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Emails for July 2015
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Soccer Sign-ups Due | Garbage pickup schedule through Sept. 11 | Fieldcrest Football Apparel | Regarding the Existing Garbage Disposal Fiasco | New garbage pickup schedule | Garbage hauler quits | 70 s | Why weren't flags lowered? | Dear Dog Owner replies | DEAR DOG OWNER OF MINONK | FYF Equipment Hand-out July 26th | MINONK HISTORY BOOK |

New garbage pickup schedule

Residents of Minonk

This Week Only Residential Garbage pick-up schedule by LaRose Disposal will be as follows:

Residents living East of Chestnut Street will be Friday 7/31 starting at 6 am

Residents living West of Chestnut Street will be Saturday 8/1 starting at 6 am

Next week's pick-up schedule may vary according to weight and timeliness.

Special Note: Unfortunately, until a new garbage contract is written, bid out, and agreed upon there will not be any pick up of Furniture, Household Appliances, etc….

LaRose Disposal has agreed to service residential homes in Minonk once a week thru September 11, 2015 at the current rate. In the meantime the city will have a new contract written and released for qualified contractor bid process.

Thank you,

Bill Koos

Mayor of Minonk

Jenny Railey Hernandez: Thank you LaRose Disposal!

70 s

That was a well thought out editorial piece. I grew up in the late 60s and 70s. Minonk was still that way as mentioned. I moved away a long time ago but those times are like frozen in time, and revisited many times since.
They say you can never go back, that may or may not be true in reality, but for all who lived through those times, visiting is just a thought away.

Jeff E Davis

Dear Dog Owner replies


Yep, that's my dog Jack. My wife is gone on vacation and I haven't been babying my beagle Jack. You called my phone number, which I gave you once before, and you found again. I went home and put the bark - shock collar on him and he didn't bark once. I'm just glad I was in town at my shop and didn't have to call friends this time. You're right. 100%. Especially at night. Thanks for being a good neighbor and letting me know before things got worse. It's all about being reasonable and communicating.


John, "Scooby" Hawk

Barbara Goff-Westphale: What an awesome pet own up and take care of business!!!

FYF Equipment Hand-out July 26th

Fieldcrest Youth Football will have equipment hand-out on Sunday, July 26th at the High School Football Shed. All fees must be paid in full before equipment is handed out. The following times will be:

12:30-1:30 Varsity Players only 1:30-2:30 JV & Bantam Players.
Flag players will receive their jerseys at practice from their coaches. For those that cannot
make hand-out, equipment will be given to each parent the night of the 1st practice.

Practice can officially begin August 10th. Head Coaches will be contacting the parents of practice times within 1 week of practice.

All fund raising tickets will be passed out at equipment hand-out and will be due at 1st week of practice. Please return all sold tickets to a Board Member: Lanna Ruestman, Heather Pieffer, Jessica Overocker, Amy Stimpert, Chris/Heather McKay, Dana Johnson, Erika Bane, or Paula Wisenhoffer. All tickets must be sold or your child will sit out a game and will not collect a refund.

All Players (except Flags) must have a physical before 1st practice.

Check us out on Facebook: or our Website: for updates.

Lanna Ruestman

Regarding the Existing Garbage Disposal Fiasco

I have just finished reading comments on this site regarding the garbage disposal service problem.

First and foremost, this problem is not caused by the city or its officials. The culprit is the contractor, being less than honest in fulfilling his obligation to the city and our people, for not alerting the city when he could/should see his problem developing.. As a business man, financial or equipment problems do not arise abruptly over night or even in a few days. These kind of problems develop over time, months to years. So for anyone in this city to blame city officials for the problem are clearly out of line.

As I read the Mayor's report that a company has been located and has agreed to come yet this week . No disposal service is immediately available due to their established business obligations. For a company to agree to come in and help, with less than a 48 hour notice, has to be a near miracle.

With this service being obtained, your garbage disposal service this week is only 1-2 days late, so you have not missed anything at all.

Our city officials do act for the benefit of the people of this city. Comments such as I read are not justified from anyone.

I am expess my comments from first-hand knowledge having served as an alderman, mayor and city administrator of this city. So, I am asking these people, what experience do you have to justify making your ridiculous comments?

Dave Shirley

Billie Stokowski: Thank you for clearing up all the confusion

Jennifer Murrah: Only comments i really see on here are about an adjustment to our bills. Since there is a one-two day lateness, do we then get to charge the city a 10.00 fee for lateness when we are charged 10.00 fee for our lateness? Even if the water drop box is on a hide n seek schedule or blocked due to repaving?

