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Emails for November 2005
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Looking for info on Greskoviak family | High School Soccer Fund | Need more trees in Minonk | Cub Scouts want to plant trees | Deadline for Fieldcrest 2005 DVD | Correction on Minonk reunion 2006 | Update on Minonk Reunion 2006 | Thanks for sharing memories | Ernie Froman retiring | Memories of Minonk and recipes | Minonk In-Line Hockey League - Rivermen Night | Minonk Goes to Phoenix 2006 | Enjoys new Millennia Park | July 4th Committee meetings announced | Thanks for fixing births page |

High School Soccer Fund

For 10 years the children of El Paso, Gridley, Secor, Minonk, Dana, Rutland, Toluca, and Wenona have participated in recreational soccer as part of the El Paso Park Recreations Soccer Program. As their love of soccer has grown, they have participated in the traveling soccer league; the ICSL, which includes teams from Pekin, Morton, East Peoria, Washington, Germantown (Metamora), Chillicothe (Pierce), Olympia, Illini Bluffs (Hollis), Eureka, Roanoke-Benson, and Mackinaw. I can also say that we have been very competitive with the teams from the larger communities. Of all the teams mentioned above, El Paso Rec Traveling Rec children have no High School Program to advance their desires to play this world-wide sport.

This is the reason I am starting a High School Soccer Program Fund; for the sole purpose to start a co-operative High School Program with the El Paso-Gridley and Fieldcrest school districts. There have been too many years for these children not to play soccer at the High School Level.

As with a majority of the school districts in the state of Illinois, there are no additional funds to start a new program. Having discussed this with both school boards over the last two years; the school boards have came to the conclusion that if funding was found, that a program could be reviewed.

The El Paso-Gridley School Board has shelved their vote until February, and I will be making another presentation of my proposal to the Fieldcrest School Board on November 21st. The parents, children, and myself are hoping to have the funding together to present to both school boards. Everyone is welcome to come to these meetings to help support our proposal.

Our interests are sincere, our hopes have vision, and the dreams of these children can come true.

We would greatly appreciate any financial support from families, friends, players, and local businesses looking to support high school soccer in Central Illinois. All contributions will be used solely for the funding of the High School Soccer Program Coop. These kids just need a chance to play what comes natural to them on the soccer field, and to learn what a team sport can teach them for their future.

Anyone interested in supporting the program can contact Mike Zimmerman, of Minonk ( Home - 309-432-3057) or ( Work – 309-527-1515). Contributions can be made at the Alpha Community Bank, 137 West 5th Street, Minonk, Illinois 61760. You can make checks payable to 'High School Soccer Program Fund'.

Your help will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,

Mike Zimmerman
Minonk, Illinois

Cub Scouts want to plant trees

I truly agree with your editorial regarding the need to plant trees and the need for community support to do that. In fact, our Cub Scout group has been planning to go in front of the city council to ask permission to plant trees on city property in dedication to our town this May. This corresponds with the BSA theme for Cub Scouts that month which is "Digging in the Dirt." The way that we are doing this is asking the boys to bring in spare change to start a collection, then we are hoping to find help to fill in the gaps. We would like to plant 1-3 trees (hopefully the Illinois state tree: White Oak), and add a plaque in dedication with them. Yes, it is a ways off, but it allows us enough time to ensure we can get the needed funds, and so we can do it right. Like our Spring park clean ups, we are hoping to instill a great sense of community pride in our boys at a young age, because, as we all know, this is a lesson that will last a lifetime.

Sarah Prosser
Committee Chair
Pack 78
Minonk, IL

Correction on Minonk reunion 2006

I hope I am contacting all the people to whom I sent the wrong information. I told everyone earlier that the Minonk gathering in Hartford will be Oct. 20-22. WRONG!!!! It is October 12-14. Plan to arrive on the 12th (Thursday), have a great dinner gathering, spend Friday and Saturday seeing the sights and enjoying some good meals, and then leave on Sunday.
Sorry for any confusion.

