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Emails for October 2015
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Key Club "Fowl Denim Days" | Memories of buildings of yesteryear | Sky Box Up For Auction | Trick-or-Treat hours | Fieldcrest vs Eureka to honor veterans and military personnel | Comment on grammar | Food Pantry Needs Donations | email | | Flushing hydrants this week | Young Hearts 4 Life coming to Fieldcrest High School again |

Memories of buildings of yesteryear

A picture of the old Smith Studio at Walnut and 5th popped up on the opening page for Minonktalk. Those of us who lived across town from the grade school always tried to walk to or from school on the south side of Fifth Street so we could look at al the photographs Mr. Smith displayed in the windows at the front of the building. We were always thrilled to find photographs of some one we knew - a newly married couple, someone celebrating a special birthday, etc.

That twice daily walk across town (we went home for lunch in those days), took us past many places that are now gone. We always waved to the residents who were able to sit on the porch at Ella White's rest home which was then directly across the street north from the Smith Studio. That site is also a modern house now.

Martha Owens

Trick-or-Treat hours

Trick-or-treating will be held this Saturday, October 31, from 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Mayor Bill Koos

Comment on grammar


I cannot say I have ever heard a person try to make an argument for laziness and poor grammar. You have done a great job with Minonktalk over the many years since you created the site. I have seen many viewpoints posted, some of which I know you clearly opposed, however; you have always remained somewhat neutral with regards to the information you post. I say good for you - continue to refuse to print anonymous submissions and throw out the postings with abhorrent grammar. If one or two people do not approve of your rules, too bad! It is your website, ergo, your rules. Perhaps the person that finds your rules to be biased should spend their time in a remedial English course rather than complaining.

And yes, I signed my name to it.

Eric Olson

Chris Mitchell: That's all fine and dandy! But if you really want to have a True Minonk talk then have one not just a one sided whatever David wants on here, lets here all complaints and viewpoints!!! I'm sure some will be bull crap but. I'm sure that a lot of this BS is good for the citizen of this small village needs to be aware of! After all it does say Minonk talk not what ever make everyone happy talk!!! P.S not sure if all grammar is correct!!!

Minonktalk: Where did you get the idea I only put on what I want? If you sign your name, use proper grammar and no profanity, your email will be printed!

Barbara Goff-Westphale: I agree Dave...if one cannot speak and spell correctly...who even will take them seriously! Keep up the great work, I enjoy checking in from St. Louis.

Flushing hydrants this week

Could you please post a notice that the Minonk public works department will be flushing fire hydrants the week of October 5th.

Cary Naas

Key Club "Fowl Denim Days"

Dear Fellow Staffers:

Thanks to your generosity, (and love of jeans), we raised $420 for the local food pantries. The Key Club has an additional activity they are planning, to raise more money, but we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

Garilyn Wells
Dee Foor
Cathy Sanders


Sky Box Up For Auction

The Knights football team is going to the playoffs. Game 1 is at home this Saturday at 1:00. The Sky Box will be auctioned off. We will accept sealed bids with a minimum of $300. Bids need to be turned in to Meyer Jochums Agency at 119 W 5th St Minonk by noon on Thursday (Oct 29th). An after hours drop slot is available.

Tracy Harsted

Fieldcrest vs Eureka to honor veterans and military personnel

Fieldcrest High School would like to cordially invite all veterans and active duty military personnel from the communities of Minonk, Dana, Rutland, Wenona, Lostant and Toluca to the October 23, 2015 football game between Eureka and Fieldcrest High Schools @ Eureka High School. Fieldcrest C.U.S.D #6 will provide transportation to Eureka High School leaving at 6:00 pm from Fieldcrest High School. This game is being designated as the night our communities will recognize and honor the tremendous sacrifice that our military personnel have, are and will provide our communities and our nation. We would like to have all branches of the military represented at the 2nd Annual Veteran's Bowl.

Please join us for this special community event. If you are planning to ride the bus, please call Mr. Sean Poston at (309) 432-2529 and let him know you will be in attendance so that we can plan for transportation, admission, and food. We look forward to seeing you at the Veteran's Bowl!

Sean W. Poston
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Fieldcrest High School


Food Pantry Needs Donations

As we edge closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, we'd like to ask everyone to think about how you can help make these holidays special for others who struggle to put food on the table. For many years, the Peoria Food Bank arranged for us to have turkeys to give out, but they are no longer able to do that. We are asking for the following donations for the Minonk Food Pantry to help our clients put a holiday meal together.

-donations of money to help pay for small turkeys (we hope to present vouchers so that clients may pick up turkeys at a store.
-boxes of instant mashed potatoes
-boxes of Stove Top Stuffing
-cans of pumpkin or pumpkin pie filling
or anything you would like to contribute!

Our next pantry days will be Nov. 5 and Dec. 3 and we hope to have items to give out on those days. You may leave donations at City Hall or any of the churches in Minonk. If you have questions, please call 432-2944. Thank you so much for your help!

Lila McCulley

Young Hearts 4 Life coming to Fieldcrest High School again

Young Hearts 4 Life (Yh3L) is returning to Fieldcrest High School on 11/6/15.
This is a program through Advocate Bromenn Charities that provides a FREE EKG to all students in high school. The program is a gift to our community. There is NO cost to our school or our families.

Yh3L is searching for the "needle in the haystack", the student at risk of Sudden Cardiac Death.
An EKG is the only way to screen for certain heart problems that may exist. EKG's are expensive and without symptoms are rarely ordered.

This program gives a chance for students to be screened in a safe environment. There is no pain. Modesty is of paramount importance. Boys and girls are kept separate.

We are hoping for 100% involvement.

You can register your child on-line at or by paper turned in at office or class.

You will need your student's 4 digit LUMEN student ID number to register. This appears on report cards and the Lumen parent portal.

After you register, you will receive an email from the program. There will be a Registration Authorization Code to retrieve results of the EKG. Your Lumen Student ID will be needed for this also.

If you would like to volunteer, you can register on-line at
or contact Gloria Ehrnthaller or
Please consider the importance of this EKG for your child.
This EKG could save a life.
In fact, 2 years ago, when Yh3L was here before, we did find the "needle in the haystack" and that student's life was saved.

Thank you,

Nancy Reiter, RN CSN
Fieldcrest District Nurse

Nancy Reiter