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Emails for August 2009
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Thank you for sharing such a beautiful wedding story. Your parents were such an important part of my life for so many years. I can assure you they were surely smiling down from heaven that night on such an enchanted evening. God bless the newly married couple. Kim Tarmann

Kim Tarmann

In Response to : Survey for residents of Minonk

I find it admirable that people are being pro-active in trying to find out more informaiton about the cancer ratio in our community.

To that part, I found that there is a website that has 5 year statistics on cases of cancer within Illinois. It currently goes from 1986 though 2005.

It can be broken down in many differnt formats, but out of curiosity, I selected 2001 - 2005 for the 61760 zip code. There were 77 cases of cancer cited for that time frame (40 men, 37 women), ranging from Oral Cancer, to Leukemias & Lymphomas, and everything in between..

Here is the link:

Hopefully the link can provide supporting infomation to any information that is brought in through the survey that Becky Quick was talking about..

Thank you
Richard Stillwell

Richard Stillwell

MidState Stars Soccer Club web site

Good morning Dave,

I'd like to let everyone know that information on the MidState Stars Soccer Club can be found at
and on Facebook
on MySpace

Thank you
Mike Zimmerman
MidState Stars Soccer Club

HONOR FLIGHTS for World War II veterans


There is a program for our WW2 veterans that your readers might like to see on the internet. If they go to google and type in " honor flights" veterans, it will bring up a number of websites. There is one in particular for central Illinois at, the site is listed on the google search.
Honor flights are a great way for our older veterans to fly to Washington DC to visit the WW2 monument erected in their honor. There are flights that originate out of Effingham, Springfield and Chicago. These Honor Flight programs are such a great way to honor our veterans of that war and give them a chance to visit a site built just for them.
The websites give information on how the general public can help get these war hero's to Washington DC. if you are interested.
The Illinois Dept Ladies VFW Auxiliary President, Jo Lynn Altvalter, has the Honor Flights as her project this 2009-2010 year, and auxiliaries all over the state of Illinois will be making donations towards this program as our way of honoring and thanking those special hero's.

Judy Reeser
Veterans and Family support Ch
Minonk auxiliary 7185