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Emails for September 2010
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Burning Ordinance Reminder | Final Chance | Turn in Unneeded Medications | Fieldcrest Homecoming Court | VFW Auxiliary Cancer raffle September 24th | Fingerprinting | Beat Cancer - International Myeloma Foundation | Reminder: Minonk Town Wide Garage Sale Sept. 18 | Susan G. Komen 3 Day Race for the Cure | Cutting down corn around country corners | Display flag to show patriotism | Suggestions Wanted For Senior Center | Beat Cancer |

Burning Ordinance Reminder

With the fall season approaching, the city would like to remind residents of the burning ordinance:

  • Leaf Burning: Permitted between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Not permitted on sidewalks or asphalt streets. Be considerate of neighbors and wind direction.
  • Campfires: Small campfires are permitted until midnight. Open fires are required to be a safe distance from any building or structure.
  • Trash Burning: Not permitted within city limits

The complete ordinance can be obtained from City Hall or the Police Department.

City Administrator

Doug Elder

Turn in Unneeded Medications


Saturday September 25, 2010 has been designated as National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The Minonk Police Department will be a collection site for any medications that need to be disposed. We will be collecting the medications from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There is no paperwork to fill out or nothing to sign.
Visit for more information.

Nick Cavera
Minonk Police Department

Nick Cavera

VFW Auxiliary Cancer raffle September 24th


The Minonk VFW ladies are currently selling raffle tickets for a Patriotic Quilted Afghan, with the proceeds going to the VFW Cancer Aide and Research program. The memorial will be sent in our past president, Agnes Nemmers name, also for all those families in this area who have been affected by this disease.
The ladies will be selling raffle tickets on Friday, September 24th, in front of the Minonk IGA store. The drawing will be held in mid December when the ladies have their annual Christmas party.
For those ladies who belong to a VFW auxiliary, and have been affected by cancer, there are grants available, contact one of the auxiliary members for information. You must have been a member of an auxiliary at least one year to qualify.

Judy Reeser, Auxiliary Cancer Chairman

Judith Reeser

Beat Cancer - International Myeloma Foundation

On Tuesday morning my car design "Myeloma Survivor" was selected to advance to Phase II of the contest. Voting is now open again and we could use your help. Please vote every day and encourage your friends and family to do the same at

Thank you for your support to this point and let's keep in going.

PS: Multiple Myeloma(MM) doesn't have a cure but major strides have been made in the past 10+ years to improve treatments that extend patient lives and improve the quality of life for patients living with MM. Organizations like the International Myeloma Foundation have played a key role in those improvements along with patient education and support.

Help me help them.

Keith May

Susan G. Komen 3 Day Race for the Cure

I graduated from MDR in 1980 and moved to Florida in 1983. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and had treatment and am now cancer free. I will be walking in the 60 mile race for the cure from October 29-31, 2010 in Clearwater, Florida and I need donations. I am walking with a team of 4 other women and we must raise $2,300 each.
If you are interested in donating, please go onto the Susan G. Komen website and donate under my name or you can mail your check made out to Susan G. Komen to their foundation or to me and I will mail it in.
My email address is if you have any questions and thank you so much for your support.
We lose men and women every day to this horrible disease but we are fighting hard to erradicate it.
God Bless,
Chris (Hovey) Munson

Chris (Hovey) Munson

Display flag to show patriotism

Vietnam Veteran and past Iron Riders A.B.A.T.E. President Michael Dietrich announced at Saturday's Iron Riders meeting that with our Veterans run coinciding with the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the United States he would like to see a lot of USA flags on the run. So if you can safely display the flag on your vehicle to show patriotism this would be appreciated. I believe this will add greatly to the patriotic spirit of the run.

Jack Daniel Devine

Beat Cancer

Voting closed on my contest entry on Saturday, August 29. Voting continues for a couple of the late entries but based on the voting trend it appears we will finish in third place in the "Cause" category with 7,160 votes. I want to thank everyone that voted and helped me raise awareness of Multiple Myeloma and the International Myeloma Foundation(IMF).

