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Emails for August 2007
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Upset with ambulance squad actions | Methodist Church announces carnival and potluck dinner | Ben McKay wedding celebration | Apples and Pears available | DOGS, DOGS, DOGS | More Dog issues | Free kittens | Dog issues comment | How about some responsibility? | Reply to dog comments | Communication is key | More on brick streets | Brick streets | Dog issues | Brick streets need repair | Thank you to Bible School helpers | Football skyboxes available | Thanks to volunteers | Happy Birthday to Kenneth Lindley |

Methodist Church announces carnival and potluck dinner

Minonk United Methodist Church is looking forward to a great year of Sunday school and we are starting it with a "JUMP INTO FAITH" carnival and pot luck dinner!

Our Sunday school classes will include 3 age groups: age 3 to kindergarten, grade 1 to grade 5 and a youth group for grade 6 and up. We open our hearts, minds and doors to any youth to join us for fun and learning!

We plan on kicking off our year by celebrating with a "carnival" and potluck dinner! Please join us and bring a friend!

What: Sunday school & Youth Group kick-off carnival and potluck dinner
When: Sunday September 9th
Where: Minonk United Methodist Church
Who: any friend of the church!
Time: carnival will begin at 9:30

Church service begins at 11:00
Potluck dinner directly following church service
Beverages and dessert will be provided – bring a dish to share if you can!

Our Sunday school classes will begin on Sunday September 16 at 9:30am. If you have any questions, ideas or comments please feel free to contact us! We are so looking forward to spending time with the youth as we all grow together as Christians!

Melinda Szynalski 432-3530 Lynn Tjaden 432-2447 Jaclyn Nix 432- 3771
Deb Leigh 815- 452-2605 Barb Hahn 432-3003 Connie Janssen 815-863-5289

Apples and Pears available


I live at 619 Locust- we have apples back in the alley that anyone can have. I also have a pear tree inside my privacy fence along w/ 2 large dogs. If anyone is interested in the pears please call me and we can arrange a time to come and pick some. I hate to see this stuff go to waste.

Rhonda White

More Dog issues

I'm not one to complain. However; I believe it's worse to be on your nightly run and step in dog poop that's on the sidewalk. I didn't even know dogs pooped on sidewalks! LOL. Or, picture this: you're on your nightly run, it's roundin near 9:30pm and you're almost done, all of a sudden you hear strange noises coming from outside your IPod, look over and there at the park are about 4 kids all dressed in black making weird noises. That's enough to make a girl run faster!

Ashley Lindley

Dog issues comment

Well first of all it can harm a dog if you try and move them when they are doing there business in any yard.But maybe if anyone has a issue with this they should go to a city meeting or try and find the mayor.Yes I do have 2 dogs and I walk them almost every night and I do try to have them go in my own yard.

Christy Torres

Reply to dog comments


Your sarcasm was really uncalled point was that anyone with an ounce of intelligence would respect other peoples' property and at the very LEAST clean up the mess that their dogs leave behind without having to be "asked to". It's called common courtesy..........

Diana Alcorn

More on brick streets

I agree with my neighbor, Richard Meierhofer. Fourth street is pretty bad. I do like the look of the brick streets, but fourth street is like one big speed bump. It's not slowing anybody down either. What I would like to see done is what I think Richard was suggesting. Tear up the bricks, fix the problem, re-lay the bricks. That should be a lot cheaper than paving the road too.
Don Sweeney

Dog issues

Does anyone know if there is a law against people who take their dogs for walks and allow them to use other peoples' lawns as bathrooms? I've had many people,including my neighbor, who lets her two little dogs actually walk through my flower beds on leashes and do their business. ( urine will kill flowers and bushes.) I've also had to clean dog poop off of my lawn mower tires endless times and I'm tired of it.

If you're a dog owner...PLEASE be a little more responsible for your animals and clean up after them, or better yet, let them go to the bathroom in YOUR yard.

Thank You,
Diana Alcorn

Editor's note: I too am the recipient of unwanted dog poop along with bottles and food wrappers deposited on the berm next to my building in Minonk. There are a lot of inconsiderate people around. I also would like to know if there is a law against such action.

Thank you to Bible School helpers

I would like to send out a BIG Thank you to all of those involved with Minonk's Vacation Bible School this year!! Each and every person contributes something different and is a valuable assest. I just wanted everyone to know how appreciative I am. Please feel free to send me ideas or feedback for next year's "Wild Ride Through God's Word"!

Thank you
Jaime Mool

Thanks to volunteers

On behalf of the South PTO I would like to say thanks to the following people for volunteering their time, energy, and sweat last week as we prepared the playground for the upcoming school year: Scott and Elliot Johnson; Jeff, Josh, and Zach Keller; Jerry, Kim, and Mason McGough; Mark Holland; Sue Park; George, LeAnne and Zackary Moritz, Mark, Glennda, and Claire Weers; Dan, Kathy and Jake Schopp; and Barb Baumann. A special thanks to the South Daisy Troop for their $100 donation to be used for the playground project.

Anita Holland

Upset with ambulance squad actions

It upsets me that we are spending money to attract peoplef rom OUT OF TOWN to our ambulance squad, while one of our long standing local EMT I's, Angela Attig, was "relieved" from her volunteer position (which she held for TEN years) as well as full time position (which she held since May 2003) for "political reasons". The entire time Angela worked for the EMT squad she never had any disciplinary and/or other negative marks on her record until two days before she was relieved of her position. After the alleged incident (and yes I say alleged because I was personally there when the incident supposedly took place), Angela was NEVER (to this day) asked or given the opportunity to defend herself against her accusers. Angela even went before the city council on July 2nd (which was never mentioned in the minutes) to ask them to hear her side of the story and to consider reinstating her, yet the only reply she got back was a letter from the city attorney that raised more questions than answered.