Keri Sammans Carls: There's a 1 to 2 day wait when garbage day falls on a holiday. ......

Eric Tomlinson: Dave I am from LaRose Disposal and you are correct we do have our own routes. That's why I hope everyone who reads this can understand we are trying to intermingle our routes with your town and do it in a timely fashion. It will take a couple of weeks to work the kinks out but I'm confident it'll get worked out. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding

Bethany Carey: Thank you!

Connie Ropp: Very well said! I feel so grateful that a company has stepped up to help us out! They are busy also and wouldnt have to do this. Our city officials were right on top of this!

Richard Williams: How much money are we paying for this new company to help us out? The last couple of weeks the trash service came later and later. I don't think this was sudden. This new company isn't coming here for free so I am wondering how much extra it's going to cost us? I'm not interested in charging the city that's just silly. If you don't want a $10.00 fee for paying your bill late then simply don't pay your bill late. I don't blame the city for the garbage service problem, but I do wonder the cost.

Kevin Persic: Do you think people intentionally pay their bill late? This town charges a lot more for water than other communities, and the simple fact is that some people struggle to pay bills on time due to circumstances beyond their control. Have a little heart man.

Richard Williams: Oh no dont get me wrong. Im simply saying i understand the late fee. We mived here from washington where we have water bills upwards of $300.00. Here my bill hasnt reached $100.00. And that is with garbage included. I just want to know how much extra we will have to pay.

Keri Sammans Carls: Very well said Dave Shirley.

Jason Everett Buchanan: Totally agree Dave!

Sheila Crosby: i agree Dave

Sara Crosby: Just curious if you will still be able to put big stuff out the first trash day of the month? I don't want to set something out and have to drag it back in? Just curious? ??

Coleen Curley Brown: Well said Dave, thank you!

Garbage hauler quits

To: Residents of Minonk

As of late Tuesday afternoon the City of Minonk was informed that our current garbage contractor is no longer servicing our community. We are attempting to secure a short term pick-up with another hauler as quickly as possible. As of now there will be no garbage pick-up this Thursday 7/30. We will publish more information as soon as it becomes available.

Bill Koos
Mayor of Minonk

Penny Land: This is crazy!! If they had a contract with minonk they should have to finish its term

Jennifer Murrah: Well they are quick to send us a letter and charge us 10.00 for a few days late, so there better be a credit on my water bill, if not, I have no problem putting my garbage on city hall's front door step!

Penny Land: Wonder if our h2o bills will reflect a week of garbage credit

Becky Peiffer: I have no problem putting my trash in the city hall cans by police station so there needs to be a credit to all paying customers!

Jenny Railey Hernandez: I've heard that both of their trucks are broke and not fixable. Don't know if that's true or not

Deb Girardi Backer: The town might get a little stinky!

Desiree Kearfott: I talked to city hall today n they said the company shut there doors bc trucks broke n basically they couldn't afford to fix them!

Lindsay Reed Hahn: Hope it's resolved quickly.

Why weren't flags lowered?

I'm just curious why the American Flags have not been lowered at City Hall, Cannon Park or Millennia Park in honor or our Military that were murdered last week in Tennessee. I was walking just a bit ago and did notice the flag at the High School and a private citizen had their's lowered.

Lori Kapraun

Billie Stokowski: Good question

JoAnn Ruestman: I have never seen nor heard where the President has ordered it?

Lori Kapraun:

Joshua Robert Baker: Nice to see that someone came forward on this issue and the flags still aren't lowered way to go Minonk you truly are "a good place to live"


As a newly elected alderman for Ward 1 of Minonk, I have received many calls & complaints about barking dogs. I know you love your pets, but when your dog barks for more than 10 minutes, it becomes a nuisance.

You should think about your neighbors who might be sick & trying to rest, or little babies, or even shift workers.

According to Ordinance #9.10.010, you may be fined for this norise nuisance.

Thank you for your cooperation & think of you fellow neighbors.

Jack Marcoline
Alderman Ward 1


Amanda Greenland: Those are usually the people that don't really love their pets.

Kari Stewart Jones and this is why I love and miss Jack everyday.

Tina Dunning Thanks Marco! I've dealt with this constantly with different neighbors

Stephanie Rodseth-Podgorny Amen!!

Becky Peiffer: Thank you! We also have it in our area as well!


Hi, I'm inquiring on the progress of the Minonk History Book.
Thank you.

Joan Weter

Editor reply: I talked to the author and he said the book is being submitted to the publisher next week and hopefully the book will be available for distribution sometime in August. We will let everyone know when the book is ready.