Martha Eikenmeyer Owens

Thanks for sharing memories

I just wanted to thank Mr. Johnson for sharing some of his memories with us. I hung on every word and many times reading your letter made me miss listening to my Dad tell stories of his youth. My Dad has been gone 13 years now but I try to tell as many of his stories that he shared with me and my siblings with my children. I just wished I had his way of telling them. Speaking with such eloquence as you also seem to have, Mr. Johnson.

Again thank you and I look forward to reading more of what you have to share.

Lisa Zimmerman

Memories of Minonk and recipes

My name is Barbara Pitcock, formerly Barbara (Barb) Lambert. I am the daughter of the late Jessie Lambert and Frankie Lambert, whom still resides in Minonk. I grew up there and attended the good ole "MDR", class of 74. I now make my home in Bowling Green, Kentucky where I have lived for 26 years and am an insurance agent of 10 years for Allstate Ins Co. I make it home about once a year and enjoy seeing old friends and walking thru town like we use to do in the good old days. Minonk has changed so much but it still has the good feeling of home to me. I try to take pictures every time I am home and have kept a scrapbook over the years to take me back when I get homesick.

My sisters still live in the Minonk,Dana-Rutland area and my niece and nephews still attend the schools there.

I have managed to keep up with my childhood friends, Jane "Zivney" Amigoni, Susan Barth, Nancy Brown and Barbara and Kathy Orr. We have planned to one day meet up there to have a somewhat of a reunion of our own. We love to talk about the "Princess Sweet Shoppe" lunches at "Liners" and going by the "Pool Room" or Bud Finlin's -Bud's Royal Blue Store for our candy supply. Riding our bikes to the Minonk Pool and the free "Christmas" shows at the Minonk theater. We all had the fun of selling "poppies" to get free pool passes or theater tickets and if you grew up in Minonk you had to have helped build floats in the "round house" on oak street, which was across the street from our house. I could go on and on but will stop here and look forward to reading more in the future.

I do have a recipe or two to add if you are still taking them. I fix these when my family comes to visit and they are good southern style recipes.

Barbara Pitcock
Bowling Green, KY

Editor's note: Barbara's recipes will be added to the website one at a time.

Minonk Goes to Phoenix 2006

Dave and others,
This is for your readers. The annual Minonk Goes to Phoenix trip is in the works. To avoid Easter, we have scheduled it for the weekend FOLLOWING Easter. The dates are April 20-22. At this date we are planning to use the same Fairfield Inn in Scottsdale as our base. This is a great motel in a super location. The room rate includes breakfast. Parking is free and there are laundry facilities on site. A New York style deli and bar is attached. Problem is that the original woman who handled our account has retired and the new gal is proving difficult to contact. I had an estimated rate from the previous woman at $79 per night.

Plans for this year's get-together include three group dinners (one at Benihana's, another at El Torito, and the third undecided at the moment. Benihana's got high ratings from last year's group. El Torito was on the 2004 list and was well received.

As for outings, I am once again trying to organize a trip into the red rock country around Sedona (we had to cancel last year because of rain.) Some have also suggested the Kartchner Caverns which are really fabulous.

For those who want a slightly more upscale lodging, we are suggesting El Chapperel which is next door to our Fairfield and the location of our late night gathering spot.
This year, I am not mailing individual letters to I can't remember how many people. I am contacting people who have attended before or who have expressed a strong interest in attending this year. Anyone is welcome to attend. Just contact me as the addresses below.

As soon as I nail down the rate at the Fairfield, I will write again.

ALSO, don't forget we have an out planned in Oct. to visit Hartford, CN where Dean and Anne Uphoff have offered to be our host and hostess. This is a beautiful time to visit the New England states. I will post more info on this trip shortly.

Martha Eikenmeyer Owens
Indian Wells, CA


July 4th Committee meetings announced


The following is the 4th of July schedule of meetings for this next year, ANYONE IS WELCOME we always need help:

The 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. at the Immual Lutheran Church in Minonk: November, January, March, April, May and June. There might be a few more toward the end if specific needs arise.

Thanks very much.
Cathy McKay

Fieldcrest football on Channel 13

The Tri-Point vs Fieldcrest (Senior Night) Football game will air on Channel 13 at 7:00 on Wednesday and Thursday night.

