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Emails for October 2007
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Pack this house too | Pack The House | Southern California Fire Storm | Dog problems to be on city council agenda | Fieldcrest HS Drama Dept puts on play | Thanks from Tim Hovey Benefit Committee | Iron Riders Chapter update | Cub Scouts selling popcorn | Baptist Youth to collect canned food for Food Pantry | Found dog is reclaimed | Answers to cookie dough questions | Congratulations to Fieldcrest South | Small towns are a joy | Response to Eric Olson's email | Age of Angry? | Response to Eric Olson's email | Reply to Eric Olson | Reply to editorial | Ken Burns to be at ISU | My views on war! | O Liberty Row - Donate Life conclusion | Wow, I guess talking about dog doo can really bring out the worst in people |

Pack The House

The Fieldcrest Knights take a school best 8-1 record into this Friday's playoff game, against the Farmington Farmers. The hard work has captured the Knights a home game starting at 7:00 pm. Both sides agree this is going to be a close grind it out game and the crowd could be a factor. Farmington will bring hundreds of fans, many on fan buses provided by the school. A local paper quoted a Farmington coach as saying, "It is going to be a tough game however, if it comes down to the twelfth man (crowd), I know our fans will take over that field."

How wrong he could be. Let's decorate the yards, pack the field and make some noise !!! See you at the game and Good Luck Knights!!

Russell Ruestman

Dog problems to be on city council agenda

I and other concerned citizens will be on the agenda at the next city council meeting on Monday night, November 5, to discuss the problems of dogs running at large and disturbing the peace. We also are concerned for the safety of our children being potentially attacked by loose dogs. Anyone who has similar concerns is asked to come to the city council meeting to show your support to help resolve these problems.

Larry Hill

Thanks from Tim Hovey Benefit Committee

On behalf of the Tim Hovey Benefit Committee we would like to extend our great appreciation for the success of the benefit held for Tim. We met and went beyond our goal for him. Thanks to all the local businesses and private citizens who made donations, the local bands and their entertainment, the volunteers who had helped, and to all who attended to show support to Tim and his family. Tim's family would like to send a special thank you. They were overwhelmed with the turn out and are deeply grateful to everyone for their time, donations, prayers and wishes for Tim's recovery.

God Bless to each and everyone of you.

In the picture are of some of the people who helped put this together. Not pictured are Lavon Cline and Addison Quick . Addy needs recognition for her hard work at the meal ticket table and helping with the drawdown. Big thanks Addy!

Also special thanks to Dave Uphoff and Minonk Talk.

Great Job by everyone!!

The Tim Hovey Benefit Committee

Cub Scouts selling popcorn


I would like to get the word out that Cub Scouts are selling popcorn right now. I know there are many people who look forward to this every fall. Anyone interested may place an order by contacting us one of three ways by October 26th.

1) Any Cub Scout
2) Email us at:
3) Contact me at: 309-432-2969

Prices range from $10 - $40
There is everything from good old fashioned yellow popcorn, to microwave, to flavored (including: Cashew Thunder, Caramel Peanut, Chees, White Gold, Mud Puddles, Butter, Double Butter, & Chocolate Lovers).

Sarah Prosser, Committee Chair
Cub Scout Pack 78, Minonk

Found dog is reclaimed

I just wanted to let you know that the found dog, is back home. Thanks for having the lost & found on the website, because that is how his owner's found out where he was.

I also want to thank you for the wonderful video footage of the blue ribbon award. It's nice to be able to see things like that when we can't actually be present for it. What a wonderful honor.

Sarah Prosser

Congratulations to Fieldcrest South

Congratulations to the Fieldcrest South students, staff, and parents. What a great piece of news to read about my hometown. Keep up the good work!

Martha Eikenmeyer Owens

Response to Eric Olson's email

In response to Eric Olson's email.

Have you ever thought about the flip side of your opinion? Did you ever consider that some people may look at the big city as the prison? I myself grew up in Bloomington for the first 20 years of my life. After high school, I attended an automotive vocational school in Chicago for 2 years, followed by a year of manufacturer specific training in Phoenix, AZ. I then returned to Bloomington with a job as a technician, but was tired of big city living.

Everywhere you turned there was someone trying to sell you something, or a couple fighting, or a fire engine racing down the street. The traffic is always a mess even at the best times of day. Strangers would just as soon spit on you as say "Hi." Every event no matter how big or small is crowded. The people living next to you have to Google the word neighbor to know what you were talking about when you came over to introduce yourself.

