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Emails for October 2010
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November 11, 2010 is Veterans Day, a special day to honor, recognize and remember all veterans, past and present, for their service to their country. This honor adds meaning to the phrase "All gave some, some gave all". This should never be forgotten by anyone, young and old alike.

In keeping with honoring our veterans, the El Paso American Legion Post 59, El Paso/Roanoke VFW Post 6026 and El Paso Masonic Lodge 246 are jointly sponsoring a veterans Honor Flight Program as a small tribute to those who given so much. The program includes a slide show presentation honoring our veterans in our Nation's Capitol at the World War II Memorial. It is anticipated there may be some local area veterans that has participated in the program will be present to discuss their experiences participating in the program. All Veterans and public are welcome to attend.

Admission is free. All veterans and anyone else interested in learning more about the program are encouraged to attend.

The Honor Flight Program is scheduled for November 8, 2010 starting at 7:00PM at the El Paso Masonic Lodge Dining Hall, 40 East Main Street US Rt. 24 in El Paso. Doors will open at 6:15 PM.

For more information, contact 309-261-3297. Refreshments will be provided.

Dave Shirley

PTO Fundraiser: Ladies Night

Come kick off the Holiday shopping season and raise money for the PTO at the same time!
Friday October 29th at Fieldcrest South Elementry School 4-8 p.m.
Here are the vendors who will be there to shop with~

Thirty-One Gifts
Cookie Lee Jewelry
My Sweet Baby Jane
Mary Kay
Granny's Goodies
Tastefully Simple
Uppercase Living
Usborne Books
Miche Bags
Party Lite
Signature Home Styles
Celebrating Home

**Please use the gym door to enter and exit the building.**

Amanda Whited

Thanks from Fieldcrest JFL Bantam 2 Team

Dave –

The coaching staff of the Fieldcrest JFL Bantam 2 Team would like to thank all the players, parents, JFL Board and all those who made the season possible. We had a lot of fun this year and look forward to next year. A very special thanks to Jay Hurd, who presented each player with a video highlighting the season – Jay donates a lot of time and resouces in our community and that has not gone unnoticed. Thanks Jay!

Russell Ruestman

Fourth Street bricks

I may have missed something, but am shocked that the city would not keep/repair/replace the bricks on East 4th Street. They are indeed a distinctive part of Minonk's history. I grew up on East 4th Street, and the brick street is a part of my memory of my hometown. I have often enjoyed telling friends about the uniqueness of Minonk - including the brick streets. Please don't let them disappear!

Carol Palmer Schmidt

Help Salem

Salem Children's Home is diligently pursuing your help to raise money by downloading the Good Search tool bar. Good Search is a search engine that donates to non-profit organizations. They are running a contest for the month of October for the non-profit who can get the most tool bar
down loads..The leader has 300 and we have 13. PLEASE HELP>>>>With your help we could win $15,000.00. Go to and download the tool bar for Salem Children's Home. It is that easy. This is a safe site and there are no hidden costs. The good news is, you can remove it when the competition is done or leave it on and get Salem updates.  When you shop online, it will let you know if that store is a good shop store. If it is, a percentage of your purchase is donated to Salem.

*WE ARE TRYING FOR 1000 downloads.
PLEASE* take a minute and help us out. We thank you and our boys thank you.

Linda Lindley
Salem Ranch


Haunted House

Pontiac has a great Haunted House! It is all volunteers raising money for the Livingston County 4-H park. This weekend is their family event, Mick Day. The admission is an item for the food pantry and it is a great event for kids!
You can read more about it, get directions, etc on it's website:

Jane (Kalkwarf) Diaz

Reminder - Bunco Fundraiser for Minonk Co-Op Preschool

The Minonk Co-Op Preschool is sponsoring a Bunco fundraiser on Saturday, October 23rd at the Ziggy's (formerly the Corner Grill). Bunco playing will begin at 7PM. The evening will also include 50/50 raffles, door prizes, Biggest Loser Prize, and cash prizes for the overall winner and winner of the most Buncos. You DO NOT need to know how to play Bunco in order to support this great cause!

Bunco is an easy dice game to learn, and we will teach you along the way (and it's purely based on luck and not skill!). Tickets are $15 each and include your admission to the game tables, prizes, light snacks/appetizers, and drink specials will be available. This will be a great night, and most of all it helps support our preschool. To purchase a ticket, in advance please, contact Jodi Timmerman at 309-432-3061 or Christine Cunningham at 309-432-2135.

