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Emails for September 2007
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MDR Class of 1992 Reunion | Enjoys living in Minonk | MDR Class of 1982 25th Class Reunion | Thanks to city workers | Punt, Pass, and Kick Signup | Charitable run for Tim Hovey | Reason for Ambulance increase? |

Enjoys living in Minonk

Hi Dave,

I agree with your comments about the town not being the cause of someone's happiness. Every town or city has problems, but I couldn't think about living in a better place.

My husband and I have moved a lot with the military and now with jobs. We have been to Japan, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and now Illinois. We moved from Kentucky to Minonk exactly one year ago and we love this little town. The schools are much better here than anywhere we have ever been, the brick streets are beautiful, the architecture of the downtown area is awesome, and the people have been exceptionally nice to us and our four children. In fact, one day my daughter had a very bad bicycle accident near the Dollar General Store. The girls there called me at work to tell me she needed medical attention. One very nice lady even drove her home. I will be forever grateful for those people who helped and did not know us from Adam.

Don't blame the town for your unhappiness. You are in charge of your own happiness. Go out and meet people – I meet people from Minonk nearly everyday at my job (I work at the surgery clinic at OSF St James in Pontiac). Surround yourself with happy people and find humor in situations that can lead to unhappiness. Of course, there will be times that require you to be serious. During those moments provide input that will help find a solution to the problem.

God willing, we look forward to being in Minonk for many more years.

Kirsten Waters (and the rest of the Waters family: David, Greg, CJ, Rebekah and Megan)

Thanks to city workers

I would like to thank the city guys who make our town look beautiful. I have never lived in a town that has such dedicated people keeping up it's appearance.

Thank You-
Rhonda White

Charitable run for Tim Hovey

We are having an all vehicle run for Tim Hovey on Sept. 22nd. Here is the following information on it.

when : Sat. Sept 22nd
1st bike or vehicle leaves at noon. Last bike or vehicle in by 6 pm

where: Ron's Ironwheel in Minonk

This is a charitable run for Tim Hovey who has been diagnosed with cancer.
Proceeds will go toward his medical expense. All motorcycles and vehicles
welcome! Sign up at Rons Ironwheel.

There will also be a benefit held for Tim on Oct. 13th. Will post details of
that at a later date.

Thanks Dave!
Becky Quick

Reason for Ambulance increase?

After reading the article regarding the ambulance pay increase, I have some questions come to mind. Why are you "trying to attract people from out of town to come and help serve and cover some of the day shift hours for the ambulance service" if you already have people in Minonk who are already filling or are qualified to fill those positions (such as the young lady previously mentioned)? It was always my understanding in a small community that we supported our own first. It would also help local economy to make sure those living IN the community are employed before worrying about those outside the community. How much money will they spend in this community? I wonder is the chief trying to get friends from other communities hired? Are those that are currently working full-time going to be receiving the pay increase also and keeping their full time status? Or will their hours be "cut" to make room for these out of town people you are trying so desperately to attract? It sounds to me like the City Council should have done some more investigating before making their decision.


J.R. Stine

P.S. By the way, it is the City Council's job to serve the community that elected them. How many votes will you get from the out of towners once they are hired?

MDR Class of 1992 Reunion

The M-D-R Class of 1992 will be having a reunion on Saturday, October 6th. Beginning at 5:30 the class will meet near the High School office to take a tour of the school. After the tour we will be having dinner, catered by Joe's Pizza, in the cafeteria. We've sent invitations, and will be making follow-up calls this week to those who have not yet RSVP'd. We do have a couple of teachers that are able to attend. Those of us who have planned the event are excited to see our classmates and catch up, so we hope everyone can be there!

Thank you,
Carmody (Marshall) Bandy

MDR Class of 1982 25th Class Reunion

When: September 29th, 2007
Where: Tall Oaks Country Club
Time: 6:00-7:00 P.M. Happy Hour
7:00 Dinner
D.J. to follow CASUAL ATTIRE

We're looking forward to seeing all of you. Friday night, Sept. 28th, just so happens to be the Fieldcrest Homecoming Football Game. Recognition for the class will be made at the game.

Anyone interested in a Golf Scramble contact Tom McKay at (h) 309-432-3566 or (c) 309-706-1350.

Your meal is catered by Capponi's. Cost is $25.00 per person. This includes the meal (family style chicken), appetizers, DJ and hall rental. There will be a cash bar available. Include an extra $30.00 per person if you are golfing.

Please RSVP for golfing and/or the meal ASAP.

Thanks a bunch,
The Reunion Committee

Punt, Pass, and Kick Signup


It's time for the Minonk Parks and Rec Board 2007 Punt, Pass, and Kick Event.
Could you please post the sign-up sheet on Minonk Talk for us?
Click here to download signup sheet.

Jenny Shaw
Minonk Parks and Rec Board