The point is that people take too many of the luxuries of a small town for granted. I love that I know all of my neighbors, and their neighbors for that matter. I love when someone I don't know waves and says "Hi." I love being able to see the stars at night, and not be bothered by all the big city commotion.

The difference is, while some of you want out, others are wanting in. I've lived here since 2003, and can't wait to stay!

James Nussbaum

Response to Eric Olson's email

In response to Mr. Eric Olson's recent email, I must respectfully disagree, at least in part, with his perception of Minonk. I too left Minonk many years ago, 27 to be exact, but unlike Mr. Olson I have missed it dearly. Admittedly, I know little of the Minonk's economy but I would tend to think it is not unlike many small Mid-Western towns in that the benefits of such a community are balanced with the socio-economic shortcomings.

The education I received in Minonk through elementary and middle school (I think we called it junior high back then) was not at all as Mr. Olson describes. I was not, nor was I aware of students who were, the victims of physical or mental abuse by school officials. To the contrary, I found my time in the M.D.R. school system to be both beneficial and enjoyable.

The social implications of students dropping out due to their emulation of "low-achieving, substance-abusing relatives," are not, I can assure you, a problem that is exclusive to Minonk. This issue is one shared by communities of every size. While the school system should take steps to discourage students from dropping out, it is far and away the parents who hold the majority of that responsibility. That is true of the parents in a town the size of Minonk, Chicago or any where in between.

Clearly Mr. Olson has issues with the Town of Minonk and he has made the decision not to live there. I write this email only to offer a different opinion. I have always loved Minonk. While I only actually lived there for a few years, it remains one of my favorite places to visit. From the restaurants run by my grandmother, Elsie Eden in the 60s, to the ceramic shop owned by her and my mom, Joann Raulen, in the 70s, to my many visits in the 80s, 90s and beyond, I have innumerable fond memories of Minonk and will always consider it my true home town.

Thom Raulen
Vero Beach, Florida

Reply to editorial

I was raised in Minonk for almost 20 years. Once I completed my education and accepted a position out of town, it was as if I had been pardoned from a life-long prison sentence. I'll admit - Minonk is pretty nice in terms of its low crime rate. However, that does not account for "crimes" that are not on the books. For instance, the physical and mental abuse from the principal, teachers, coaches, and fellow students. Let us not forget the abysmal rate of people who never finish their education or start a career. This is in part because of the social dogma that makes youngsters believe it is acceptable for them to emulate their low-achieving, substance-abusing relatives. It is also due to the school system that emphasizes shop, home economics, and sports rather than education, music, and college prep classes. Think of all the goods and services the residents of Minonk leave town to obtain and use. Most of that is because there is nothing to offer the residents - no pool, no movie theater, poor selection of shopping, etc. What about jobs?

How many businesses have closed their doors in the past 20 years? The largest employers in town barely pay their employees enough to stay above the poverty level. Finally, don't forget the statistical fact that the citizens of Minonk experience a higher than normal rate of cancer per capita. Maybe it's the chemicals on the crops? Maybe it's from the irresponsible and illegal dumping of hazardous chemicals down the city drain by a couple of Minonk businesses? Sure it may be nice to have total strangers wave at you, but I can definitely understand why someone would want to leave Minonk.

Eric Olson

My views on war!

I finally turned off Ken Burns documentary on TV about WW2. I was born in 1930 and was between ages 11 to 15 when this terrible distruction and death took place. If you have watched any of this TV story, you know it isn't very pleasant. I grew up listening to stories of valor and horrors from the first World War and naturally dreamed about how life must have been for all those heroes going to fight the enemy. I tried on my own father's WWI uniform and found a French WWI helmet in our garage, built battle fields of sand in my sand box and had a collection of lead soldiers to add realism to the play. Then Pearl Harbor took place and all changed, no longer a game, now a real life chance to watch and fancifully participate in the "real thing". Everyone was patriotic and asked what they could do. The Government answered with rationing, blackouts and new defense jobs in far away towns and cities.

