paris Mayo. Anyone interested in more information on this can visit the school webpage for Fieldcrest East or can also visit the IESA webpage.

Congrats 7th Grade Girls Basketball Team-----We are proud of you!!


Melissa Hillenburg

MidState Stars Soccer Club results

From the moment the MidState Stars began the game with the State Farm Club team, it was evident that many of the players from the Decatur St. Teresa High School team were not going to sit this Winter out. Bringing their second-round loss in the IHSA Monticello sectional frustrations out on the Stars. Being again short-handed, the Stars were worn down by the relentless attack and great passing of the State Farm players. The 14 - 1 final score does not reflect the hard fought battle of the never-give-up attitude that the Stars brought to this game.

After many missed opportunities, Jacob Nunez of El Paso, applied the pressure to force the Stars only goal. Coach Zimmerman would also like to note; that the Stars defense, especially goal keeper Mike Snyder of El Paso, turned away countless attacks which prevented the score from being demoralizing.

The MidState Stars should be back to a full squad this week as we prepare for the Red Skins Club, another IHSA sectional participant from Sullivan/Lovington coop.

If any one is interested in supporting the MidState Stars Soccer Club by joining or by being a sponsor, please contact Mike Zimmerman, of Minonk. (309-432-3057)

Be sure to check out the MidState Stars Soccer Club web-page for the list of our sponsors, our indoor schedule, and rules of the game.

Minonk native working on Asian Games in Qatar

Marharba (Hello) Dave,

I wanted to inform Minonk Talk of where I am currently working. I have been in Doha, Qatar since June working for the 15th Asian Games

Qatar is a peninsula country some 11,437 square kilometers in size, located halfway down the west coast of the Arabian Gulf. The country is centrally placed among the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which groups it with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, theUnited Arab Emirates, and Oman .

The Asian Games begin December 1-15 with 48-participating Asian countries, 38-sports, 10,000 athletes, 20,000 projected volunteers, and 2500 paid staff.

I work for Transportation Management Services TMS out of Virginia who was contracted by the Mowasalat Transit Company in Doha to provide Games Transportation Management expertise for the Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee (DAGOC

TMS has a staff of 50 working on this project in Doha…the staff is multi-national team with members from Scotland, England, Australia, Norway, Greece, Italy, Morocco, USA and myself from Alaska. We provide all the transport for every aspect of the Games to include scheduling and dispatching of 750 buses. Our expertise includes scheduling transport for Athletes, Medal Ceremonies, Torch Relay, Media, Sponsors, Technical Officials, Volunteer Workforce, VIPS, and Opening/Closing Ceremonies.

My specific job as the Games Bus System Manager for Opening/Closing Ceremonies is to schedule the bus transport for David Atkins Enterprises (DAE) a company from Australia who is producing the Opening/Closing Ceremonies. The rehearsals for these Games began in August with 5,000 volunteers and paid performers being transported six days a week to rehearsals.

During my stay in Qatar I have had the opportunity to visit Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Dubai, and Bahrain . I will return to my home in North Pole, Alaska on Christmas Eve after a 30-hour flight from Qatar .

I can be contacted by email at:

I am attaching some photos.

Loren Smith

Healy Travel Window comes to Minonk

Dear Dave,

I would like to let everyone know about a new window next to the video store on main street. You may have saw the lights that say "Healy Travel". These are bus trips that I am doing for the community!! My business is not in the building, I am just using the window for display. My November trips are: Please contact me @ 815-853-4606 or e-mail @!!

Woodfield Mall Christmas Shopping
Saturday November 18, 2006
Leave Wenona School @ 8:30am
Rolls, Juice, Snacks, prizes & Fun
Leave for Home 5:30pm
$36.00 PP

Sheila Healy

Fieldcrest students WIN

Ok, normally I can wait until morning to see who wins an election. However, this time I was very curious to see if the FieldCrest referendum would pass. I for one voted Yes, since I believe the referendum is in the best interest of the FieldCrest Students. It looks like the majority of the voting population agrees. Since (according to the FieldCrest CUSD 6 referendum passed with 57 % of the people voting Yes. This will be a great benefit to the students of FieldCrest.. - Now, I am going to bed (it is almost midnight - trust me, I need my beauty sleep).

Richard Stillwell

Best Show in Town!


I feel terribly sad for those members of our Fieldcrest School District that have missed the High School presentation of ' Fiddler on the Roof ' this week. What a tremendous presentation with such emotional acting and angelic singing of one of the best Broadway shows that Fieldcrest High School Drama Department has put on in many years. And with such a great track record of exceptional drama programs, ' Fiddler ' was icing on the cake on a table of the best desserts.

I recommend that everyone call the Fieldcrest High School office, and purchase a copy of the video. And when you have doubts of the direction our school system has gone, or that our children may lack the substance to become great adults; please sit comfortably in your home and watch them perform as a well-focused group that have the same goal in mind; to make you smile, to make you laugh, and bring tears to your eyes; to entertain all of you. Then take a moment to remember, who are those performers; our next leaders of industry, the new designers of how we look and what we eat, those minds that will also make the decisions for their children sometime in the future.

To all cast & crew of ' Fiddler on the Roof '.

Fantastic performance!!

Thank for your time and efforts well spent; your energies were shown as one great light!

Mike Zimmerman
Fieldcrest parent

Dan Rutherford and Jesse White forum

Dear Dave,

Many have asked if Jesse White and I have appeared together at a forum or a debate. Unfortunately Jesse has avoided all of them. I have accepted the invitations and he has declined. The best the public has for a candidate comparison, from a non-partial organization, is provided by Chicago TV WTTW-11. They allowed taped interviews on "Candidate Free Time" for both Jesse and me, separately.

So, I guess in a way Jesse and I have appeared least on the same TV or computer monitor, just not at the same time. Please view both segments, they are only 2 minutes each, and tell me what you think.

To watch Jesse, click here:

To watch Dan, click here:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Rutherford
State Senator
Republican Nominee
for Secretary of State
Ph: 815-842-2475

St. Paul's Fall Festival Thanks


I just wanted to say Thank You to St. Paul's and everyone that helped with the Fall Festival last night. My family attended it, and we thought it was wonderful. Both my daughters had a blast. It was so nice to be able to have fun
while staying warm.

So to St. Paul's and everyone that helped put this event on,
A HUGE Thank you from the Stillwell family. Hopefully this becomes an annual event..

Thanks Again,
Richard Stillwell