Christine Cunningham

PFC Darryl L Shirley

My name is Darrel Shannon and I am the American Legion Post commander in Neckarsulm Germany, I am trying to locate the sister of PFC Darryl L Shirley, I know she lives in Minonk Ill the American Legion John Wayne Post 79, lays a wreath and holds a Memorial Ceremony every year to honor Darryl and the two other Soldiers that paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Pershing Missile Accident.
So that the people know what Darryl looked like, and not just a name on a stone.
We would like to have a picture of Darryl and if possible in uniform like a picture from Basic Training.
After the Ceremony is over his picture would hang in our Post Home along with the other two Soldiers, so the people do not forget the sacrifice that was made on that day.


Darrel Shannon

Internet News?

While I agree with your assessment of internet news, or lack of, how can anyone get an unbiased report from any news outlet in todays trash laden journalism??


Kudos to the Minonk Fourth of July Committee!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the members of the Fourth of July Committee for organizing and hosting the Pumpkin Patch in the Park event. You all did an amazing job and it was great to see so many people in attendance! It is nice to see the younger generation taking a part in the community and making it an even better place to live. With all the great ideas that this group brings to our town, the possibilities are endless. You should all be very proud of the great job and hard work that you put forth to make this event a huge success! I look forward to next year!

Lynn and Terry Manning

Minonk Park Memories

Dave, I really enjoyed the e mails from former "PARK" users. For me, since I had once lived across from the" merry go round" and the " pool!" I tried to set a record for shinnying up every tree in the park back then! Most of these 1930 times were spent alone as there were only a few neighbors who had children. A favorite thing to do was to try and swing until you were almost parallel to the ground. Another was to try and run back up the slide and as a result I slipped and left a long abrasion across my back. I never told my folks for fear they would not let me go. War games were played on the old cannon and since the concrete water storage had a rounded top, you and any one else there would get a mouth full of "Minonk's unusual water and then together we would spit it out to see who would get their mouth full down first.

The park back then,(the thirties) was rarely used for picnics but they occasionally had band music at the "pavilion". I saw once on MinonkTalk a note about the old swimming pool. Actually it was mostly for wading and later became a tennis court, I believe. I would hesitate to guess how many "locals" have similar stories but maybe this note will stir others to add their tales. Albie Johnson who now is in his 80's

Albin Johnson

Minonk News Dispatch old files

Does anyone know where the old newspaper files went when the Minonk News Dispatch was closed? I am seeking an obituary for Samuel January who died Dec. 29, 1887, and is buried in the Minonk township cemetery. Did the Minonk paper go back that far? If not could anyone suggest another newspaper for his obit? Thanks for any help.

Sharon B., Bureau Co., IL.

Editor's Reply: There was a Minonk newspaper back in 1887 called the Minonk News but I don't know of anyone who have a paper from that time frame. The Minonk News-Dispatch archival papers from 1920 to the present are now located in the offices of the Woodford Journal in Eureka.


I hadn't been back to Minonk in years and years but visited Minonk again in July 2009. One of the first things I did was ride on the merry-go-round, re-living my youth and being pleasantly surprised it was still there. I'd hate to see it removed.

Melody Stonier

Melody Stonier


I want to cry just thinking about that merry-go-round being torn down. I have so many great memories of countless hours of play in my childhood on that merry-go-round with my cousins and friends and later with my own children. We also did some crazy stuff on that merry-go-round and I don't remember anyone being hurt. I fell to my knees doing a cherry drop off of the stationary bar though and an older kid carried me to the water fountain and cleaned me up. One of the best memories I have of that park. No scars and no permanent damage. I would still let my kids play on it after warning them to be careful. My brother was pushed off the jungle gym when it was newer and hit one of the pieces of wood that came up out of the ground. He had a concussion and my mom had to stay up with him all night. I don't think they ever even thought to blame his injuries on the playground equipment. These are things that are going to happen at some point to someone. It was sad enough when they tore out the slides at the grade school after two children broke their arms jumping off. There were always lines for those slides! Maybe we should just wrap all the children in bubble wrap and push them around in strollers their whole lives. Better yet, take a look at the stuff that you can buy brand new nowadays! All of it looks like an accident waiting to happen.


