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Emails for July 2012
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Yellow Van Incident | Town wide garage sales | Fieldcrest Youth Football | JFL Ages | Ages for JFL? | Fieldcrest Youth Football Cheerleaders | Wenona Days Parade 2012 "It's a Jungle Out There!" | Card shower for Jan Rhodes | JFL Bantam Cheerleaders needed! | Anne's Unforgettables selling "Savory Sweets" | St. Jude Run Saturday, July 21st | RV needed for for Minonk to Peoria St. Jude run | Missing Kittens | Wants pictured identified | Likes new water park | Missing Angus Steer | FIlger Library holding book fair | Draw Down Winners | FHS Marching Knights get new banner with help from community | American Legion Announces July 4th Raffle Drawing Winners | Picture from 1961 July 4th |

Yellow Van Incident

I just want to take a minute to clarify an incident that was reported on Tuesday afternoon. The yellow van and attempted child abduction is unfounded. The initial call we received was the occupants of a yellow van driving past yelling at young girls. Two young girls got frightened and ran into Pop's for help. I think the girls were taught well and acted appropriately.

I personally saw the van at Casey's and briefly spoke with the driver before the incident was reported. Shortly after leaving Casey's the call was dispatched. I returned to Casey's and the van had already left. I spoke with Gale at Casey's and she told me the guy is a regular customer, but she could not recall his name.

A Deputy and I checked the entire town attempting to locate the van. Subsequently with the help of some of our residents the individual was located. We learned that the driver was yelling at a co worker who was parked in the Dollar General lot.

I am not saying that this couldn't have been a more serious situation; I just want people to know that it wasn't. This would probably be a good time to review some safety rules with our children. As a side note had we determined this to be more serious, we would have contacted the media. Thanks
Nick Cavera
Minonk Police Department
309 432-2341


Fieldcrest Youth Football

2012 Fieldcrest Youth Football enrollment is still open. If your child is interested in playing football, please contact me if you need a form or come to equipment hand-out on Sunday, August 5th to enroll.

REMINDER: Equipment hand-out is Sunday, August 5th at football shed. ALL PARENTS MUST BE PRESENT TO COMPLETE FORMS. Schedule for hand-out of equipment: Varsity-3:00-4:00 PM, JV-4:00-5:30 PM, Bantam- 5:30-6:30 PM.

FYF first practice is Monday, August 6th. Payment/Physical/and all forms must be completed and turned before practice begins on August 6th or child WILL NOT be able to practice.

Travis Nix head Bantam Coach, Joe McKay JV1 Head Coach, Scott Johnson JV2 Head Coach and George Mortiz Varsity Head Coach.

If you have any questions or need an enrollment form, please contact me or Russell Ruestman at 309-432-3909.

Lanna Ruestman

Ages for JFL?

I was wondering the ages for JFL if anyone could give me the information on how old they have to be to start, I have an eager one wanting to play!

Kelly Lane

Wenona Days Parade 2012 "It's a Jungle Out There!"

To any group/organization/business:

This year's theme for Wenona Days is "It's a Jungle Out There!" The parade will also follow this theme. The parade will be Sunday, August 12th and will begin at the Middle School in Wenona. The kiddie parade starts at 12:45, and the grand parade follows at 1:00p.m. If anyone interested in having an entry in the parade, please email me at for a form, or pick up a copy of the Wenona Index, and look for a clipping of the form. Please mail forms back to:

Wenona Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box. 364
Wenona, IL 61377

*We ask that if anyone is going to be in the parade that you be there by 12:30 for line-up.


Braiden Skinner

JFL Bantam Cheerleaders needed!

Please help spread the word! We are looking for any 4th grade girls in the Fieldcrest school district to start a cheerleading squad to help cheer on our Bantam JFL boys this year. A parents meeting will be held on August 13 at 6:30pm in Wenona at the Uptown Pavillion for any girls interested. That night we will be registering girls, ordering uniforms, and answering any questions about the upcoming season. If you would like more information before the meeting please contact Cindy Fulkerson at 815 853-4708 or Nickie Anderson at 815 853 0911. Hope to hear from you soon!

