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Emails for July 2017

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Minonk ESDA looking for stuff for haunted house event

Because of the great support we had last year. We are looking forward to doing another haunted house this October. To create such an exciting experience takes a lot of time and money. So to ease the burden we are asking for donations such as wood (i.e. plywood, 2x4s or any construction grade lumber and fasteners for set building, paints, scary decorations, small end tables, old bookshelves, costumes, fabric sheets. Anything will help. You may contact the page for donation drop off or pickup. This is a fun experience and we enjoy the outcomes. The dates are October 21-22, 28-29, and of course on Halloween night the 31st. Times are 6 pm-9 pm. There can be a lights on experience if requested. We hope to see everyone there showing your support.

Minonk ESDA

Comment on Editorials


I have no problems with the freedom of speech guaranteed to US citizens in the 1st amendment; however, it is clear you have opened the floor to a very divisive subject. I appreciate the fact you have posted all the right-leaning comments in response to Mr. Liner's left-leaning editorial, which shows you are trying to keep the website neutral. No matter what stance a person posts on any controversial topic, there will be an equal number of people that are vehemently opposed to their stance.

Today's populace is simply too polar. Unfortunately, not everyone has learned to avoid name calling, hyperbole, and other behaviors in a public forum that only serve to incite your readership. Until people can learn to behave themselves, perhaps it would be best to follow the same rules you should in the workplace and refrain from editorials mentioning national politics, sex, money, religion, and sins, e.g. tobacco, alcohol, firearms, drugs, etc.

Eric Olson

Editor reply: Eric, you make a good point. Perhaps I was remiss in publishing Mr. Liner's letter due to his wording. However, when the president of the United States can make derogatory remarks about women and others and Facebook is replete with profanity, it seems to me that Mr. Liner's editorial is somewhat tame in the context of today's media. The website policy is to not publish articles containing profanity or slander of an individual and a name must be given. Mr. Liner's editorial satisfied those requirements.

This website already faces plenty of competition from social media websites and if I resort to restricting opinions, the website will probably lose its viewers to more provocative websites. Minonk is fortunate to have a forum for discussing issues. While it is appropriate for viewers to take offense with Mr. Liner's language, so far no one has refuted any of his arguments. I will publish any and all opposing views that satisfy the website's code of conduct mentioned above.

Lillian Arnold:
Contrary to popular opinion there is not an equal number of right-leaning citizens and left-leaning citizens. The left outnumbers the right by a significant number. One reason we now have a very large contingent of right-leaning Congressmen and Senators in Washington is clearly due to the extreme gerrymandering of voting districts in many states, most of them in the South, not all but most. Gerrymandered voting districts is designed to increase the voting power of one party over the other. Interestingly enough gerrymandered districts almost all give a huge edge to right-leaning candidates. Another interesting thing is that the districts being gerrymandered out of contention are almost always black and/or Hispanic majority areas. The Supreme Courts of several states have found gerrymandering to favor one group over another is illegal, and have ordered their states to correct the problem.
Dedra Masters:
Maribeth Springer: I read Mr Liner's editorial. Not once did I read a political preference in that editorial.
And Mr. Uphoff started Minonk Talk on the basis of getting the community talking. Once again, he published an editorial that has the community thinking and talking.
Welcome to the land of the free. I love Minonk Talk. Keep up the good work Dave!!

Excellent Job by Scotty Onken and Ricky Halberg

Guys, I just heard about the You Tube video you did. I watched it and loved it. Brought back a lot of memories! Even though you are a few years older than I am I really appreciate what you did. I would hope that everyone who graduated from Old MDR uses this as there reunion theme song.

Thanks again
Tim Mc Kay (Timer)
Eureka, IL

Reply to Mr. Liner's Editorial

Read Mr. Liner's Editorial and found it interesting in that it explains exactly how I feel about Obama voters, just shows how terribly divided we are.