Jason Buchanan

Looking for info on Greskoviak family


My name is Robert Greskoviak. I am looking for any information on my family who came from Minonk: My Great Grandparents names were: Stella, and Richard, and they had four children: Richard, Rachel, Clarence, and Edwin. Any photos or information would be great. I have been looking at old photos and have found some references. Thank you Ms. Amy Robbins-Tjaden for your help. My email (correct this time) is:

Thank you, Robt

Need more trees in Minonk

I agree 100% with you about needing more trees in Minonk. I have lived here my whole life, which only happens to be 18 years, and I have noticed a loss of many beautiful trees just on my block alone. When I was growing up on Washington St. it was lined with gorgeous trees. But as I grew older, I saw at least 15 trees get cut down from that street before I moved across town. In a way I was hurt, I grew up with those trees. They gave us shade, fresh oxygen, and many other positive aspects. Just today I saw limbs for a trees cut down and lying on the ground. I understand that there are many reasons why trees are cut down. My father had to have one of our trees trimmed because it was over our roof and a wind storm split a large limb of our tree, which almost landed on our house. But if there are no good reasons to get rid of these trees I think it is asinine to cut them down. I too would love to see the streets of Minonk lined with trees again.

Kristen Oakley

Deadline for Fieldcrest 2005 DVD

Anyone wanting the full season of the Fieldcrest Knights 2005 Season DVD. You have until 11/23/05 to contact me at After that I will no longer be making them. If you have any questions you can also call me at (309)287-4236.

Jason Buchanan

Update on Minonk Reunion 2006

OK gang -
I finally nailed down a contract with the Fairfield Inn in Scottsdale. They are giving us a rate of $59 per night because our dates are so late in the season. Each of you needs to call the inn and make your own reservations. Please mention that you are part of the Minonk Group in order to get this rate. Please know that you can extend this rate for up to three days either before or after our actual gathering dates of April 20-22. You may cancel up to 24 hours before with no penalty.

To make reservations, call the Fairfield Inn at 480-945-4392.
If you know of others who are interested in this event please either tell them directly and have them contact me or tell me (with name and address) and I shall send info to that person.
Let's continue our fun times in Arizona.
Martha Eikenmeyer Owens

PS: I spoke today with Anne Uphoff (Mrs. Dean Uphoff) and we have established Oct. 20-22, 2006, as the dates for our gathering in Hartford. We are working on a hotel and will be in touch with all of you as soon as we have something definite.

Martha Owens

Ernie Froman retiring

Dave, I retired from Pontiac Correctional Center in May of 1989 and I've retired again. This time from refinishing furniture. I now plan on doing hobby work or whatever else I enjoy to keep busy. I thank all who have been my customers for the past 43 years.

Ernie Froman

Minonk In-Line Hockey League - Rivermen Night

The Minonk Parks and Rec Youth In-Line Hockey League is selling tickets to the Peoria Rivermen Hockey game against the Iowa Stars on Saturday, November 26th. The game starts at 8pm. Their goal is to sell 100 tickets so they can play on the ice during intermission. If they exceed their goal and sell 300 tickets, they will get to play on the ice before the game and during intermission. Tickets are $10 and seats will be in the first two rows of the upper bowl. It will be a fun night for all so please bring your friends and family to cheer on the Rivermen and your local youth in-line hockey league!! Please contact Ryan Orabutt by Wednesday, November 9th at 432-2252 if you would like tickets.

Ryan Orabutt

Enjoys new Millennia Park

I just wanted to let you know how I enjoy bringing my girls to the New Millennia Park in Minonk. This is a well kept park,with lots of things to do. The restrooms are always clean and it means alot to me to have a safe place for the girls to play. So I just wanted to Thank you. Keep up the good work.

Lenne Benner
Streator IL

Thanks for fixing births page

Thank you, Chris for figuring out the problem with the "births this year" page and thank you, Dave, for correcting it. Now everyone can view my granddaughter who was born early this year!

Denise Robinson

2005 Knight Football Season DVD available

If anyone is interested in getting the 2005 Knight Football Season DVD Set please contact me either at or call 309-287-4236.

Jason Buchanan