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Emails for August 2012
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Card Party for Emma Petri's 92 Birthday | Football field decorations look great | Illinois student scholarship contest | Golf carts in the city a good thing | Town wide garage sale | Fieldcrest Rec Soccer | Good Deed Sunday | 4th of July membership meeting | WWII Canteen Picture of Rutland Community | Class of "82" Reunion | Junk Pickup | MDR Class of 77 Reunion information |

Card Party for Emma Petri's 92 Birthday

Emma Petri will be celebrating her 92 nd Birthday on Sept. 2. She would enjoy hearing from her friends and family. Address to send cards and letters is:

Emma Petri
Heritage Health Care
555 E. Clay Street
El Paso, Il. 61738

Barb Petri

Illinois student scholarship contest

My name is Alyse and I'm the scholarship coordinator for I wanted to inform you of a $500 scholarship opportunity we are exclusively offering to Illinois students. We are contacting you in hopes of being able to share this opportunity on your sites community or news pages.

This is not an advertisement and we are not looking to have it represented that way. This is news for all current and prospective students in Illinois; and what better way to convey this news to locals than through

You can find all of the scholarship details and our entry form page here:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, as I'd like to make the opportunity available to as many students as possible. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Scholarship Coordinator


Town wide garage sale

Everyone: The Town Wide Garage Sale is scheduled for September 15th from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. If you are interested in participating the sign up forms are available at IGA, Minonk Community Bank or download the form from this website.

To have your sale advertised in the map you must fill out the form and return it to me by September 10th.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me.

Cathy McKay

Good Deed Sunday

On Sundays my family goes to church. I know that Sunday is a day of rest, but I don't think God would mind that were out doing good deeds in the afternoon.

Today my 3 kids and I cleaned around the green building on the corner of Oak and 6th. Next Sunday we'll probably be working on the corner between Casey's and Joe's.

If you know of an area that needs to be cleaned up or need any help in general please let us know. If you'd like to join us we'd love the help.

Rhonda White, Sydney, Sadie and Tanner

Rhonda White

WWII Canteen Picture of Rutland Community

My Aunt Wahneta Harms Hacker is in the middle row. She is the dark haired girl that is squinting, five from the left. Thanks for sharing the great picture.

Beth Harms Miller

Junk Pickup

Is junk pickup still the first Thursday of the month?? If it is, the 200 block of North Elm street was totally missed! If not, could someone let us know. Thanks!!!

Linda Judd

Football field decorations look great

I would like to send a BIG thank you to Brooke Klendworth,Debi Klendworth,Shelly Barth,Abbi Fuller, Jaclyn Kalkwarf, Anette Baldwin, Lorie Keller, Hanna Fiorini and anyone else who was involved in decorating the football field for the opening game of the season. This is sure to wow the fans and the players and coaches . What a great way to show your support of our Knights and their coaches.

Sonja Ruestman

Golf carts in the city a good thing

I think its a great thing for Minonk to allow street legal golf carts or (lsv) low speed vehicles on the roads, we live in south Florida and they are allowed with a few different requirements, street 35 miles or less but you can cross a major road that is above 35 as long as you are crossing to another 35 or less zone. We love ours and use it all the time!! I hope the city if they already haven't, accepted that its a good thing. Heres a picture of us coming from a friends house a few miles away, feel free to post it.

James Renken
Hollywood, Florida
MDR Class of 1981


Fieldcrest Rec Soccer

I want to commend the Minonk Rec Board for their push for area soccer, with over 60 children playing in the El Paso Rec League on their own city teams this fall. But my concerns are with the school district's member town's participation. There must be children from Toluca, Wenona, Dana, & Rutland that are missing out on a great opportunities in this fantastic program. I am sure many parents are unaware that Fieldrcrest children have been participating in the El Paso Rec and Traveling programs for over 20 years, Though many children from this area are traveling to Streator participating in soccer, they are missing out on developing teammate relationships in their own area. These relationships are critical in developing team play. I know there are parents who will say, 'but there is no high school program for my child to move into at Fieldcrest'. This is currently true. It will take an army of players and parents to make a soccer program happen. There have been 8 years of opportunity for these older children with the MidState Stars Soccer Club, who have been playing in leagues in Bloomington most of the year, and during winter in Mossville. During these years, the MSSC has had 3 scholarship players and 7 college recruitment players.

With the advent of the new sports complex at El Paso High School, the discussions are rising for a soccer program. A coop opportunity is there. And with the New Millennia Park soccer field meeting IHSA regulations, a Fieldcrest soccer program is possible.

Opportunities are what communities, along with parents, provide for their children. Local teams in our areas can be developed with the help of the great soccer experience and possible mentoring that is available.

So well done Minonk Rec Board!! Thank you for your great efforts!!

Mike Zimmerman
MidState Stars Soccer Club


4th of July membership meeting

We will be having a special membership meeting on 8/19 at Minonk City Hall at 7 P.M. Our group will meet to see if there is an interest in the community to continue with the 4th of July and the Pumpkin Patch in the park. In order to keep these events we need volunteers to organize committees for various activities. If no interest is shown these events will not continue, which would be a huge lose for the community. If we can get enough volunteers everyones job will be small and the work simple!

S.Parks & S. Fuchs

Class of "82" Reunion

I would like to remind the class of 82 to send their RSVPS back if you have not already done so. We have to get a head count so we can pass it on to Mona"s for our meal.
If you have any questions you can call or email me. 309-242-2813 or

Thank you

Sis Hovey

MDR Class of 77 Reunion information

The MDR class of 77 will hold it's 35 year reunion Friday, August 31st at the Ozark House in Bloomington. Cocktails are at 6 and dinner is at 7. Invitations are being sent this week. Also, many of us are attending the parking lot party at the Coppertop in Bloomington on Saturday, September 1st. We would like to invite all other MDR classes to join us at the Coppertop to share memories. The party on Saturday starts at 5. Hope to see you there!

Rick Halberg