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Emails for August 2010
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7 year old dies from dog attack | Beat Cancer - | Normal man/Minonk man needs votes | Gerry Manning's turning 80! | Illinois River asian carp article | Asian carp problem | Minonk Ambulance 40th Anniversary Cookbook recipes and photos needed | Thank you for the 1st annual cancer ride. | Notice of Carol Jo (Janssen) Finley death | From the family of Donna Marshall | Thank You To the Carol Hood Family | Minonk Yards | winner of IPad | First grader needs a ride | Wind | Rutland Grads to Meet at Woody's August 8th |

Beat Cancer -

If you desire to just support my son Keith's effort to spread the awareness of Multiple Myeloma and the International Myeloma Foundation then go to the web address and cast your vote once everyday through Saturday 8/28/2010.

If you would like to listen to his interview with WJBC Radio go to, select WJBC Shows in the left column, select Scott Laughlin's home page and then select "Normal resident seeks NASCAR cancer win" and then select play. Thanks.

Skip May

Gerry Manning's turning 80!

Please remember Gerry Manning on her 80th birthday on August 26th by sending a card to her at 410 Locust, Minonk.

Nancy Manning

Asian carp problem

Great pictures by Dave Hinkle. I have seen tv shows about these fish and how they are worried about them getting into Lake Michigan. I could send the unemployed net fishermen from Pine Island up there they would get rid of them. Or why doesn't BP take the out of work fisherman from La. up there and pay them to fish them out.

Tim Havener

Thank you for the 1st annual cancer ride.

Thank you to all who supported the 1st annual cancer ride from Minonk Lanes on Aug 14th. It was a great success and look forward to doing another ride next year.
The money that was generated from this ride will go to all cancer victims in central Illinois.
Special thanks to Minonk Lanes and Ron Fortman. You did a wonderful job.

Becky Quick

From the family of Donna Marshall

The family of Donna J Marshall would like to express their gratitude for all the help they recieved during Donna's illiness and her passing. Thank you for all the food, flowers, plants, donations and for just being there for Donna and the family. A special thank you to Heritage Manor's staff and wonderful care they gave Donna during her stay and to Dr. John Podzamsky and his staff. We also want to thank all the friends and family who came to see Donna and family during her illiness. She will be greatly missed!

Don Marshall

winner of IPad

The Joe Fuchs family was the winner of the Minonk Crush 12u Ipad give away. Thanks to everyone who supported the team by purchasing tickets. The girls had an experience of a life time!

Monica Kalkwarf


Good article on Minonk Wind farm. Could also include Roanoke Wind Farm and Benson Wind Farm which may become reality someday.

We had several discussions on said topic 3 or 4 years ago when I voiced my opinion as to the value of these so called green energy machines. My thoughts have not changed since then even though have read and discussed this topic many times both pro and con. Money still talks.

Dennis Quiram

7 year old dies from dog attack

This is very horrible and very sad. It also hits very close to home. Its another example why inexperienced people should NOT own or breed these animals! Whats it going to take for people to understand?? How many innocent lives have to be lost?? My prayers go out to the people who lost their child. My anger builds for the people that owned the dogs!!

Linda Judd

Normal man/Minonk man needs votes

Keith May is in a contest for a car he has designed fighting the cancer he has had for about 2 years. He has been on channel 31 and also on WJBC this past week. His interview with Scott Laughlin can be heard on HTTP:wjbc/WJBCShows/Scott Laughlin Homepage/tabid/8129/default aspx. You can also vote from this website your vote will be very appreciated. There is only about 5 days left to vote.

Lois May

Illinois River asian carp article

Hello Dave,
Just an email to let you know that Time magazine has a current article related to the Asian carp in the Illinois River. Link is .

Thanks again for keeping us informed of Minonk's news. Have a blessed day.

Tony Kleen (North Carolina).

Minonk Ambulance 40th Anniversary Cookbook recipes and photos needed

Minonk Ambulance will be celebrating 40 years of service in 2011.

In preparation, the Minonk Ambulance Association is in the process of collecting recipes for our cookbook. We are looking for all past members and their family's help. We would like to recognize as many former members as we can, by submitting recipes and photos.

We would like to have as many recipes as we can by September 1st. We hope to have the cookbook ready to sell by this Christmas.

The photos will also be used to post on our website ( ). For more information on submitting recipes and photos, go to:

The types of photos we are especially looking for are of ambulances and squad pictures. We also would like to find a picture of our first ambulance to possibly use on the cover of the cookbook. All original pictures will be returned. Feel free to email me at or call me at 432-4274.

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide us.

Minonk Ambulance Association

Michael Willis, President

Notice of Carol Jo (Janssen) Finley death


I was informed by Jon Johnson that Carol Jo Finley (formerly Carol Jo Janssen) and of Minonk, passed away last week in Arizona.

Carol was a classmate of ours,class of '54. She was a majorette in the Minonk High School band. We will all miss her very much.

If anyone wishes to sign a guest book at the mortuary site, click here.

Art Kettelhut

Thank You To the Carol Hood Family

I would just like everyone to know I took my dogs to eastside grooming owned by Carol Hood. The generosity and caring nature of her crew and family was well appreciated. Carol and Max are wonderful caring people with great hearts and are wonderful assets to our great community. Aside from the exceptional tlc they showed for all the dogs, they also took time to listen and help with some personal matters and go way above and beyond what one would expect from any business. I would not hesitate to recommend East Side Grooming to anyone for all your dog care needs.

Sincerely wowed and greatful,
Doug McGuire and Christina Talbert


Minonk Yards

Your current series on Minonk yards is a winner. While growing up there, I always took pride in that I came from a place that cared for always looking its best. And this was before "going green" became popular.

So thanks, MinonkTalk for this refreshing look

Art Kettelhut

First grader needs a ride

Hello, I will have a first grader in Mrs. Kennel's class this fall who needs a ride or to walk along with a big kid to Jill Ludwig's house at 335 N Walnut on a daily basis. Willing to pay in either case for a safe delivery :) Please contact Tracy Luckey via email at Thanks!

Tracy Luckey

Rutland Grads to Meet at Woody's August 8th

A few of the Graduates from Rutland High School are hosting a gathering at Woody's in Minonk, IL on August 8th at 1:00 PM. ANYONE that Graduated or attended Rutland High School is encouraged and welcomed to attend. Please spread the word!!

Janis Megow