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Emails for July 2011
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Sportsman's Club

Does anyone have any information related to the Minonk Sportsman's Club, how to join, cost, etc?!



Fieldcrest Youth Football

First practice for Fieldcrest Youth Football is Monday, August 1st. All parents will need to stop at the pavilion by the football field after dropping off players to pick up Spirit Wear items, team folders and sign up for volunteering. A reminder that all players must have their paperwork (sign up form, equipment form, code of conduct form and physical form) turned in before practicing on August 1st. Please contact your child's coach if you have any questions.

Kim McGough

Editorial on Congress and Spending Cuts

I must respectfully disagree with some parts of your editorial regarding our country's financial mess and a way out of that mess.

First, I don't think the general public is aware that we have had no official budget for the past two years. The budget is normally presented first by the House and then moves on through the Senate and up to the President. While Nancy Pelosi (Dem. California)was Speaker of the House, a loophole was used which amounted to little more than extending the then current budget rather than presenting a new one. Meantime, of course, many new programs and their costs were implemented. Also, many people lost jobs and homes so that taxes and values were changed and welfare or unemployment checks were being sent to more people.

Second, the Democrats have NOT at any time during the current mess, presented a written budget proposal. They apparently prefer to belittle and rant against anything presented by Republicans, totally overlooking many of the dangers the rising debt will cause for future generations.

The Republicans in the House have passed a bill known as the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill. It cuts taxes, caps our debt limit to a percentage of our GNP, and calls for a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to balance the budget each year. Most states currently require their legislators balance the state budget annually -- and some, such as California - legally withhold any pay the legislators are due between the time one year's budget ends and the next one is put in place. They are never paid for the time the state is without a budget, even after it is finally balanced.

The US currently takes in enough money each month to pay the interest on its debt, continue sending social security checks and military paychecks, as well as fund Medicare. I am rather disgusted with hearing our President get up and scare old people with his statements about not being able to pay Social Security benefits. This threat falls into the same category of the many times school districts have heard that sports and music will be cut because the money to pay for them is not there. In other words, you threaten something that is very popular (in the school case) or very essential to many (the Social Security/military pay).

Our media is not doing a very good job of covering much of this entire situation. The President has been on the air (almost) daily, laying the blame at the feet of the Republicans. Let him look to his own party which has neglected to prepare a budget the past two years, and now , thank you Harry Reid, is refusing the allow the Cut Cap and Balance proposal to advance. Could it be that they don't want the public to be able to say that the Democrats voted it down, since they control the Senate, or the President killed it with a veto?

We need to quit spending money we don't have. Why are we giving billions to Brazil to develop their off-shore drilling but throwing thousands out of work by shutting down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and preventing new drilling and exploration in Alaska? Why are we making life so difficult for small business owners with new taxes and laws? Why does the so-called health care reform call for a 0ne percent additional tax on all home sales? Why does that same bill call for an additional 16,000 IRS employees? The list goes on and on. We need to take a few lessons from Ronald Reagan. We laughed when he first described cutting taxes as having a trickle down effect, but guess what, he was right and it worked.

Martha Eikenmeyer Owens

3rd Annual Alzheimer Poker Run

On Sat. July 30th the Circle J Saloon will be Having its 3rd annual Alzheimer Poker Run. Sign up starts at noon.Last bike in will be 7pm. There will be food, fun and prizes. 'Garage Sale Special' band will play after the run. Any donations will be gratefully accepted. Entry fee will be $10 per person. If Alzheimers hasn't touched your life the way it has ours and so many others in this community alone, it's almost a sure thing that it will someway, someday. So help us try to find the answers they so desperately search for. Any questions or donations just call Nena @ Circle J Saloon..309-432-2501.
Thanks so much for your support.

Nena Hamilton

Link to Cross Country Bike Trip

Hi Dave,
Enclosed is a link about my cousin Bill Miller, he's on an across country bicycle trip in support of Alzheimer's Research. Amazing journal with pictures. . Bill's Mother is Edith (Brockling) Miller, formerly of Minonk.

Christy Kline


Dave : Now that rec. board is looking in to safety issue around the food shack, would be a good time to try and find out WHY they haven't opened the parking lot north of the east diamond! If that were open, folk's wouldn't have to set their lawn chairs on Mary street to watch a game, they could set along the fence where all the car's are at. FDB

fred baker


Greetings from the Fieldcrest FOCUSED Group!

Fresh off of our selection of being top ten in the nation, a busy year is in store for our group. We are currently working on obtaining 15,000 pledges against texting and driving for our sixteen foot pledge wall. At this point in time, we have 500 pledges, and are only two weeks into our campaign.

On Monday, we were presented with an amazing opportunity. The Peoria Chiefs have allowed us to bring our pledge wall and our group to their August 3rd game. We will be located on the main concourse of the stadium, with gates opening at 5:45 p.m. The game will start at 7:00 p.m. Several FOCUSED members will be pre-selling tickets for the game, at $10.00 a piece. For every pre-sale ticket purchased, a portion will go to the group. This is not only a great opportunity for the group, but for everyone in the community.

Since the game will be played on a Wednesday, the Chiefs will have $1 hot dogs, soda, and ice cream sandwiches. Also with the purchase of a ticket, a random draw will be held. The winning ticket gets to pitch the first pitch of the Chiefs game. Please contact one of the following FOCUSED members to purchase your Pre-Sale ticket. Deadline for purchasing pre-sale tickets is July 26th.