Bob Schmitz

Thanks Coach

So glad you enjoyed the video, Coach Marcoline!! The ' mile and a half ' reference had to bring a smile to your face!! Blessed to still have such a strong bond with so many classmates and teachers!!! Thanks again

Scott Oncken

Scott and Rick MDR Pie

Thank you Scott and Rick, It is always great to look back at the MDR years, but your video is a classic. I hope you guys had as much fun putting it together as I did watching it.

Jack Marcoline

4Th of July Drawdown Winners

Winners of the 4th of July Drawdown to raise money for our fireworks.

Jay Witte
Niki Colglazier
Susie Rients
Natalie Krishel
Brent Weiland
Sonja Frei
Jessica Overocker
Dori Wyss
Dennis Baker
Max Hood
Linda Seggerman

We would like to thank everyone for your donations!

Susan Park

More pictures Rob Morris Lodge members

I have a few more pictures of Worshipful Masters of the Rob Morris Lodge. Their names and year they served are:

Jacob McChesney 1860-61-73-81-82-83-85-88-91-92-95-1896
Melvin A. Cushing 1863-64-65-67-69-70-71-72-74-75-76-77-84-89-90
Lloyd N. Memmen 1922
F. C. Livingston 1923
Harry D. Smith 1943-44
Frank B. Iliff 1948
Scott Bigger 1956
Francis R. Garrett 1957
Jack E. Titus 1959
Wilbur Whitcomb 1963

Also, there is a photo and tribute to:

Sgt. Harold G. Grassman, Co.B, 184 Inf. US Army
He paid the Supreme Sacrifice December 6, 1944, on Leyte Island in the Philippines

If you or someone you know is interested in getting these photos, please let me know!

Lila McCulley

Too many lies coming out of the White House!

We the people, have listened to Trump and his followers say there is nothing to the Russia story. So now we know this so called "fake news" was true. Why are most Republicans defending anyone who colluded with Russia to get involved in any of our elections? They are our adversary! Not our Ally. Trump is in this for money not country. Ryan and his crew are in it for erasing President Obama's legacy and not for country. This election is not a valid one and we need to get back to caring about the people in this world and our country. Democrats! Get out and vote in every election including the ones in your community. It starts from the bottom up. All elections are important! Use your right to vote before our rights are gone!

Lisa Zimmerman

Website Quality

The quality of a website is determined by its content. The current Editorial by Jim Liner does not rise to the level of quality that I have come to expect from While I certainly object to the point of view expressed, I am more troubled by how the message is crafted and delivered. Readers deserve better.

Joe Limbaugh

Pam Jolly: I agree! We all have a right to our opinion, but I think he could have done it without the name calling & trying to bully people to husband point of view. And I think he has forgotten that we live in a free country & can all vote as we please, not as he thinks we should. We to have freedom of speech, but maybe it should be done with a bit more kindness.
Stephanie Elizabeth: What about the name calling and bullying in the comments?! Those people are no better than the next person.
Michael Cave: I knew he was gonna get ousted for that one...
Tina Dunning: I agree too!

Fieldcrest Special Board Meeting Canceled

Tonight's special Board meeting for July 13th is postponed to a date to be announced later.


Dr. Dan Oakley

Wenona Days Aug 8-13

We hope you'll join us for Wenona Days 2017 ~ Aloha, Wenona! Tons of events for the whole family to enjoy. Fishing derby, parade, poker run, beer tent, family night, 5K, and much more. See attached poster. Thanks!! Wenona Days poster

Braiden Skinner

Thanks Coach!

Scott and I really had a blast making the video, and I'm glad so many folks are enjoying it! Many of us talked at the reunion about how fortunate we felt being at MDR and growing up in Miinonk during that time. All the best to you and your family, Coach Marcoline!

Rick Halberg

Grosenbach Grocery Restocked

Hi Dave-
I just wanted to send a quick update on our store Grosenbach's Grocery. After a few tough months of getting back on track with our supplier we are pleased to say we are getting the shelves filled back up! We still have some work to do but we want to say thank you to all of our supporters for their patience and understanding. I would like to encourage everyone to support your local businesses and support Minonk and the surrounding area! Come in shopping with us and find some great savings throughout the store! New Ads are soon to come and maybe even a coupon or two! Thanks again.

Corey Grosenbach