Playground & Taking Care of What We Have

I just got done reading the article on the Playground Inspection that was recently done. Everything that was reported has been obvious to a lot of us parents for the past 5 years or more. My wife and I have been taking our kids to all the different parks in town for the past 6 years and we are always upset by the lack of up keep and maintenance that has been done on the equipment and parks. I am not saying this all falls just on the City. It is also parents and kids picking up after themselves, taking care of things and reporting broken stuff to City Hall. Take care of things like it is your own. Have a little responsibility and pride in your town and in your parks.

I would like to recommend to the City to set aside some of the money for the proposed Miner's Trail and use some of that money to do all the recommendations that the inspector requested. The only big cost I see is the shock absorbing material around everything whether it be some kind of shredded rubber, mulch or padding at the base of the equipment. But do it right the first time and not half way. The other cost I see is tearing out the rectangular concrete "so-called" sandbox that is nothing but a place for cats to do business in or kids to fall in. The rest of the suggestions are just simple maintenance items that should be done in the spring or summer every year. The City has more than enough help during the late Spring and Summer months to replace chains, links, swings, make sure nails and screws are all level, fresh coats of paint or sealers are applied etc. A lot of people poured tons of money and hard work into the nice West Side Pavilion and Gazebo so why can't the Play Area be just as nice and up to date. Make the whole park be something that people can take pride in and be proud of. But it also means everyone who uses it needs to take responsibility and help keep it clean and nice looking. This also applies to Veterans Park and Millennium Park. It is just a matter of taking Pride and Responsibility in what our town offers us and for the City to do yearly maintenance so the cost isn't high every 5 – 10 years to replace things.

Jason Buchanan

Time capsule

I'm pretty sure when I was in 4th or 5th grade we did a time capsule that was to be opened when we were seniors. I graduated in 2005 and haven't heard anything about it.

Kristen Oakley

Save the brick street

I have lived on 4th Street for about 5 years now but have lived in Minonk 33 years. My mother and father in law previously lived in the house on 4th that my husband and I now occupy, therefore I have been traveling on 4th street and have connections to this street for 33 years. I agree with the others who have emailed about the concerns of the brick streets not being replaced. Please do not destroy part of Minonk's heritage and uniqueness. Once they are gone they are gone forever. People from other towns visiting also agree that having what brick streets Minonk still has is a unique part of a heritage that should be continued on for many more years to come. I for one am going to voice my opinion to my councilman. PLEASE SAVE THE BRICK STREETS!


Mother Nature vrs. City Politics

Let's see if I can post this email without stirring up feathers and causing negative feedback.
Here is the situation. A beautiful Maple that was in front of my house for more than 40 years was taken down. This was one of the most beautiful trees in Minonk. Ask anyone. This tree was starting to die off slowly it was inevitable. Bottom line it is gone because the city had a budget to take down trees over sewer lines. Even though this one did not cause any issues with the sewer for years it was considered a problem.

Back to the present time. I have 3 dead trees in front. They are an issue. I called to inform our city administrator that these needed attending too. He evaluated and returned my call saying yes they do. Now we are out of city money on the tree budget and they still stand. I politely no I POLITELY asked what was the time line for this to occur. Cannot answer that. This was 2 months ago. As everyone is aware; unless you were out of the area we had severe winds last night. One of the trees suffered damage 1/2 of it fell blocking the road and missing my vehicle.
So I called our administrator and asked POLITELY again what is the time line when these DEAD trees will come down. Cannot answer that . There are pot holes , driveways and other items to attend too. Now I take into consideration they are short handed. I completely understand. His advice was if I could not wait I could hire this done at my own expense. REALLY? REALLY! HMMMMM NOT!

So lets sum up my concern in this email or should I say my confusion. Lets re evaluate the situation. You tear down a beautiful semi healthy tree because it just had to go. The trees that are detrimental to safety : a potential for property damage either to my home, vehicle , neighbors property or God forbid an innocent bystander coming by ; will have to wait.

Now am I just selfish? Am I just thinking that it is all about me or is there something actually wrong with this picture? Yep I just finished this with an open question didn't I ? Time to have a chat with the mayor I do believe. To sign off with no I am not being dramatic. Beck ;( For those of you who may fondly know me as PITA ( pain in the a%&)

Becky Quick

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Hours

Minonk is having trick or treating on Sunday Right? Just wondering I haven't seen anything posted yet.

