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Emails for October 2013
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Trick or treat rainy days | Parking and Traffic Flow for Saturday's IHSA Football Playoff Game | "Baby Talk" is coming to the Filger Library | FHS Marching Knights Annual Fundraiser | 2013 Minonk Park & Recreation Survey | Trick or Treat at Heritage Health | Response to weed problem | Affordable Health Care Act Information at Filger Library | Minonk Park & Rec Basketball Sign-Up | Pre-school story time at Filger Library | Boy Scouts in Minonk | Donations for the Troops | Krispy Kreme Sale | Dollar General store | Need for a community center | new plaza editorial | New Plaza Editorial |

Trick or treat rainy days

Is there going to be a rain check if the rain doesn't die off soon?


"Baby Talk" is coming to the Filger Library

"Baby Talk" is a program hosted by WCSEA that focuses on children from ages 0-36 months. It's mission is to "positively impact child development and nurture health parent-child relationships during the critiacal early years". If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please register at the library. The group will meet every Tuesday at 9:30 am starting November 12th.
Thank you,
Kari Jones
Filger Library


2013 Minonk Park & Recreation Survey

The Minonk Park & Recreation Board is dedicated to offering quality recreation sport programs and park facilities to our community. We are administering this survey to help us better understand the wants, needs and satisfaction of our community we serve. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey about our sports programs, parks and facilities and return to Minonk City Hall by 5:00 pm Mon-Fri. Your feedback is wanted and will help us provide the best parks and recreation experience for our community and surrounding communities.

There are two different surveys. The first is for families that have children participating in our Recreational Sports Programs and use our parks. The second survey is just for community members that don't have children that participate in the Recreational Sports but use the parks and facilities that are offered in Minonk.

Minonk Park & Recreation Survey:

Minonk Park Survey:

Minonk Park & Recreation Board

Response to weed problem

First of all, I want to thank Julie Redenius for bringing the weed issue up at the council meeting on Monday night. But this issue has been going on all summer !! And it is not from where the corn was flooded - as beans were planted in the "large pond". Mayor Koos comments on "the city can't tell a farmer when to harvest his corn" is ridiculous ! The weeds should have been taken care of at the beginning of summer when numerous complaints from people with property next to the field reported it.

One person told us he contacted Mayor Koos, several others contacted the city administrator as well as aldermen being told about the problem. NO ONE acted on it. Mr. McKay was also contacted about the weeds. The weeds were well over 10 feet tall and there is a large pile of moldy, rotten corn stalks in one corner of the field which have caused health problems for many of us. One person was very sick with a fungus in their lungs. We have a 3 year old granddaughter who would become sick within an hour of being here. Her eyes would swell up, her nose would start to run and she would continue to sneeze. She could not even enjoy our pool cause she was so miserable. All symptoms would go away after she left.

As far as the other person that cited the fact that the farmer cannot get into the field to clear the weeds without going across the Barth's property - that is far from the truth ! When the property owners adjacent to the field installed a fence to help with the mess we get in our yards, a gate was installed so there is access to the field. Also anyone that farms knows that most farmers mow around their fields to keep weeds and grass out of their fields. There are other ways to get into Mr. McKay's field if he did not want to go through the gate. His own home is on the south side of the field. The crops have since been combined but the large pile of rotten corn stalks still remain.

I do not understand why citizens get citations for weeds with a set time to clean them up but yet Mr. McKay has not been given one -even after MANY complaints about it. The farm land is in city limits and all ordinances apply to him as well. Hopefully the mayor and/or administrator will work on getting the moldy corn stalk mess cleaned up. It's only been there since spring.

Betty Barth

Minonk Park & Rec Basketball Sign-Up

Registration is open for Minonk Park & Rec Basketball (Winter 2013-14). You can download the form by going to or get a copy at Minonk City Hall or Pop's in Minonk.

Dead Line for sign up is 11/01/13. All forms returned after 11/01/13 will be considered late and will result in a $10 late fee!! No forms will be accepted after 11/15/13. Exceptions by board
approval only.

Please remit forms and payment to the Minonk City Hall. Games start early
January 2014.

Make checks payable to Minonk Parks and Recreation Basketball

Minonk Park & Rec

Boy Scouts in Minonk

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States and teaches young men responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities and educational programs.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of volunteers for leadership roles, Minonk no longer has a Boy Scout Troop in town. Upon completion of Cub Scouts in Minonk, the fifth grade boys need to travel to Wenona to continue their journey in scouting. It is for that reason that I am inviting anyone interested in becoming a Boy Scout leader to contact me. There are more than enough boys in Minonk that are interested in Scouting to re-charter and build the Boy Scout troop back up in Minonk - they just need a leader.

