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Emails for September 2015
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Young Hearts 4 Life coming to Fieldcrest High School again | Youth Group Paper Drive Cancelled | Thank's to the EMT, Police officer and caring citizens of Minonk, IL | Fundraiser for FHS Junior Class | I agree. | Q&A page for Fieldcrest building renovation/construction | Fieldcrest HS on lockdown due to threat on social media | Just wondering | To Jessica Breyne Well, | Questions for the Fieldcrest School Board | Town Wide Garage Sale this Saturday | Fire the board | Please use the sidewalks redux | Town Wide Garage Sale Reminder | New buildings | Just my opinion | Please use the sidewalks |

Youth Group Paper Drive Cancelled

The St. Paul's Youth Group paper pick up for this Saturday October 3rd has been cancelled. Next pick up date will be December 5th. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Tracy-St. Paul's Church

Fundraiser for FHS Junior Class

What: Chicken Dinner to include:
Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken
Potato Salad
Baked Beans
When: Friday, 9/25, 5:00 until gone
Where: Veteran's Park - near the ball diamonds

The cost for the dinner is $7.00

All proceeds will help to sponsor the 2016 Prom.

Enjoy the homecoming parade and then come pick up supper before the football game.

Glennda Weers

Q&A page for Fieldcrest building renovation/construction

A Q&A page regarding building renovation/construction is posted at

These questions are mostly from community members. Many of these have been discussed at regular board meetings and the three community meetings held last spring.

Anyone having additional questions is welcome to submit them to

Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, Superintendent
Fieldcrest Community Unit School District 6
1 Dornbush Drive
Minonk, IL 61760


Just wondering

There seems to be an awful lot of people who cannot wait for the next school board election so they can vote everyone out and get an entire new board in place. Fair enough, as everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But it gets me wondering how many of these same people will have enough guts to actually put their name on the ballot. My guess it would be a big fat ZERO.

Rich Luckey

Jessica Michaels Overocker: I think a better idea may be to support the current board. The loudest voices tend to come from naysayers. This does not mean that there aren't folk who think our board is full of people who are honestly and truly doing their best by and for our kids.

Questions for the Fieldcrest School Board

There's a rumor going around that kids are being moved to Wenona before the State inspections of the buildings. Then, when the inspectors come, the buildings will be condemned. Where have we heard that before? Oh, the old gym!

Is this true, or is there a board member willing to put their honor, honesty, integrity and reputation on the line to say this is false?

If true, where do you plan to get the money? The State is broke. The District doesn't have that kind of money in this economy. Does this put those children in danger? If so, whose at fault—the board, superintendent, architect or all of the above?

When are the lying and deceit going to stop? This District was born of deceit and lies. One has to ask, is this collusion, corruption, deceit and lying the way the taxpayer gets hosed these days?

Will anyone on the board step up or does the want of a new building corrupt your morals that much? It's time for someone to be honest with the taxpayers who have endured so much in the last 23 years. If true, will anyone resign over this ?

John Welch

Joshua Robert Baker:This is a good question and its the school boards duty to squash this rumor if its not true we have the right to know and frankly i think i speak for everyone when i say we demand to know

Jessica Michaels Overocker: There is a RUMOR ... I think I stopped reading after that.

Fire the board

It seems to me, that the citizens could file a petition, to fire the existing school board, and elect a new one. Sounds like politics as usual to me. maybe this can't be done legally, but if it can , DO IT.

Mike gebhards

Town Wide Garage Sale Reminder

Just a reminder that the Town Wide Garage Sale is Saturday, September 12 from 8 am to 2 pm. If you want to participate please print out the attachment or pick up a form from Pops or Minonk Community Bank. Please return the forms to me at 626 Locust Street or in the boxes at Pops or Minonk Community Bank. The deadline for filling out the form is Monday, September 7th. After that time I will be emailing everyone with a copy of the map of the sales and posting a copy on

The sales are advertised in the following papers: The Woodford County Journal, and the Woodford Start; Streator Times Press; Toluca Star Herald; El Paso Journal. Each and every ad has a date/time of the sale and that the sales will be posted on this website for everyone to see.