AND THEN,THE DRAFT! Most everyone was eager to enlist. I remember how proud I was when several of our neighborhood boys showed up in uniform. Twice I went with my Dad to Chicago as he tried to enlist as a medic only to be told he was too old. The Army, Navy, and Marines wanted only young men! From that day on, the radio, press and motion pictures provided us with what the Government wanted us to see and read. It was only after the D Day invasion did any real reports or battle pictures find their way into Look and Life Magazines. How could they show all those lifeless bodies floating on though far away beaches or fire storms in London England? I was confused when several of my childhood friends spoke of their brothers who had been killed or were missing. Suddenly WAR didn't seem so exciting and patriotic.

Now, fast forward to today and the many battles and deaths leading up to the current involvement in IRAN . For many personal reasons and searching my soul for answers to our current "conflict" in the mid East, I can only shake my head and hope we as a Country can justify the many new grave stones intermingled with those from the Civil War, the WWI, Korea, Vietnam and the Ken Burns visual description of the actual scenes of pictures from WWII. I hope you can get the idea that I have seen enough pictures of young men dying for some far fetched political reason.

Albie Johnson

Wow, I guess talking about dog doo can really bring out the worst in people


My goodness, some of you are really passionate about this! The whole point to my email was that if people have problems with their neighbors, they should tell them. Not hop online and post it for all to see. I know that typing without having to actually confront someone face-to-face is much easier for those of you who hide behind your computers, but in the good ole days when you had an issue with someone you just.... told them.

Have a great weekend everyone!
- that "Jasmyn"

Pack this house too

I would like to see the Fieldcrest fans also come pack the house tonight at 5:30 in El Paso to cheer the girls on when we play Bishop McNamara.

These girls have worked very hard this season and their record proves it. It would be nice to see the fans besides just these girls parents come and support them just like these girls come and support their players in football.

When El Paso came to our school this year to play us in volleyball, their fans were abundant and very loud and supportive. We all know the crowd can change the mindset of the game.
No matter how tonight ends I could not be any prouder of all these girls and their wonderful season and true sportsmanship that they show at every game.

Please come, Fieldcrest students and parents, and see for yourself the fine Volleyball team that any school would be proud of.

Lisa Zimmerman

Southern California Fire Storm

Dave, Occasionally we here in Cal like to draw attention to what we like to refer to as our Second Eden. BUT, every so often we have what is called a "comeuppance" directed at Southern California. The fires are our bane, even though most are started on purpose by some nitwit. This one is especially destructive and affecting an awful lot of people. Now we also have a lot of compassion and it is absolutely amazing that the whole of So Cal is involved in aiding those in need of help. I'm sure the folks in Minonk have seen the many TV pictures by now and have relatives or friends living near the fires. Neither my wife and I, nor our children, who live in various areas of Orange County are currently in danger. I'm not very diligent about prayer, but there are many here who lost everything who could use a "Reverent Word" or two. I am sending along a picture I took this Morning of the Rising Sun from our home. There is an old Navy adage that says, "Red sky at night, a Sailors delight, Red sky at morning, a Sailors warning." We indeed are forewarned.

Albie Johnson

Fieldcrest HS Drama Dept puts on play

The Fieldcrest High School Drama Department invites you to attend their production of the musical "Little Shop of Horrors." Shows are Saturday, 10/27, at 2:00 and 7:00 pm and Sunday, 10/28, at 1:00 and 6:00 pm. Tickets are $5.00 and are available at the door. For more information, contact Mrs. Stremlau at Fieldcrest High School.

Dan Gansch-Boythe

Iron Riders Chapter update

You did such a good article on A.B.A.T.E. that I had people from Southern Illinois referencing your article when they were trying to get one published themselves.

I really want to inform your readers about what my A.B.A.T.E. Chapter has done lately. We have had two Charity runs this year for our favorite charities which are the Danville Veterans home, El Paso Food Pantry, and Heart House Homeless Shelter. Though turnout was not as I expected we did have all winners of our last run donate back. Thanks to Randy Skaggs,
Linda Pfister, and Jill Armstrong 1st ,2nd, and 3rd place for your generosity. We also had some donations from winners of our May run which enabled my Iron Riders A.B.A.T.E. to cut checks to our Charities. Heart House Homeless Shelter, Danville Veterans Home,
and El Paso Food Pantry will each receive $200.00. The Veterans Home money is spent on what they call chip books enabling patients to get some necessaries we would think they would automatically receive but they don'?t.

