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Emails for September 2006
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Tribute to Mary Hallick | Looking for Minonk recipe | Grandchildren to be on national calendar | New resident of Minonk | Comments on 9/11 Editorial | Another response to 9/11 editorial | Cannot negotiate with evil | Response to 9/11 editorial | Stray dogs | Educators, Teachers, and Taxes? | Supports referendum |

Tribute to Mary Hallick

Thank you Dave for publishing another great tribute to a very successful teacher, Mary Hallick, who was educated in the Minonk Schools and ISU. Tom and Sophie Paloumpis must be smiling from heaven. There have been many such achievements by other Minonk folks and it is so nice that their stories appear on Minonktalk where locals, or at least us oldsters can smile and say I knew them when .

Albin Johnson

Grandchildren to be on national calendar

Hello Everyone!

John and Bonnie Durre, are proud to announce that they have their very own calendar grandkids!

John and Matthew Jarvis, have been chosen to be in the GiGi's Playhouse 2007 "BELIEVE!" Down Syndrome Awareness Calendar!!

The GiGi's Playhouse 2007 Inspirational calendar "BELIEVE" features all children with Down syndrome. 100% of the profits from the sale of this calendar will go towards educating our communities on Down syndrome and implementing new programs for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Please remember that every calendar you display or give as a gift helps further the awareness and education of Down syndrome. By purchasing this calendar you have helped another child further their potential!

Please help us celebrate by reserving your calendar today! You can do so by contacting Bonnie Durre or by going to the website at and placing an order. Please be sure to specify that this purchase is for John and Matthew in the comment section.

The cost is $10.00 per calendar with 100% of the profits going to GiGi's Playhouse and raising awareness about how beautiful Down syndrome can be. We hope that you are as proud of John and Matthew as their parents and grandparents are.

Thanks for your support…

GiGi's Playhouse accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover

Make checks payable to GiGi's Playhouse

Or contact Bonnie at (309) 432-2967 to reserve your calendar today!

Thanks again,
The Durre and Jarvis Families

Comments on 9/11 Editorial

Excellent editorial Dave. I believe the Bush administration has many Americans believing Iraq was somehow connected to the twin towers terrorism. President Bush declared victory long before Sadam Hussien was captured and even now the war continues. I could not find any points in your article to disagree on.

Jack Daniel Devine

Cannot negotiate with evil

The Islamic facists that brought war to us know quite well that we like to negotiate and use that against us daily. The point is that there is no way to win when you negotiate with evil. If your argument is that the Islamic facists are not evil then you and I are so far apart that we will have to agree to disagree.

David Barth

Stray dogs


Age is such a wonderful thing, too bad I didn't have it when I was younger. I'm talking about experience and knowledge of course.

As young dog owners we'd let our dog out the backdoor by himself, knowing he wouldn't go too far and would always return shortly. Now I would never allow our dogs out without one of us beside them unless they were in their fence. I offer, too late, my apologies to those who had their yards messed or who were frightened by my loose dog. Dogs can be very territorial, and if a stray comes in our yard our dogs would bark frantically and try to run it off. Even now though Tibby is blind, he would make a gallant effort to protect us and his property. I would like to make a plea to all dog owners to please keep an eye on your dogs for their safety and ours. Our dog's blindness was caused by blastomycosis, a fungus caused by the spores in the soil in the
Midwest .

Marcia Stolt

Supports referendum

I just wanted to add that I agree with Dr. Carver. I have a 3 yr. old that just started preschool. I would do anything to give him the best education possible. I am a graduate of Fieldcrest and I wanted my children to attended the school district that I went to. How can we not make our children's education the best it can be.

Heather Peiffer

Looking for Minonk recipe

Good Morning:

I am looking for a swiss steak recipe that was served at a local church in Minonk. It is baked in the oven using foil and holes are punched in the foil. I believe a small dab of tomato juice is placed on each piece of swiss steak also.

If this recipe appears in a cookbook that is for sale, I would be happy to purchase it.

Please let me know if you are aware of this recipe and how it can be obtained.

Paulette Hinds

New resident of Minonk

My old friend has relocated to Minonk. Mark Maier is an expert on old films. I've known him since high school and he has acquired many old reels of classics. This is an individual that can entertain a small town with a film concert, as he has the the projectors and knowledge of these movies.
Please give him every opportunity to present his collection.

Sue DelSasso
(815) 722-0644
Crest Hill, Illinois

Another response to 9/11 editorial

First of all Dave, can the enemy even be identified? Who can be trusted to negotiate with when you say "we need to be able to communicate to our enemy that negotiations are an option to avoid a military confrontation"? Like Mr. Barth said...they do not want to be friends with us...they hate us and they teach their children to hate us as well. Please don't ask me who "they" are because I don't think anyone of us really know that answer. One thing I do think I know for sure is that they are waiting for us to get comfortable again just like we did after they tried to bomb the World Trade Center, February 26, 1993. We were warned then that they would be back to finish what they tried to do then. Well they did and that should be a wake up call for all of us to always be prepared. We need to make sure when we elect our new politicians coming into offices, that they will do everything possible to keep this country safe and we need to hold them to their promises!!!! We brought them into those positions and we have every right to take them out if they do not follow through.
I watched Fox news Monday night and they dedicated that day to showing what was shown on their channel 5 years ago. 5 years later I am still mad if not madder and still very, very sad that this happened inside our borders. What a disturbing thing it was then and still is today.
God Bless all the people who were directly affected by Februrary 26, 1993 and September 11, 2001 and for all those who are still, to this day, affected because of loved ones protecting all of us to keep it from ever happening again. Let's help in doing our part as American citizens and make sure we put the right people in office be it a Republican or Democrat, I don't really care what their party preference is anymore. We need someone who will work for the good and safety of America and the American people.