Mollie Healy – (815) 257-8999
Lesley Hakes – (309) 830-4145
Audrey Witte – (815) 343-2097

Or email Sheila Healy @

*If you are not able to make the Chiefs game, more information will follow for the Bloomington Cornbelters game on September 3rd. The St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders will also be in attendance, and the plan is to have them take the pledge.

Sheila Healy

4th of July Drawdown

Dori Wyss, Terry Manning, Jim Lindsay, Diana Ladd, Rick Uftring,
Terry Kalkwarf, Kelli Weiland, Josie Weiland, Coleen Brown, Marc Durre,

susan park

Immanuel Youth Car Wash Saturday

Just a Reminder this Saturday July 9th the youth from Immanuel Lutheran Church are having a car wash in the lot across from Pop's from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to raise funds for activities. Thanks.

Deb Charlier-Carr

Minonk Sportsman's Club

To the individual inquiring about the Minonk Sportsman's club..The dues are $100.00 annually. There are several rules and regulations that pertain to membership. You may contact Bob Hakes or 'Chop" or Lou Jacek for membership information.

Mary Lou Jacek

Thanks, class of '54

I'd like to thank the class of '54 for sending me a nice card a few days ago. I couldn't be at the reunion this year, so the card was a wonderful surprise. You guys are a great group.

Art Kettelhut


The link below graphical shows where our deficit came from. G W BUSH.







St. Jude Minonk to Peoria Runners need Help

The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude runners are in need of an RV for race day. Two of the RV's the team had planned on using are currently unavailable. This puts the team in rough spot. As you all know, the weather has been extremely hot, and more than likely it will be on race day too. The RV's are used to give the team members a chance to cool off and recharge when it isn't the team member's turn to run. If anyone has an RV that the team could borrow, on Saturday, August 6th, please contact Jodi Timmerman at 309-432-3061.


Minonk Civil War Vet

I just read the article about Minonk's Civil War Veterans. I was surprised there was no mention of John W. January. His photo is included among those in the wall display at the Lincoln library in Springfield. Interested readers should check the Minonk Talk people link for photos and a biography of mister January.

Don Grampp

Minonk Co-Op Preschool Registration

Minonk Co-Op Preschool will hold registration for the 2011-2012 school year on Wed. Aug 3rd at 6 pm. at St. Pauls Church in Minonk. Classes will be held on Tues. and Thursdays from 8-11 am for 3 year olds and on Mon., Wed. and Fridays from 8-11 am for 4 year olds. Registration is required and there is a $75.00 deposit due at time of registration. Any questions, please call Tami Tallyn at 309-432-2253. Thanks and hope to see you there!

Tami Tallyn

Touching home base

Hello , I have not been home for about 25 years now. I did pass through 3 years ago and took my 16 yr. old son Dustin to your skate park and visited dad's grave. I just started college in pursuit of an AAS degree majoring in welding & metals tech. I have 6 children one of which is not with us. My email adress is if anyone who knows me wants to say hi. Just wanted to reach out and say hi to my hometown. God Bless!!!!!!!!!

James Goff

American Legion Post 142 - 4th July Raffle

Winners in the American Legion Post 142 cash raffle drawing are as follows:

1st price - $150.00 - Natalie Overocker, Toluca, IL
2nd prize - $100.00 - Joe Boyd, address unknown - donated prize back to
Post 142 when contacted by phone
3rd prize - $75.00 - John Welch, ElPaso, IL
4th prize - $50.00 - Robert Burmood, Benson, IL
5th prize - $50.00 - Anna Johnson, Minonk, IL
6th prize - $50.00 - Cory Hart, Cornell, IL
7th prize - $25.00 - Scott Meils, address unknown, no answer to phone call
8th prize - $10.00 - Judy Davis, Minonk, IL
9th prize - $10.00 - Madison Tjaden, Minonk, IL
10th prize - $10.00 - Jerry Schlueter, MInonk, IL
11th prize - $10.00 - Jerry Barth, MInonk, IL
12th prize - $10.00 - Ron "Corky" Marshall, MInonk, IL
13th prize - $10.00 - Dick Shelkby, Minonk, IL
14th prize - $10.00 - Peggy Ponce , Minonk, IL - donated back to Post 142
15th prize - $10.00 - Josh Baker, Minonk, IL
16th prize - $10.00 - Jamie Vissering, Minonk, IL
17th prize - $10.00 - Bob durdan, Grand Ridge, IL

Unclaimed prizes are being mailed to winners.

David Shirley
Post 142 Finance Officer

David Shirley, Finance Officer

Poker Run Benefit

Mark "Fergie" Ferguson suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident. He has been off work while recovering. There will be a benefit held for him at the Minonk Lanes on July 16th.

Poker run will have 7 stops, first bike out at 11am, last bike in 6pm. Food, raffles etc.

Proceeds will help Mark with monthly living expense and medical bills. If you would like to help or have donations you would like to make please call the Minonk Lanes at 309-432-2737.

Thank you, Beck

Becky Quick

Fireworks Were Outstanding

The fire works was out standing. I said last year they would never top this, BUT they did. MANY MANY THANK's