Iron Riders A.B.A.T.E. is having our Officer elections and membership drive at Fat Albert?s in
Gridley at 1pm November 10th. We welcome anyone that would like to be a member. You don?'t even have to own a 4 wheeler or motorcycle. At least 2 of our members never have but they do help out with our runs doing sign in and other work and they always attend the state party in Altemonte. We are a grass roots motorcycle & 4wheeler rights organization that also
does some community service.

In my experience as an A.B.A.T.E. member since 1991 I have noticed the voter guides from N.R.A. and A.B.A.T.E are usually recommending the same candidates which should go over
pretty good in a strong Republican County like Woodford. Recently A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois fought and won having the Governor's veto overrode protecting the off road fund. Currently A.B.A.T.E. is trying to pass the right to prevent automobile and motorcycle manufacturers from with holding technologies needed to repair your vehicle without having to return to the
dealer. So far A.B.A.T.E. has not been able to get our friend Ray Lahood to cosponsor legislation protecting workers employer provided health insurance against accident coverage denial. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to get hurt on a motorcycle or skiing and learn you are not covered because they say you were participating in unapproved dangerous

Jack Devine

Baptist Youth to collect canned food for Food Pantry

The First Baptist Youth will be out collecting canned food for the Minonk Food Pantry on Wednesday, Oct. 24 from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Thank you

Robin Tietjens
WNC Coordinator
First Baptist Church
Minonk, IL

Answers to cookie dough questions

In response to the questions about our cookie dough fundraiser, the web page is then click on "varieties" to see all the products available. The cost is $10.00 per item but we are offering 3 items for $27.00 to help save some money for those wanting to order. Anyone wanting to order or see an order form can call me @- 309-432-2168.

Betty Barth

Small towns are a joy

Minonk seems like a great town....Try living in Bloomington, with it's traffic, or some other town......Having property now in, Long Point, I hope to get away from a big city & enjoy more of a country setting......Believe me, the air is fresher, most of the time & if people want better water, one needs to invest in a good water filtration system, & that is pretty much everywhere you live........And, yes, it is a place where it is peaceful & much less noisy .....And small towns, they are a joy, if that is where you enjoy living, & maybe when one is young, he or she has that right to feel different, depending on how one was brought up, but not hold the small town ransom, for what that individual had to endure.

Sincerely, Marilyn Humphreys

Age of Angry?

I just read Eric Olson's comment about life in a small town, I was a tad bit surprised. No one I know beside Donald Trump, who wants to be able to convince the world that as a "self made" everything you can name, that he has all the answers about, "how a person who has little regard for human dignity", made it all on his own. Southern California, the area I live in is somewhat a fairyland of opportunity and educational opportunities. Both my wife and I grew up in "Smalltown" Illinois where the curriculum included all those classes that Eric has identified and vilified. Too bad He doesn't spend more time with some of Minonk HS's graduates such as the Weistart, Uphoff and Paloumpis families. I graduated from Minonk High School and my wife from Monticello High School and we took classes that were designed to help us succeed in life as it was defined at that time. It must have helped as we both became successful teachers and have provided our children with an education and continue to help our grandchildren to understand that even when graduating from a top University, life is about understanding people and not always badmouthing those who weren't so fortunate. Trust me when I say, WE ARE NOT SELF MADE SUCCESSES, just maybe some forgotten teacher lit a flame to help direct the student through life with a bit of wisdom that goes beyond Advanced Physics and Spherical Trig.

Albie Johnson

Reply to Eric Olson

Eric, Nice to see the positive email. Boy, I really felt bad with Cubs going down 0-2, but you really made me feel better knowing some people really have issues. I would like to write more, but I have to drop my son off at school where I am confident he will be abused and drink toxic water from the public fountain.

Enjoy your weekend, Russell

P.S. You write very well, it is unfortunate you do not use it for something positive.

Ken Burns to be at ISU

Just a quick note to Albie's email. Ken Burns will be at ISU on November 1st. to speak.

Lisa Zimmerman

O Liberty Row - Donate Life conclusion

Hello, Dave.

This is the concluding report of O Liberty Row. Steve and I were at Liberty State Park to wave them in. The boat, named for our son Adam, never looked more beautiful than after its journey to Liberty. We are very proud of rowers Bill Handley and Rod Tice. And of course, Adam.

Click here: The Upper Township Gazette (continued left hand column - page 18.)

O Liberty Row

Jennifer Young and Steven Foote