Cindy Fulkerson

St. Jude Run Saturday, July 21st

This is the second year 42 team members, from Minonk and the surrounding communities, will be participating in the Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run. We appreciate the fantastic support the community has shown our team and would like to ask everyone to come out and send us off on Saturday morning. At 5:15 AM, at Millennium Park, a representative from St. Jude Run will be doing a send off presentation. The community is invited to attend. The team will leave from Millenium Park at 6 AM heading South on Chestnut Street. We would love to have the street lined with people cheering us on!!! We will be running, relay style, 42 miles to Peoria. We have very little shade on our route, which follows Route 116. We should arrive at the Bob Michael Bridge just before 2:45 and will continue into the Caterpillar parking lot from there. For those wanting to watch our check presentation, we will be on the St. Jude Telethon at approximately 8:49 to present our fundraising check.

Thank you,
Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team


Missing Kittens

When we got home from vacation last weekend, both of our 12 week old kittens were missing. If someone has seen them, please let me know because my daughters are very upset. Cotton is a gray tiger stripped male with a blue bell collar and Binks is a black male with a small patch of white on him and also has a blue bell collar. We live on the 700 block of E Seventh St. Thank you,
Kari Jones
309 256 7571


Likes new water park

Thank you everyone involved in bringing the new sprinkler park to New Millenium Park Minonk. My 4 year old Aidan Loves it. Wonderful that a facility that nice is used at no charge.

Jack Daniel Devine

FIlger Library holding book fair


The Filger Library is having a book fair from now through Friday, July 13, 2012. There are books on display for pre-school through young adults. However, folks may also go on-line to order books for all ages, as well. They can go to the Filger Library website to find a link or to

A portion of the proceeds from the books that people purchase will go toward buying new books for the library.

The hours at the library are:

Wednesday 9-5
Thursday 9-7
Friday 9-12

Susan Ryan

FHS Marching Knights get new banner with help from community

The Fieldcrest Marching Knights would like to thank the community for the outstanding support they have received so far in donations to help purchase their new banner. The banner was used for the first time in the Minonk 4th of July parade along with a new carrying system that keeps the banner from blowing backwards. It features the new FHS Knight logo! A stand which allows the banner to be displayed on the field during fieldshows was also purchased. Pictured are FHS Marching Knights: Shary Jenkins, Allyson Bane, Zoey Baker and Lizzy Kline.

Christy Kline

Picture from 1961 July 4th

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Bud Meyer . My wife, Billie ( of 66 years) and I have lived in Satellite Beach, Florida for 37 years.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo I took of the 1961 4th of July parade in Minonk, Illinois.

In the photo you will see my brother, Jim Meyer and other family members. Also , a gentleman (with apron) who was your football coach. I am sorry that I can't recall his name. (Jack Pierce)

A few days after I took the photo I left for Headquarters, U. S. Army, Europe in Heidelberg, Germany. The Berlin Wall was just being constructed.

We have many fond memories of our visits with Jim and his family in Minonk, Illinois. You have a great City...

Happy 4th of July.

W. J. "Bud" Meyer
W W II & Korean War Army veteran
(321) 773-4552


Town wide garage sales

I was wondering if anyone knew when the townwide garage sales are going to be held this fall?

Treva Hinkle

JFL Ages

Kelly had asked about JFL ages, which I have listed below;

Bantams: 3rd & 4th grades, or an equivocal age for home-schooled players
Junior: 5th & 6th grades, or an equivocal age for home-schooled players
Varsity: 7th & 8th grades, or an equivocal age for home-schooled players

If anyone has a child interested in playing, please feel free to give me a call at 309-275-5125.

Russell Ruestman

Fieldcrest Youth Football Cheerleaders

The Fieldcrest high school cheerleaders would like to invite anyone grades 5th - 8th , and 7th & 8th that are interested in being a FYF cheerleader. The J.V will be 5th &6th and the varsity will be 7th & 8th. The girls will be cheering at all home games.

The cost is $45.00 which includes the uniform. Sign up will be at the football field on Sunday August 5th from 3:30- 6:00.
You must provide proof of your own insurance.
If you have any question you may

contact : Sonja Ruestman@ 309-323-4660.
More information on practices and game will be avaible at sign up

Sonja Ruestman

Card shower for Jan Rhodes

We are holding a Card Shower for our Mom, Jan Rhodes for her 75th birthday which is on 7/30/12. Cards can be sent anytime between now and then, at
29 Brookshire Green
Bloomington, Il. 61704
She was a long time resident of Minonk and also an employee of the former Lida Home for many years along with an EMT with the Minonk squad.

