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Emails for July 2016

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St. Jude Run Team selling chances for raffle | Minonk History Book Vol. 3 | Order form for Alumni Game T Shirts | JFL Equipment Hand-out & Important Dates | 2016 Soccer Registration | John of my coffee boys | clean up days | CIty Wide Clean-up Day Reminder | 10 year anniversary of my father's death--John Lohr | pip of fire works | Volunteers needed | Thoughts on School Board Meeting |

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St. Jude Run Team selling chances for raffle

Our Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team is selling chances for an Ultimate Backyard raffle. It's an incredibly high valued prize including a custom fire pit- winner chooses which style- from JustCore Inc, and a large, high end patio set with table, 8 chairs, 8 rocker style chairs, and side table in great condition. Tickets are $25 each. Winner drawn this Saturday morning as we leave Minonk for Peoria. Need not be present to win. All money raised goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Tickets can be purchased at Studio 214, Minonk Community Bank, or contact a runner. Thanks for your support!

Sonja Frei

Order form for Alumni Game T Shirts

There have been a lot of local people asking how they can buy T Shirts to the upcoming Alumni Game. To order a T-shirt click on this link.


Craig Meyer

2016 Soccer Registration

Minonk Parks and Rec is currently accepting soccer registration forms for girls and boys, Pre-K to 5th grade. You can find forms at City Hall or visit All forms must be returned to City Hall by Friday, 7/29/16.

Libby Goodwin

clean up days

Thanks to the city of Minonk for the clean up days, the young men who were unloading our stuff were nice young men, they never said a word about having too much stuff,never had to get out of car,truck,or off golf cart if you didn't want to. THANKS

fred baker

10 year anniversary of my father's death--John Lohr

Today, July 6, is the anniversary of my father's death. John Lohr passed away on July 6, 2006 from a massive heart attack.

I cannot believe 10 years have gone by. I miss him dearly and think about him often.

The day before he died he was in Bloomington with my mother, Edmona, watching their grandson's (my two boys) play baseball. Due to their age difference the boys were playing on different fields but at the same complex. Their grandfather put his chair in the middle of both fields and watched both of them play. This is something the boys will always have as a memory of their grandfather.

He was a WWII Veteran--Marine Corps with a lot of love and pride for this country.

My father was not college educated but was a very intelligent man. His family meant everything to him and they always came first.

I learned a lot from my father as he had quite a few sayings that he used while I was growing up—that still make sense to this day.

--"Your grade is your paycheck. How well did you get paid this week?"

--"Common sense and common courtesy will get you farther in life than anything else."

--"What is it you have to do after midnight that you can't do before?" (This was used when I wanted my curfew extended past midnight - which never happened!)

--"I haven't been 40 all my life!"

--"The answer is no - there is no additional discussion."

--"You can have your own car when you can afford to pay for it." (Bought my first car after I had been working full time for 6 months—1981 Ford Escort)

--(For the business/corporate world) - "The position deserves respect, the individual must earn it."

--And the response I received the most growing up - "I don't care what your other friends do, I'm not trying to win any popularity contests. I'm not your best friend, I'm your old man and don't ever forget it!

I respected my father because I knew the reason behind all of his sayings and discipline was the love he had for me and the rest of his family.

I love and miss you Dad. Thanks for all you did for your family.

God Bless and Rest in Peace,

Lisa (Lohr) Goropesek

Linda Martinie Nauertz: I remember him well, Lisa. Our parents kept in close contact and saw each other frequently after my family moved. In fact, our mothers are meeting next week! Thinking of you and your family.

Nancy Manning: Great tribute to your dad, Lisa. I have many fond memories of him and loved when he, my dad, and John Ryan kidded around. My dad will be gone 11 years in August and one of my last conversations with him was about he and my mom going out to eat at Busy Corner with your mom and dad and John and Priscilla Ryan. What great long-time friends they all were. I'm sure those 3 guys are up in heaven joking around, bragging about their kids and grandkids, and arguing politics!

Linda Williams: Lisa, I recently came across some old pics many of minonk residents. If I remember correctly, I think there was a John lohr in one of the pics. I have contacted the Minonk Museum n they are interested in the pics. I will pull out the John Lohr pic that I ran across. Is susan your sister? I graduated MDR 1977.

Pam Jolly: Beautiful tribute to your Dad! Like · Reply · Message · 6 hrs Elaine Lahr Cunningham Elaine Lahr Cunningham Thanks, Lisa, for your letter. Your dad was a great friend. I treasure my memories of him. And your mom is a very special person, too:-)

Mike McKay: We grew up OLD SCHOOL!

