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Emails for October 2012
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Cat Found | My Matuszewicz Family | Lem and Lime at Petri's Pour House Friday Nov 2nd | Early Voting Dates/Location | PUMPKIN PATCH PARTY ON OCT. 31, 2012 | THANKS ALOT BILL HERMAN | FHS Band Booster Meeting this Thursday, Oct., 25 | Bill Herman, Jr. retires from fire dept | Violin | Class of 73 40th Reunion | Nightmare on Elm Street | Kids Halloween Parade | Trick-or-Treat Hours | 4-H Meeting Minonk Successful Farmers | Jumbos Sports Bar and Grill Grand Opening | Great Idea! | Community Center | Great Idea | A proposal for a downtown community center and park | empty lot | Congratulations from Germany |

Cat Found

Was wondering if anyone was missing a black cat. The cat showed up on my mom's doorstep last night (10/29). She is located on West 5th St. It has a hemp braclet for a collar. Looks to be around a year old...very friendly. Please give me a call if this is your cat or you know whos cat it is....309-261-6045

Kari Kiefer

Lem and Lime at Petri's Pour House Friday Nov 2nd

Just want to let customers know that we will have Lem and Lime playing this Friday night at 9:00 PM. For those of you that have not heard Rick and Winston, they play acoustical guitar, classic rock. Come on up and enjoy an evening with them.
Thank you
Nick Petri
Petri's Pour House



The Annual Pumpkin Patch Party will again be on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2012 anytime between 5:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at St. Paul's U.C.C., 236 W. 5th St., Minonk, Il. New games, themed trick or treat doors, fun crafts, and cookie decorating will all be available during the evening. All children must be accompanied by an adult. There will be no admission fee and hot dogs, popcorn, and lemonade will be available for a small fee. This provides a dry, warm, safe and enjoyable environment for your children to trick or treat. For more information, contact Becky Fuchs @ 309-432-2552.

Becky Fuchs

FHS Band Booster Meeting this Thursday, Oct., 25

The FHS Band Booster Meeting is to be held this Thursday, October 25at 6PM in the High School Band Room. Things we will be discussing include Fruit and Cheese Sales, Sweatshirt/sweatpant sales, Bracelets, Blanket Raffles, Christmas Concert Refreshments and New Uniform Racks. Please Come! We welcome community members and parents of all band students within the district.

Christy Kline


To the gal who bought our childrens violin on Wednesday night....I have a beginners book that I forgot to give to you. Call me at 432-2744 and I can drop it off or you can stop by and pick it up.
Thank you,

Diana Alcorn

Nightmare on Elm Street

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to let everyone know to bring the kiddies to 214&216 North Elm Street for a real scare on Halloween! We are going all out with the decorations and have ALOT of scary animatronics!! Come on by and have some fun with us and get some candy too!!!

Linda Judd & Royce Tjaden

Trick-or-Treat Hours


This may have been missed during our lengthy council meeting last night, but I wanted to pass along the hours that were set for trick-or-treating. On Halloween, Wednesday October 31, 2012, the trick-or-treating hours are from 5pm to 8pm. Thanks

Gary W. Brennan
City Administrator

Gary Brennan

Jumbos Sports Bar and Grill Grand Opening

Jumbos Sports Bar and Grill will be having thier grand opening Saturday, October 20th. Food, Fun, Jello Shots, Prizes and Live Music starting @ 9pm. Come and join us for a great night!! Thanks!!

Jen Lindsay

Great Idea

Thanks Dave, great idea. When donations are asked for let me know. Maybe selling "bricks" for the patio for folks to remember their loved ones would help funding.

Bob Schmitz

empty lot

I think that Dave's idea is great. It would be nice if the city could own the property instead of out of towners, unless there would be jobs made available by a business built there instead.

The drawing of the Community Center is beautiful and I've often wondered why we didn't have one. Every town I've lived in has always had one.

Rhonda White

My Matuszewicz Family

My name is Libby Nash and I am the great, granddaughter of Stanislaus (Stanley) and Katarina (Catherine) (Zolz) Matuszewicz, who immigrated to Minonk from Germany, although were Polish.

My granddfather, Francis (Frank) Matuszewicz, was their youngest child, and served in WWI. While enlisted he wrote articles for the Minonk Dispatch. I have an old, yellowed copy of one of the articles, but am wondering if you may have a resource of other articles?