Multiple Myeloma(MM) doesn't have a cure but major strides have been made in the past 10+ years to improve treatments that extend patient lives and improve the quality of life for patients living with MM. Organizations like the IMF have played a key role in those improvements along with education and support.

Please stand by. The contest actually has 3 phases. On or before September 13 entries will be selected to advance to the second phase of popular voting. If my entry is selected to advance Phase II, voting is set to begin on Tuesday, September 14 and we could use your help.

Again thanks for your support.

Keith May

Final Chance

At 11:59p pacific time tonight we will officially have only 2 days left to vote and position ourselves to advance to the final round of voting. The more rounds we advance the more opportunity we have to increase the awareness of Multiple Myeloma and the International Myeloma Foundation.

Thank you in advance for your help by voting at

Keith May

Fieldcrest Homecoming Court

Fieldcrest High School has selected the following representatives for the Homecoming Court.

Freshman Attendants - Eli Hahn & Brittany Goodrich

Sophomore Attendants - Alessio Catarinicchia & Kristen DeMay

Junior Attendants - Zach Edwards & Aey Vorapattanapaiboon

Senior Attendants - Brandon Cline Kendyll Durst
Trevor Dicks Allie Gensler
Nick Meyer Ryleigh Livingston
Braiden Skinner Megan Winkler

Congratulations to all homecoming representatives. Representatives will be making court appearances on Tuesday for Skit Night after the FHS Varsity Volleyball Game at the High School. Friday at 3:00pm for the parade in Minonk. Friday Night Football Game @ 6:30pm at the Football Field. And Coronation is Saturday @ 9:30pm at Fieldcrest High School!


I would like to remind the parents of Fieldcrest South Elementary School students of the Fingerprinting Event on Wednesday September 22, 2010. The event is being sponsored by the Minonk Police Department, VFW, and Rob Morris Masonic Lodge. Permission slips were sent home with all students and they must be filled out and returned in order for the student to participate. The kit contains fingerprints, photograph, and a DNA sample. The completed kit is sent home with the student. This program will not prevent a tragedy from occurring but is an important tool to assist us in locating and identifying a loved one.

If there are any questions about the event, please contact me 432-2341 or 432-2351


Nick Cavera
Minonk Police Department.

Nick Cavera

Reminder: Minonk Town Wide Garage Sale Sept. 18


I would just like to remind everyone that Saturday, September 18th is the Minonk Town Wide Garage Sale. It is scheduled from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. but sellers can always have other time frames as well.

If anyone is interested in signing up the sign up sheets are at Pop's and also on this website off of the home page, Garage Sales. Please turn in your sign up form to me by this coming Monday or Tuesday so that I can get the maps ready.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cathy McKay

Cutting down corn around country corners

Dave, It is always nice to see your yard in full bloom. With this in mind, when you say that corn needs to be cut down for safety of those on the road. You may want to take the same consideration with your trees.
I frequent that road myself along with my family members. A lot of your trees block the stop sign on your corner. Which could be some of those problem vehicles not stopping or being careful.
So if you would please pay a little attention to your trees.

Editor's reply: I have spent the last two weeks cutting the lower tree branches from my yard all away around, 15 dump truck loads, so that people can see the corner better. I don't know if you have been by my place lately but I noticed 2 weeks ago the tree limbs obscured the stop sign at my corner and I trimmed the tree branches so the stop sign can be seen from the south. Last year I trimmed the tree branches on my neighbors property across the road so the stop sign could be more visible from the north. I normally do not print emails without names but I am making an exception in this case so know one thinks that I am an being a hypocrite in this case. It still does not excuse those who know the stop sign is there to continually run it.

Local Citizen

Suggestions Wanted For Senior Center


Thanks for helping 'Minonk Senior Center' get started. Several people told me that they had seen this on Minonk Talk. I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas (besides bingo) to offer to our senior citizens. Our participation has been great so far and I'd like it to stay that way. A few seniors have suggested cards and I've thought of trying it on the October calendar as September is already filled. Could you ask your viewers if they would be interested in this, and if so, to contact me at 309-432-2557.

Thanks again for your help!


Sue Novak Social Services