Thank you,

Kelly Rhodes Lane & Bonnie Rho

Anne's Unforgettables selling "Savory Sweets"

Anne's Unforgettables are selling "Savory Sweets" cookie dough and gourmet popcorn again --- but only until Aug. 6th . The cookie dough comes in fresh made with no artificial additives, preservatives or fillers added and may be frozen up to 6 months------- good for all your Christmas baking !

The selection of dough is - Choc. chunk, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, sugar, choc. chunk pecan, snickerdoodle, candy, double choc. chunk, white macadamia, coconut pecan, mint double choc. , lemon drop, and double peanut butter choc. chip. A new addition this year is KukieKookie dough --- bright colors and fantastic flavors, perfect for family fun.

The gourmet popcorn comes in 4 flavors -- Chocolatey Delight, Chicago Style, Buttery Caramel with peanuts, and Buttery Caramel. Also available are the lava-licious cakes - in chocolate fudge or peanut butter.

All items are $12.00 each . PLEASE contact Betty Barth @4322168, Linda Azbill @4323008, Donna Herman @4324025 or Christy Kline @815-8542640 to place orders and support the Alzheimer's Association.

Betty Barth

RV needed for for Minonk to Peoria St. Jude run

The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude runners are still in need of at least one more RV to transport runners on July 21st as they run 42 miles relay style from Minonk to Peoria in support of the kids of St. Jude. The team currently has 40 runners and one more RV will make it more comfortable for the runners between the legs they run. This is a long hot day for the runners so any help would be greatly appreciated. If interested in helping we have qualified drivers and are fully insured through St. Jude. Please consider helping us help those who cannot help themselves. If interested call Todd at 309-287-7885. Thank you!

Todd Cremer

Wants pictured identified

I have had luck twice in identifying unknown pictures so I will try again. There is no photographer's name on it either. If anyone knowswho is in this picture, please reply.
Click click here to view picture.

Thanks again,

Diana Folkers Tidball

Missing Angus Steer

We are missing our Angus 4-H project show steer! Somehow he got out and was last seen 2 miles west of Minonk. At the time he was still wearing an orange and blue rope halter. We know with the weather not to expect much, but we are hoping that maybe he has gotten in with some other cattle in the area. If you have seen him or for some reason have him, please call 309-432-2298. My sons and I would sure like to have him back. So would his barn room mates! Thank you!

Kim Barth

Draw Down Winners

Minonk 4th Of July Draw Down Winners
T. Tjaden
Meyer Kids
Mark McNamara
Brian Kirkton
Nick Fiorini
J. Pittman
Jeff Tarmann
T. Tjaden
Lynn Petterson
Jim Meyer
Charlie Middleton
Thanks to everyone who participated!

S Park

American Legion Announces July 4th Raffle Drawing Winners

A live drawing of winning tickets in the Minonk Post 142 American Legion cash lottery was conducted in front of the audience at Suttons Park during the 2nd entertainment intermission session. Winners are as follows:

1st prize - $150.00 - Jan Timmerman, Minonk, IL
2nd prize - $100.00 - Fred Shirley, Pontiac, IL
3rd prize - $75.00 - Bobbie Evans, Minonk, IL
4th prize - $50.00 - Beth Hartzler, Bloomington, IL
5th prize - $50.00 - Ed Hodgson, LaSalle, IL
6th prize - $50.00 - Rick DeLay, Minonk, IL
7th prize - $25.00 - Dave Brown, Minonk, IL
8th prize - $10.00 - Jesi Milton, Minonk, IL
9th prize - $10.00 - Jeremy Baker, MInonk, IL
10th prize - $10.00 - Lane Stimpert, MInonk, IL
11th prize - $10.00 - William Herman Jr, Minonk, IL
12th prize - $10.00 - Nena Hamilton, Minonk, IL
13th prize - $10.00 - Duane Harms, El Paso, IL
14th prize - $10.00 - Jay Hartzler, Blooington, IL
15th Prize - $10.00 - Dennis Petersen, Minonk, IL
16th prize - $10.00 - Nena Hamilton, Minonk, IL
17th prize - $10.00 - Paul Lindsay, Minonk, IL

The members of Minonk Post 142, appreciate the support of our annual cash lottery by the people of Minonk and surrounding communities.

Dave Shirley
Post 142 Finance Officer