So, the City of Minonk is spending money to attract out of town people while a fully qualified EMT I is sitting at home wishing she could once again be proudly serving the people of Minonk. Doesn't seem to make much sense does it? If you have more questions about this issue I suggest stopping by/calling Angela or even attend a city council meeting yourself!

Kona Taylor

Ben McKay wedding celebration

Ben McKay wishes to extend this invitation to family and friends that could not attend his wedding in June. Ben and Kris (Jensen) McKay were married in June in Colorado and want to celebrate with family and friends here in Illinois.

You are invited to help us celebrate the wedding of Ben McKay and Kris (Jensen) McKay Saturday, September 1, 2007 at the Rutland American Legion Hall from 5:00 p.m. until 9 p.m. No Gifts Please!!


I am writing in reply to all of the DOG LETTERS. I have 2 big dogs- I clean up after them. They do their duty in our yard and if, they by chance, do it elsewhere I am armed with GALLON sized zip bags.

People need to respect other people's property. We have quite a few dogs that run loose in our neighborhood so they go wherever they want to. My dogs find it and roll in it- nature of dog- stinkier the better. I don't appreciate this but still love dogs. It's the owner's responsibility, Jasmyn, to be smarter than their dogs.

Diana Alcorn is my neighbor and she has the most beautiful yard in this town because she works at it day and night. You can't tell me that you're mad she wrote a letter of complaint!!!! I stand behind her and anyone else having to deal w/ other people's messes that became their own.

Rhonda White

Free kittens

Two 9 week old gray tiger striped kittens FREE to good, loving home.

Home phone 309-432-3086
Cell 309-310-4150

Debbie Rippel

How about some responsibility?

Maybe Jasmyn Kelso thinks she's funny. There's nothing funny about going outside or having your kids run outside to play and step in a pile of dog droppings that the lazy owner is too inconsiderate to pick up. No one is saying that they don't want dogs ever doing their business in their lawns. What is being brought up is the issue of being considerate and responsible for YOUR dog. When your dog is finished pick up the mess and dispose of it properly.
Most dog owners do this. It's a shame that a few make everyone else look bad. When I take my dog out and it's time for her to do her business, I walk her to the grassy area between the sidewalk and the road. To me this is just common courtesy for someone else's lawn.
I'm sure if Jasmyn was frequently dealing with another dog's droppings, she'd change her tune quickly.

Kavon Novak

Communication is key

I was reading through these and the one titled "Dog Issues" really hit home with me. Not because I have dogs going in my yard (besides mine) but because I own a dog and know how hard it is to discuss with him where it is appropriate to use the bathroom. I have had this talk with him in the past but I don't think he understands. Maybe I'm just not finding the right words. Or maybe it's because... he's a dog.

Maybe instead of complaining on a website, people should try communicating their issues with their neighbors. That would probably be much more effective than posting on a website. Just my thoughts...

- Jasmyn Kelso

Brick streets


I agree with you on preserving the brick streets in Minonk. The men who laid the bricks for the streets sure knew a thing or two. There was a lot of labor involved in laying those street, just to have them tore up or covered up with tar and chips or asphalt. There are grants available for
restoring the brick streets. The city of Ottawa is in the process of restoring some of their brick streets with the use of grant money.

Keith Paris

Brick streets need repair

You should live on 4th. street you might feel a lot different. It is time to give those streets some maintenance. I also think the streets are unique but they need help. It's not that the roads have not needed any maintenance , it's more like they have not had any maintenance.

Maybe spend some of that money to remove those bricks and fix the problem that lies under the surface.

Richard Meierhofer

Football skyboxes available

Hi Dave, the Fieldcrest football season is quickly approaching and our fans will once again have the opportunity to watch Knight home football games from a great spot. The 'Skybox', which is located above the visitor's bench, is available for all 5 home games.

- Aug 31 vs Tri-Valley
- Sept 7 vs Heyworth
- Sept 28 vs Flanagan-Woodland (homecoming)
- Oct 12 vs ElPaso-Gridley
- Oct 19 vs Ridgeview (Senior night)

Interested fans can rent the skybox for $250 per game with all proceeds going to the HS Fieldcrest football program. The person/business who rents the skybox gets 15 admission/entry passes for their game, food & drinks provided for the evening, and a perfect spot to cheer on the Knights. Last year an elevated outdoor deck was added to the skybox which allows the fans to choose if they want to watch the game from the deck outside or from
inside the skybox (warmth or air conditioning - depending on the weather!).

Rental of the skybox will be made on a first-to-call basis, starting MONDAY AUG. 13th. (no reservations will be taken before the 13th). Please call 309-432-2517 ext. 3 to reserve your game date. Last year all dates were reserved in the first week -- so dont' wait to call!

If you have questions before the Aug. 13, please contact Coach Weber (432-2344), Coach Meyer (432-2051) or Coach Ruestman (432-3229).

Thank you,
Colleen Weber

Happy Birthday to Kenneth Lindley


Kenneth Lindley will be celebrating his birthday for the 75th time on Tuesday, August 7. Kenny graduated from Minonk-Dana High School in 1951. His wife, Sharon, along with their seven children, twenty two grandchildren and sixteen (so far) great grandchildren want to wish him health and happiness on this special day and always!!

Denise Lindley Robinson