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Emails for August 2014
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FHS Marching Knights Sweat orders are due | Gatorade Scrimmage adjusted due to weather | 60tj Wedding Anniversary | Minonk Rec VolleyBall Registration Forms Available | Bullying | Bullying |

Gatorade Scrimmage adjusted due to weather

GATORADE SCRIMMAGE has been adjusted due to weather. All activities at Veteran's Field have been cancelled but the JV and Varsity scrimmage will be moved to the practice field at the High School starting at 6:30pm. The community is encourage to attend the scrimmage and bring sport's drink to donate. (Please bring lawn chairs if you wish to sit.)

Lori Keller

Minonk Rec VolleyBall Registration Forms Available

The Minonk Rec Volleyball Registration forms are now available on our website and due on 8/29. To download a form click here.

Hollie Kearfott


We are a good community, we help each other in times of need. I know we all have busy lives but I need all of you to read this and be aware bullying is still happening and I need all of your help to get it to stop.
Most of you know my sister, she is always walking around town with a walker. She is physically and mentally challenged but still lives on her own and takes care of herself the best she is able. She is unable to drive so her only means of getting around town alone is to walk, and it is good for her to do so. She has had to deal with people making fun of her for being different all her life, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings so she has dealt with this negativity towards her in her own way.
Recently it was brought to my attention by a dear friend that witnessed 2 young girls ( 7 or 8 yrs.old) calling my sister horrible names and circling her on their bikes. It was loud enough to be heard inside her home. She immediately came outside and stopped the bullying. She let those little girls know what they were doing was wrong and considered bullying and it was not acceptable. When they left, my sister thanked her for stepping in to help and she told her it happens all the time and some of them even hit her!! Well, it happened again last night, 3 young boys this time. My mother, another friend and I were sitting outside visiting when she stopped by with these 3 young boys riding around her. They kept circling the block waiting for her to leave. She acted afraid to leave. My friend and I approached the oldest in the group when he came back to look for one of the boys sunglasses that he dropped. We talked to him about what they had been doing, and when asked if he thought his parents would be proud of him at this very moment if they had known what he was doing, you could see on his face that they indeed would not have been. He then apologized to my sister. The 2 younger ones never came back but we do have a description of them. We don't know them or their parents, but if your son is missing his sunglasses, they can be picked up at the Minonk Police department where a report of their behavior was made.
When we asked her what she does or says when it happens, her reply was I try to keep walking and tell them to go home to your mother. Now that the physical contact has been made aware to me I was advised by the police officer on duty to get her a means of self-defense. We decided the best choice for her was pepper spray. In case she is in an area where no one is around she will be able to defend herself and be able to get away should she feel threatened. We have explained to her the only way she is to use it is if she becomes scared or does feel threatened. My sister is elderly and deserves to live out her life in peace and enjoying what little she can do without the fear of being bullied by someone every time she steps outside her home.
Bullying is a problem everyone is aware of these days and it happens everywhere. I am asking for all of you reading this to be aware of your surroundings and if you see it happening, not only to my sister but to anyone, to please step in and stop it. To the parents out there, I ask that you continue teaching your children that bullying is NOT ok, because I am sure my sister is not the only bullying problem in the area.
Thank you,

Jayne Harms

FHS Marching Knights Sweat orders are due

FHS Marching Knights Sweat orders are due September 5th. Also, reminder that the Marching Knights are currently selling FIREHOUSE Jerky in hot and mild for $2.00 per stick and we still have a few color changing water bottles available for $5.00.

Christy Kline

60tj Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Ken & Sharon Lindley who will be celebrating their 6oth wedding anniversary Aug 28th.

Love Your Wisconsin Families


This recent focus and energy with respect to "bullying" is very interesting.

I enjoyed "grade school" in Minonk and did have some undesirable situations. I did not whine, or complain, but did my best to overcome a few situations that were not pleasant. I was, at times, humiliated and "beat up" and went home with some bruses. I kept my mouth shut and my folks told me to defend myself.

In today's definition, I probably was a recipient of bullying and even some abusing.

As I look back, I realized that my future was In my hands and not in the hands of the Community. If I was to succeed, it was my efforts that would to propell me. Not the social environment.

Are we encouraging our young to rely upon parents, community and society to help them or should we encourage them to stand upon their own values and convictions and direct their goals to success?

Children and youngsters are subject to peer criticism and comment. Ya just hafta separate the truth from the hype. Good luck.