Cathy McKay

Just my opinion

I think our schools should be preserved. If not for the historical and cultural aspect. As far as building a huge all inclusive facility, I say no. You aren't going to fix the problem by wrapping it in a pleasant package. I personally believe that we need to revamp the whole educational system. For example; go back to smaller schools. Almost every American city has at least one. Continue a full schedule for k-8th. And for 9th-12th. Utilize more computer based learning systems. Homework should be submitted by school for all grades. It's funny how everyone but our educational system is going paperless.

It seems to me that we had better start thinking outside the mainstream box on this issue because the current system is proven inefficient at best.

Recap; -keep our community schools.
Save on overhead by food costs and supplies.
Lessen the threat from security issues.
By using computer tablets instead of heavy books will eliminate lost or damaged books and homework. Etcetera. ...

Tim Girard

Keri Sammans Carls: Our kids use laptops in grades 5-8 and tablets in HS already. These were extremely costly to the school by the way.

Thank's to the EMT, Police officer and caring citizens of Minonk, IL

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the EMT's, police officer and the kind people that stop to help my husband and his friend after a motorcycle accident took place Friday Sept. 18. They got caught in a rain storm while traveling to Indiana and took the exit off the interstate when one of the motorcyclist couldn't see and misjudged a median and was thrown from his bike. My husband was behind him on his bike and was so appreciative that so many people stopped to help him and his buddy. The response time of the ambulance and police was super fast. His buddy had a head wound but nothing really serious, thankfully. Things could have been worse had not the great citizens been willing to get out and render help for a complete stranger. It makes me very grateful that there are still people out there that still care. God bless America and the citizens of Minonk, IL.

Mindy & Kevin Free


I agree.

Uneducated, probably. Lazy, definitely. I think people get this abbreviation thing from texting. I never saw the texting thing, as anything but a waste of time, and a great way to cause a traffic accident, by texting while driving. I see people doing it every day. They have their phone on the steering wheel, just pecking away at those keys, looking up to see if they're still on their side of the road, every few seconds. I'm surprised more people aren't killed on account of texting while driving. If I have something to say to someone, I'll call and talk to them, if I can't reach them, I'll leave a voice mail message, but a text message. NOPE! I won't waste a second doing that.
Mike Gebhards, Springfield

Angie Lindley Weaver: Good for you. Not all people who text, text while driving. Texting is very useful in many situations. Most of my near accidents (saved by my full attention being on the road) have been due to people talking on the phone. Distracted driving is dangerous no matter what you are doing.

Chris Hataway: I always say NOTHING ..... I REPEAT NOTHING is so important that it cannot wait till you either pull off or get to where you are going to reply or look at your phone.

Karen Fyke: I agree to a point, however, there are times when a text is helpful. Sometimes I want to ask my daughters something, but I don't want to barge into their busy days, so I send a text that they can read and respond to when they have the time.

Fieldcrest HS on lockdown due to threat on social media

Dear parents/Guardians,

I am writing to inform you about an incident that we have been investigating at our high school regarding some threats made on social media. A rumor that some threats had been made on a Facebook account came to our attention, so we immediately contacted the Minonk Police Department. They are investigating and they also sent officers to our school as a precautionary measure.

At this time, we are not privy to the exact nature of the threats as the police investigation continues, but there was no credible reason to believe that students or staff was in any danger. However, we take all threats seriously, which is why we have taken precautionary measures. The safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority and we will continue to monitor this situation closely and we will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement. We will notify you of any developments.

Thank you.

Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, Superintendent

Andie Minton: I apologize for the situation that occurred. Tho I don't have any contact with him..yes, it was my nephew involved. My thoughts and prayers to the students, staff and families of those who attend Fieldcrest High School. I will continue to pray for the family and this young man..and that appropriate discipline is enforced.

To Jessica Breyne Well,

Have you seen any high school students pushing a stroller, or riding a bike with training wheels lately? I seriously doubt it, so what does that have to do with kids walking on the street rather than the sidewalks? I used to walk my dog on those same sidewalks, and there are some cracks, but nothing major, or dangerous to walk on. When we went to MDR, some 50 years ago we walked where we were supposed to, the sidewalks. We surely would have liked to walk 3,4, or more abreast, but maybe we had more respect then, than the students of today. We didn't drop our trash all up and down 5th street either. Times have changed for the worst I guess. in the 60's, the principal would have had a student meeting in the gym, and told everyone to stay off the streets, and use the walks. Maybe they need to do that now, and earn their pay.