Very proud to be an American!! Lisa Zimmerman

Response to 9/11 editorial

World War III. If I have my story straight Usama Bin Laden has claimed WWIII is upon us. There have been others that have used it as well. If you look at the whole picture there are reasonable similarities. I believe what is important here is that we are in a position to stand up and be counted or convert to Islam. That may sound harsh, but that is what is called for by the Islamist extremists that made war with us. And make no mistake, they will be at war with us until they win or they are defeated. Listen to their words and observe their actions. The statements that I hear are "You must convert to Islam or be killed", and "We will remove Israel from the map". There is no inkling of diplomacy in any of that. When all they want to do is kill or convert non-Muslims how can you arbitrate? Do you give over 50 million of our citizens for conversion and another 50 million for slaughter then be happy that there are still 150 million of us left? Is that how you use diplomacy? These people want to kill us, not talk to us. There is only one way to deal with a threat of this kind and that is to defeat it. Peace only comes after victory.

Five years after 9/11 the media is still not showing pictures of the planes hitting the towers, nor the people jumping out of the windows. For fear of what? That we as a nation might actually be upset that almost 3,000 people died that day? We need to keep it fixed in our thoughts that they brought a fight to us. They brought death and destruction to us. They came here and killed our people, our civilians, our family members, our friends. We ought to be stirred up!! They brought it to us because they think they can win. They will not give up until they do win or until we defeat them. They do not want to talk to us, they want us to go away. Not just to go away from the middle east, but to go away all together. Or be converted . Remember the Journalists that were captured and then released just recently. One of the first things that they made sure to tell us is that they were converted to Islam under force before they were freed. It is important to the Islamists that we all know that. Convert or be killed is the message here.

This is a war that involves religious ideology to be sure. It is different than others in the past though. We live peaceably in the USA with the Islamic people and have for many years. The same cannot be said for Christians in Muslim nations. We are trying to help nations in the middle east be able to overcome the oppression of the Islamic fascists. It is my belief that a majority of the peoples in those countries want that help and appreciate the change. They have been oppressed for many years and are scared of their oppressors and afraid that we will leave a job undone. There are thousands of our people in foreign countries around the world today that are fighting for our way of life. They fight to keep us free here and to allow others to have the same opportunity. All their work would be in vain, all the lives that have been given to the freedom of this nation will be in vain if we allow these hate filled Islamists to gain one inch.

Five years ago I was confident that within a year or two there would have been more terrorist attacks on our soil. I am elated that I was wrong. Freedom wins. This is what we should concentrate on. We are still a free and sovereign nation. We still hold true that all men are created equal. We each have certain unalienable rights. These things should not be given away. They are worthy of a fight to the end. Diplomacy will not keep them in our grasp. As for me they will have to pry them out of my cold dead hand. Unless we all have that attitude then they have already won.

David Barth

Editor's reply: I did not say that we should abandon our military options. We need to be able to communicate to our enemy that negotiations are an option to avoid a military confrontation.

Educators, Teachers, and Taxes?

Taxes are always a good topic no matter where you live. I have read several times where someone moved to my "growing up town", because it is a nice place and full of caring God fearing just plain American folks. Agreed! I live in LA LA Land where everyone "appears" to be anti Bush Democrats, yet have a Republican Governor of European birth and former Republican Presidents who were actors or deceivers. And we also have our detractors when debating school funding and property taxes. Howard Jarvis gave many of us old timers a tax break, but believe me I still pay plenty which comes out of our retirement paychecks. My wife and I are retired Teachers and have little sympathy for any other Oldster who ramps up his disgust over tax funds being used for schools. We all went there, schools that is. and came out better responsible hard working folks (I presume). Occasionally, even I start believing I actually made it on my own. Minonk folks live about 30 miles north of one of the finest schools of Teacher Education in the country and graduated many, many teachers who were Minonk High School graduates. They used ISNU's (ISU) training to become successful teachers in the Central Illinois area. Parents deserve the best Educators available and you have them now!!! So let's quit carping about the tax dollars needed to hire good teachers and programs that go beyond the basic ABC's. Too many of my age group were brought up during the war to end all wars and paid a price to win it and apparently believe we are still fighting it. Personally, I NOW would rather see OUR tax dollars go to teaching OUR American Children the lessons needed for success instead of trying to teach the rest of the world "humility" and by leaders who often do not even speak their language. In conclusion, if you get this far, ask Dave who his math teacher was in HS. I believe he was a classmate of my wife and I at Normal and hopefully he and many others teachers helped Dave to achieve the respect and admiration Minonk area people and I have for him.

Albie Johnson class of 1948