Volunteering as a leader with the Boy Scouts of America is a way to work with the boys in our community to build a better future for everyone. Please let me know if you are interested - I'd be glad to help get things started.

Eric Clevenger


Krispy Kreme Sale

There will be a Krispy Kreme donut sale on Saturday Oct. 12th from 8:00-12:00 or until sold out in front of Minonk Supermarket. The proceeds from this sale will go to Jim McDonald, a long time employee of Minonk Supermarket who has had two surgeries for cancer and is undergoing radiation and speech therapy. Donuts will be $7.00 a dozen. Incase of rain, the donuts will be sold inside the grocery store. If you have any questions, you may contact Julie Schmitt at 432-2681. Thank you in advance for your support!

Julie Schmitt

Dollar General store

I'm curious of what is going to happen to the current Dollar General Store when the new one is built? Would this be a good place for a community center? There would be plenty of space for a stage of some kind and it already has bathroom facilities. Just curious.

Jeanne Hawk

new plaza editorial

I have to say that I agree with everything that Jason Buchanan said. It was like reading my own thoughts. In addition, I don't feel that a mural would remind me "of graffiti murals on walls of abandoned buildings in our nations' inner cities". When I see the mural on the side of Pop's as I drive into town, I see Minonk's history. I see beautiful artwork that someone shared with us reminding me of what Minonk was in years past. I actually look for murals when I drive through different small towns. I feel it helps to show a little bit of what that town is about. .

Jeanne Hawk

Editor's reply: In response to you and Mr. Buchanan, I want to make clear that I am only using the cost of the water park as an example of what you get for your money. I realize the water park is a nice addition to the community but I feel the cost was way too high. In addition, the proposed plaza would be used year round by all age groups, not just 3 days a year.

Parking and Traffic Flow for Saturday's IHSA Football Playoff Game


After discussions and meetings with Fieldcrest Officials, we have made the decision to alter parking and traffic flow around Veteran's Park for Saturday's IHSA Football playoff game hosted by Fieldcrest Highschool. First and foremost, we are attempting to notify all of the faithfull Fieldcrest Football fans that NO parking will be permitted inside the fence surrounding the football field with the exception of parking for officials and workers. With that said, the following changes will be made on game day in attempt to make the entire event more enjoyable for both our fans as well as the fans of the visiting team:

1. Traffic flow will be temporarily changed on Moran Street as follows – Moran Street will be designated as one-way between Maple and Mary. Traffic will be directed eastbound on game day.
2. Traffic flow will be temporarily changed on Veteran's Drive as follows – Veteran's Drive will be designated as one-way between Mary and Maple. Traffic will be directed westbound on game day.
3. Visitors to Saturday's playoff game are asked to park angled in towards the park. The entire perimeter of Veteran's Park will be opened up for parking including grass areas near the baseball and softball fields off of Veteran's Drive.
4. Parallel parking on the south side of Moran is asked to be far off of the pavement as possible and only be used after park perimeter parking is full.
5. Parking on side streets will remain the same as always. We ask that visitors parking on Donnick and Everett show respect for homeowner's property and driveway access.

These changes are being made to alleviate traffic and parking congestion as well as hopefully improve traffic flow once the game ends. The City of Minonk would like to thank everyone for their cooperation on Saturday.

Go Knights!

Gary W. Brennan
Minonk City Administrator


FHS Marching Knights Annual Fundraiser

FHS MARCHING KNIGHTS ANNUAL FRUIT/CHEESE & SAUSAGE FUNDRAISER IS HERE! THIS YEAR WE ARE ALSO SELLING POINSETTIA'S. Poinsettia's are $12.00 each and will be delivered Dec. 6th. Fruit will be delivered Dec. 14. Contact your favorite Marching Knight today to place your order. There are several new item's in the fruit flyer..including a combo that contains apples/oranges/pears!! All checks should be made out to the FHS Band Boosters and payment is due when ordering. Please contact Christy Kline at 815.854.2640 with further questions

Christy Kline

Trick or Treat at Heritage Health

On Thursday October 31, 2013 come Trick or Treat at Heritage Health. There will be No Haunted House this year.