Mike Gebhards

Brittany Hampson: The sidewalks need fixed. They are a lot worse than they were 50 years ago. Some areas have been so pushed up from tree roots that is nearly impossible to walk down. The sidewalks have become dangerous and plan out need fixed. Fix the sidewalks first and then worry about trying to force people to use them.

Jessica Breyne What does this have ANYTHING to do with the statement I made on another post about two ADULTS and a child walking down the road. What are you talking about high school students pushing strollers or riding a bike with training wheels? I was referring to myself which I am not a high school student and my son who is six and is the one riding a bike. I was stating that using these said sidewalks in town, is nearly impossible, hence why people were walking down the middle of the road which was being complained about by another person. Nothing that you are saying makes any sense to what I had stated. I would really like to know why I am being I guess the word would be attacked, for things that do not wen regard my comment.

Kevin Persic: I see more stupidity with parents buckling their kids in the driver's lap on the golf carts and atv's than I do with someone who walks the road. Sidewalks are broken ankles waiting to happen in many neighborhoods.

Town Wide Garage Sale this Saturday

Minonk's Town Wide Garage Sale is this Saturday, September 12 from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. There are many, many items listed on the map. Thanks to all who participated and good luck with your sales.

Cathy McKay

Please use the sidewalks redux

Last night, I drove home after dark. Dark not dusk, from my shop on Oak St. to home on E. 4th. A couple in their 30's I'd say and their son around 10 maybe, walked down the pitch dark street walking around a parked car, with another car behind me and never thought to use one of the two sidewalks on each side of the road. I guess you can't fix stupid. I give up.

John Hawk

Penny Land: JMO.... some people are never happy!! Sorry to say

John Hawk:Penny Land, Yes, you're right. I won't ever be happy if I or one of my family members accidentally run over someone walking in the street because, our eye sight is failing, or we're distracted and they could have used common sense and walked on the side walk.

Jessica Breyne Well:...I would like to point out not all the sidewalks in town (a lot) are in very good shape. I know it's very hard for me to go on walks with my older son who likes to ride his bike and is new to only two wheels and my baby who is in a stroller and be able to walk on the side walks bc they are cracked, have parts of them sticking up making it hard to maneuver a stroller on them and for my son to ride his bike on them. As it is also hard to enjoy a walk with a stroller with a lot of our roads being brick making his ride very bumpy. Not that this is any excuse for grown adults and a older aged child to walk in the MIDDLE of the road but it's just something I noticed since I moved to town.

Linda Bottcher Thacker: I agree that people walking in the street at night can be a hazzard. I also agree there are more problems to be addressed than this. I don't agree with calling anyone stupid, one never knows the reason some do what they do. A polite statement about the safety issue would be more appropriate. That being said, I feel blessed to live in a town that I CAN walk at night safely.

New buildings

How can we trust a school board that can't balance a budget make multimillion dollar decisions? Illinois is ranked second highest in the nation when it comes to real estate taxes. Our little towns are dieing. We simply can't afford it.

Chris Oakley

Please use the sidewalks


I think it would be better if people walked on one of the two sidewalks usually on both sides of the street here in Minonk. I know some of them are cracked and uneven but if you're walking, you should be able to use them. If you're jogging or running, I could see that it makes sense
to run single file down one side of the road as it's smoother. I've seen school students walking two or three wide down 4th street making drivers go around them. Again, both sides have side walks.

At school time, there is a little traffic and people are still on their phones and drinking coffee etc. It's best to use the sidewalks I think. There has been accidents in the news lately in Central Illinois regarding this so maybe people should think and talk about this. After all, f you're going to walk in the street, why is there a sidewalk at all?

John Hawk

Tina Dunning: Totally agree! I live in 4th street and there is no sidewalk in front if my house, but kids are always walking on the street or through my yard. There is a sidewalk on the other side. It doesn't make sense and is unsafe with how fast people drive on 4th street.

Mark McNamara: There not on mine or several

Richard Beschorner: And how about Linda Grindle walking down Chestnut W/her walker!