I also have some old family pictures of the family I would love to scan and send to you - what's the best way to do that - should I send them to a particular email address?

FYI - once my grandfather left the war and returned home to Minonk, it wasn't too long that he and a "military buddy" decided to move to Oklahoma, since there were jobs in the oil industry. After Frank arrived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it wasn't long before he met my grandmother, Viola May Adams, a beautiful and vivacious descendant from the Delaware Tribe of American Indians. Frank was working for a local Oil Company and married Vi in 1921. Once he arrived in Tulsa, he found his Polish surname difficult for most people to pronounce and spell - therefore, he changed his last name to Mathis.

Frank and Vi and two beautiful daughters - Jane Frances and June Gladys, the later my mother.

I love your web page and enjoy perusing the photos. Please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Elizabeth Sisson Nash

Early Voting Dates/Location

I have had several Minonk residents stop in to inquire about early voting. I found the following information that I thought would be helpful.


Monday-Friday Woodford County Courthouse 8am - 5pm

Oct 22 - 26 115 N. Main St., Room 104, Eureka

Monday-Friday Woodford County Courthouse 8am - 5pm

Oct 29 – Nov 2 115 N. Main St., Room 104, Eureka

Saturday Woodford County Courthouse 8am – 12pm noon

Nov 3 115 N. Main St., Room 104, Eureka

Thank You,

Gary W. Brennan
City Administrator





Bill Herman, Jr. retires from fire dept

I would like to acknowledge Bill Herman Jr for his dedication to the Minonk Fire Dept. for 45 years of service. He decided to retire. We take for granted those who serve our community; through Mother Natures wrath of snowstorms, rain, ice, heat. We also tend to forget that this commitment is 24 hrs 7 days a week. No holidays off. With the last tragedy of Minonk's big fire no coffee breaks either.
A dangerous and courageous job for these people who will do what they can to save our lives, pets. possessions.
The term 45 years is an achievement not too many can say that they have devoted that much dedication. We are lucky to see in this day and age marriages,jobs, even lives that last that long. So on behalf of myself and the community I would like to say THANK YOU BILL HERMAN! For not only showing your commitment to this important VOLUNTEER job but as acting chief for many many years to keep the team together. I believe that this man should be honored in some way. This is my way.
God Bless you Bill. Your fire boots will be hard to fill.

Becky Quick

Class of 73 40th Reunion

The Class of 73 40th Reunion will be held at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Bloomington Il, located across from the airport. The event is scheduled on Sat. Sept. 14, 2013. Joan Glowacki would appreciate getting email addresses of classmates as soon as possible to get out communication of the event. Please email

Joan Glowacki

Kids Halloween Parade

The new Principal at South is bringing back the Halloween Parade of the kids in their costumes. They will leave the school at 1:15 pm head east on 5th St. to Chestnut St. Then turn north on Chestnut St and head to 6th St. Then turn west on 6th St. and head back to the school. The order will be Kindergarten going out first and all the way up to 4th grade going last. It would be so nice to have people out there for the kids to wave at while they show off their costumes! Thank You!

Heather Peiffer

4-H Meeting Minonk Successful Farmers

We will be having our first meeting of the year on Sunday October 28th at 4:00 p.m. at St Pauls Church Fellowship Hall in Minonk. Members must be 8 by September 1, 2012 in order to join. Regular meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 4:00 pm same place. If you have any questions, please contact me at 309-432-2411. Thank you!

Kim Barth

Great Idea!

What a wonderful idea and great plan......hope it happens! Keeping my fiingers crossed!


Community Center

Love the idea of the community center and also selling bricks for the
patio. I don't like the empty spot in the middle of town. Hopefully we can
get this idea rolling.

Robin Fewell

A proposal for a downtown community center and park


I really like your idea! I hope it really happens.

Kim McGuane

Congratulations from Germany

Hello Dave,

I just read on the Minonk page that Don & Eileen celebrate their 75 th wedding anniversary. A very rare and beautiful event.
I wanted to comment, but I could not log in from Germany for it. What a pity! I'd be very grateful if you could tell me the address of Don & Eileen, so I send them a card.

Greetings from East Frisia, Germany
Holger Prikker

Editor's reply: Their address is 201 Locust Street, Minonk, IL, 61760, USA