Volunteers needed

Volunteers are needed to put up and take down flags on Monday, July 4, 2016 for the Avenue of Flags.. The flags will be put up starting at 6:00 a.m. beginning at St Pat's cemetery. If it is raining at 6, the flags will not be put up. The flags will be taken down at 6:00 p.m. beginning at the Minonk Twp cemetery. If it has rained during the day and the flags are wet, they will be taken down on Tues, at 6 ....pending no additional rain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Minonk Avenue of Flags

Minonk History Book Vol. 3

MINONK HISTORY BOOK, VOL.3 will be sent to the printer later this fall. A limited number of the first two books are available and can be purchased from Lois at the Minonk Community Bank. The two books can also be ordered by mail. You will need to send your request and
a check for $110 plus $8 shipping to Minonk History Book, PO Box 212, Minonk, IL. 61760.

Barth Weistart

JFL Equipment Hand-out & Important Dates

Fieldcrest Youth Football is getting ready for the 2016 season to begin. Schedules are still being edited and the Head Coaches will be communicating with you their practice times within the next 2 weeks.

Reminder, physicals are required for 1st day of practice and players will NOT be able to practice until received.

Important dates to mark your calendars:
August 7th - Equipment handout at High School Football shed
- Varsity players only 11:00am -12:00pm
- JV and Bantam players 12:00pm-1:00pm
If you cannot make the designated times, please come to practice on August 8th and we will work to get your equipment
August 8th - 1st day practice can start (Days/Times to be determined by head coach)
August 11th- Practice with pads
August 20th - Eureka Flag Day
August 27th - Jamboree in El Paso
Sept 3rd - 1st game of season
October 15th - Last game

Flags Coach: Blake Overocker, Bantam Coach: Nate Lorton, JV Coach: Russell Ruestman, Varsity Coach: Travis Nix.

Schedules for the season are still being determined and will be given at equipment hand-out. If you are not able to attend the scheduled equipment hand-out date, your player can receive their equipment at a later date during the 1st week of practice. Those dates will be established with coaches and athletic director.

JFL Board

Lanna Ruestman

John of my coffee boys

I used to work at Bev's Dairy Barn and had the pleasure of knowing John and many of his "coffee buddies".

Every time John walked in he would thank me for blowing the leaves out of his yard....apparently I drove past his house a little bit over the speed limit. I always told him that he should appreciate me as I spared him all of that hard work.

John and his buddies were the best part of my morning...I remember putting a frozen fish fillet in John Ryan's car....all of us had a great time with that. One day I got stuck in Bev's parking lot and then my car wouldn't start. John took the air filter off my car and sprayed something in it to start it. He told me that'd I'd better not ever do that, but that he had experience with stuff like that.

We shared a love for the Marine Corps, as all Marines do. We also shared a zest for life and laughter. These moments will stay with me forever.

Rhonda White

City Wide Clean-up Day Reminder

As a reminder, the City of Minonk will be conducting a City wide clean-up day from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. on Friday, July 8th and Saturday, July 9th, 2016. The City will have dumpsters available at the end of Oak Street as we have in the past.

The dumpsters are open to Minonk residents only. A Driver's License, or Water Bill Stub, with a Minonk city address is required in order to dispose of material at the site. The site is open for residential clean-up only. The site will not be open to commercial contractors. Load size will be limited to 1 ton trucks and trailers.

Electronics will be accepted – service provided by Kuusakoski Recycling.

All general waste except - service provided by LaRose Disposal

-Landscape Waste
-Liquid Wastes
-Fluorescent Light Bulbs
-Car Parts
-Concrete, Brick, Rock, Soil, or Ashes

City Adm. Austin Edmondson

pip of fire works

Thanks for nice pip of parade and fire works . fred baker

fred baker

Thoughts on School Board Meeting

Great turn out at the School Board meeting tonight! I would be worrying why so many people are leaving Fieldcrest District. I can only speak about Minonk. It is a quiet, low crime community. My kids went to Fieldcrest all their school years. My kids played on the playground at South and still grew up fine young adults. The comment about South not having grass to play in during recess was amazing!
We tax payers and voters should never allow the school board the authority to make decision as in closing any schools. That should always be put on a ballot for the people to vote on. We went with the board on spending money to make South bigger and better. Then to have them come and say closing South might happen. We voted to make an investment to a school that you are now coming to us with closing it. That is terrible business practice.Like it was said tonight, this school board and the ones in the future, will play hell getting another referendum to be passed by the voters. I can still hear Capasso say how many years the school in Toluca would be good for and how many years Wenona school would be good for.
Why didn't anything get brought up about how the Wenona school had flood lines that were 1/3 of the way up a door. If this is true, and the lines are still visible, won't there also be mold?
I also felt bad for the gentleman in the audience for shouting out that the board members talking, were not being heard. He was not rude, he was repeated what others had already said, we could not hear and I was front and center and couldn't hear everything. Tom Barth, thank you for being a decent man and apologizing for yelling back. You are a good person with great character.
Oh yeah, it was pointed out to me after the meeting, there is actually 5 minutes to talk, not 2 minutes. To save time at your next meeting, may I suggest that the heading of the sign-in sheet said something about signing it, meant you have something to say. Then in more wasted time on trying to read all the names. Just a thought.

Lisa Zimmerman