Joe Gaspardo

Editor's reply: Halloween Trick-or-Treat hours will be between 5 and 8 pm on Sunday, October 31.


Fourth Street Bricks

I think that there should only be one choice for the city as far as fourth street goes. That is to replace the bricks. The brick streets are a part of Minonk history. Once they are gone or destroyed there is no replacing them. I would like to urge everyone who feels the same way to contact your councilman and let them know how you feel.

Keith Paris

NPR Should Use Own Dime

Your editorial regarding NRP is spot on. As an occasional listener of NPR I enjoy the programming for the same reasons that you do. (Measured, in depth reporting that is so rare in today's fast-paced news world.) In addition, the writing typically gives one quite a bit to think about, especially when their "views" run contrary to one's belief and value system. As a FOX NEWS viewer I enjoy watching Juan Williams (and for that matter, Mara Liasson) as they typically present a "left of center" case in an artful and considerate way. If NPR wants to limit freedom of speech thus promoting a specific political point of view, then they should do it on their own dime.

Joe Limbaugh
Batavia, IL


My family has only been in this area for a short time and we were looking to find out where the best haunted houses are.



I just wanted to say GREAT JOB to the FIELDCREST MARCHING KNIGHTS in placing 1st in their division at the ISU Homecoming Parade. The band has come a long way and look and sound great! GOOD JOB!!!

Christy Kline

Myeloma Awareness


It is hard for me to believe but I started with this Multiple Myeloma awareness contest entry idea way back in late June. Since then I have made some really cool friends that work for and with the International Myeloma Foundation who embraced this idea and helped promote my design through social media, etc. I even opened my own Facebook account and have had fun learning how it works and connecting with some old friends. I have had some really cool experiences being interviewed by WMBD-TV at home and in studio and WJBC-Radio.

I have been told many times already that even if we don't get the national television exposure that would result from winning the grand prize we have already done a huge part to raise awareness of Multiple Myeloma. That is rewarding.

Voting is just over half way completed in the final round. That being said I wanted to take one last opportunity to thank everyone that has voted throughout this contest and those that will continue to vote over the remaining days through 10/17. It has been a blast.

I will post the link to my design below one more time and thanks again.

Keith May

Sharon B Searching for Old Newspapers

I believe you can find the old newspapers by going through the Illinois Newspaper Project. You can visit the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency at From there you can link to the other project too. There are 8 different titles listed on the project ( I think that your local public library can help you get copies of information from these holdings.

Marg Robertson

Minonk newspaper

I gave you stacks and stacks of old newspapers when my parents moved. I am not positive of the exact dates, but I know they were before 1920. Are they no longer around?


Editor's Reply:  Yes.  We still have the newspapers from before 1920 but none from 1887.  We will eventually put some of the news from these earlier papers on this web site.

Playground equipment

I grew up across from the West Side park, and I have so many memories there! Although I understand the safety issues involved with that merry-go-round, I also can't imagine that park without it.

Like Angie said, all kids get hurt at parks and most of the time the fault isn't on the equipment, it's just kids being kids.

I agree with Jason about the community needing to take responsibility for the things provided, as well as the city doing preventative maintenance on the equipment each year.

I think if the city took a collection (jars at Pop's, Casey's and Shell) they could raise the funds, or use some funds from the trail fund. Most of the citizens of Minonk will be sad to see the equipment removed, and would hopefully be glad to help.

Jackie Masters

Multiple Myeloma Awareness


Today I am excited to let you know my design in the Sponsafier2 contest has advanced to the final round of voting. We have been selected along with 9 other designs to compete in the final round for the grand prize. It has been a blast taking advantage of our success in the contest so far to help increase the awareness of Multiple Myeloma and the International Myeloma Foundation. Winning this contest could take us to a whole new level, including national television exposure.

So, voting has begun and I would like to ask you for your support by simply clicking on or cut and pasting the link below into your web browser and casting your vote every day thru 10/17. Be patient sometimes it takes a little while for the page to load. Feel free to forward this to your friends and family and ask them to do the same.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Keith May


Lets save it. I pledge $100.00 to up-grade if needed or whatever it takes.


city park

Dave ; You hit the nail right on the round head like what you said about the tree's, what's next, remove the street light's and fire plugs, some body could run into them.

Fred Baker