Gina Greenland

Affordable Health Care Act Information at Filger Library

On Thursday, October 24 at 5:30 pm a representative from the Woodford County Health Department will be giving an informational presentation about the Affordable Health Care Act at Filger Library. You will be given a chance to have any questions answered that you may have about the upcoming changes.
Thank you,
Filger Library

Kari Jones

Pre-school story time at Filger Library

I wanted to let the parents and caregivers of pre-school children know that I will be doing a pre-school story time at Filger Library. It will take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. All are welcome to come, but I ask that an adult stay with the child. We will read stories, make crafts, and have a small snack. October's theme will be "Fall"

Thank you,
Kari Jones
Children's Librarian


Donations for the Troops

Fieldcrest High School Key Club in conjunction with the Heart of Illinois Blue Star Mothers will be collecting donations for the Blue Star Mothers "Bit of Home" at Friday night's FHS Homecoming football game and also at Monday night's FHS Senior Night volleyball game. "Bit of Home" is a project which the HOI Blue Star Mothers have been doing for several years, beginning with just sending out around 30 boxes and has grown to 150+ boxes at their last mailing this past Spring.

Boxes are mailed to service members from all branches of the military that are serving overseas. This is even more essential now since a lot of the military installations have closed the Post Exchanges and our military members are having a hard time getting daily hygiene essentials and snacks.

Attached is a flyer that has the various items that we will be accepting.


Lori Kapraun
Vice President
Heart of Illinois Blue Star Mothers


Need for a community center

Since the Village-Aires community choir has been mentioned in a couple of emails to this website, I thought I would address the comments that have been made. The Village-Aires truly appreciate the support of Minonk and surrounding communities for our shows. Thank you for allowing us to bring entertainment to Minonk for over 45 years.

A stage is included in the current fire site park plan, and it was indicated that perhaps the Village-Aires could present their shows there. It is difficult for us to perform our type of show outside. I would think for any performing group some of the following would need to be addressed -

the stage area needs to be larger,
provision needs to be made for appropriate stage lighting,
there should be adequate space for sound equipment,
a backstage area for stage props/costume changes/etc. is necessary,

And, the Village-Aires shows are usually held in April and November which are not appropriate months for outdoor shows.

The Village-Aires currently present their shows at St. Paul's United Church of Christ, and we sincerely appreciate their generosity in allowing us the use of their wonderful facility. However, a church is not really designed to be a concert hall. In talking with other community members, they have expressed a need for an indoor Community Center which could be used for many events - family reunions, HS class reunions, receptions, performing groups, small group meetings - the list is endless. That type of facility would need a kitchen, restrooms, and an area for a stage.

Another item for consideration is Minonk's historical artifacts. Dave has generously housed Minonk's history in his building for many years. Those items are now being moved to City Hall. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an area where they and other historical items could adequately be displayed? Minonk has a great history with the mines, railroads, first electric street lights, brick streets - so many things - it would be wonderful to properly house and preserve these memories. I'm sure many people in town have items that they would willingly donate to such a museum.

Many small communities in the area have indoor centers which are well used by their citizens. There are some buildings in Minonk that might be able to be remodeled to fit the unique needs of Minonk. I know that cost is always a concern. I'm hoping that there are forward-looking people in Minonk who are willing to look at all possibilities as they search for a way to provide adequate areas to keep Minonk attractive to its population.

I appreciate the efforts of our council to beautify the uptown area. I think that is important to our town. But perhaps it would also be good to explore the possibility of an indoor full-use facility.

Thanks, Dave, for allowing us to use this open forum for discussion.

Elaine Cunningham

Village-Aires Musical Director

New Plaza Editorial

I do agree something should be done in that spot but I still think on a smaller scale with less tax payers money being spent. Also comparing anything the New Millennia group has done to what the City is proposing is apple and oranges. New Millennia Group is a private funding group. They did NOT use Taxpayers money as far as I know. I could be wrong and anyone correct me if I am wrong. As for the small comment about the "outrageous on-going cost for water". You can't put a cost on a benefit New Millennia Group brought to the communities children during the summer. The water park is always used and kids and parents enjoy it greatly!!! Will the same be said about a stage and fancy concrete walks that will only be used twice maybe three times a year? Has anyone asked musical groups such as Village Aires if it is big enough to host a show? I just don't see any value in it. As far as Public Bathrooms vs. Business Bathrooms I could argue either way but one thing about using business bathrooms maybe someone will be more likely to buy something from the business while using it. I also think we as a community and city need to keep the parks we have cleaner and more kept up. So adding another park or plaza to maintain will stretch the city further and less upkeep will be done on other parks. Just my opinion!

Jason Buchanan