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Emails for July 2007
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Use refund for sidewalks


There are various ways that Minonk could use the refund money. One area that would impact the majority of the Minonk residents (both young and old residents alike) would be fixing the sidewalks.

On various streets, the sidewalks are in bad shape, many of them are broken, cracked, or various stages of disrepair. There are also a number of sidewalks that could use a ramp on them so they would be more accessible to people in wheelchairs, people who are pushing strollers, or people who use a walker.

For what it is worth, that is my 2 cents worth.

Richard Stillwell

Safe Church orientation


At St. Paul's we have scheduled three sessions during August for Safe Church Orientation. The dates are –

Wednesday, August 8, 6:30 – 8:00pm
Tuesday, August 14, 6:30 – 8:00pm
Thursday, August 23, 6:30 – 8:00pm

St. Paul's members who haven't yet attended a session are encouraged to attend one of the August meetings. We also invite our brothers and sisters from the other churches in town to attend a session if they need it for teaching Sunday School or working with youth in their congregations.

Pastor Pam Gansch-Boythe
St. Paul's United Church of Christ

Volunteers needed for Fieldcrest South project

The Fieldcrest South Elementary PTO will be preparing the playground for the rubber mulch this week from 5-8 p.m. We would appreciate any community members who would like to volunteer their time and energy for this worth while project. Please bring shovels and large push brooms. Water will be provided.


Anita Holland

Fieldcrest student to sing at Peoria Chiefs game


For any Peoria Chiefs fans --

Local Fieldcrest High School student, Bridgett Palmore, will be singing the
National Anthem at the Peoria Chiefs game against the Great Lakes Loons on
Wednesday, August 8th.

Gates open at 6:00 and the game starts at 7:00 pm that evening. Bridgett is
a senior at FHS from rural Minonk and the daughter of Roger and Mary

Mary Palmore

Comment on comment

I would like to clarify my comment which seems to have upset Lisa and, no doubt, others. My comment was not intended to be "hurtful" to any individual regardless of their politics. My comment was intended as an observation, (biased as you may think it is) of fact concerning a political party.
It is no secret that one of the biggest differences between the liberal and conservative parties is that one tends to promote bigger government involvement with it's accompanying spending programs to provide opportunity and growth. Which many people think is the way to go.
The other tends to promote smaller government involvement by relying on capitalism to provide opportunity and growth. Many people think that is the way to go. This is of course an over simplified description and quite possibly reflects my own bias.
If it is biased to have the opinion that one policy is a bad idea and the other policy is a better idea then Lisa nailed me right on the head, I have wasted my intelligence on bias.
I don't, however, have any higher or lower opinion of ANY of my neighbors because they agree or disagree with my politics. Nor do I have a problem with their bias in that respect. It's just ideas and opinions and we are all taking a risk with ANYONE we send to Washington anymore.
No one wants to talk about religion or politics because we apparently can't express an opinion without being labeled biased anymore. When did biased get to be such a dirty word anyway? I just looked it up... biased is defined as:
"a tendency or inclination of outlook; a subjective point of view"
Some synonyms are:
"predisposition, bent, or leaning"
Well... I'm just not going to deny that. I do have tendencies and inclinations in my religion as well as my politics and, now that I think about it, I don't know anyone who doesn't. I do however know people who will deny it.
My purpose in writing this letter, besides clarification, is to apologize to Lisa (and anyone else) who mistook my observation of a political discipline for a personal jab at people who disagree with my views. I thought I could state an opinion and have it be taken for just that. If I can't do that without hurting my neighbors then I would rather that I had just said nothing at all. Please forgive me.
I think that is what my Lord would have me do. (Romans 12:10) (Romans 14:15 replace the word "eat" with the word "say")
Don Sweeney

Editorial on Blagojevich

Concerning your recent editorial on the leadership coming out of Springfield-Chicago I say, well said Dave. I'm sure there are others who would agree with me when I say that I appreciate the effort you put out to educate yourself on these issues. I don't always agree with you but I always appreciate your efforts.

Also, I think I can answer a question you raised in the third paragraph:

"I don't understand why Blagojevich insists on creating new spending programs when the state is already broke and can't pay its bills."

If you look in the dictionary under "democrat" you will find the following definition:

"insists on creating new spending programs when the state is already broke and can't pay its bills."

Don Sweeney

Minonk Coop Preschool informational mtg/Registration July 26th

There will be an informational meeting of the Minonk Coop Preschool Registration
on July 26th 2007, Thurs. at 6:00 pm at St. Pauls church basement, 5 th street.
This meeting is important to attend as there are numerous changes this year.
Call with questions: Sheri Baker 432-3365 or Jessica Overocker: 1-815-854-2218

Update on Phoenix-LasVegas get together


We have finally nailed down a spot to stay in Scottsdale. We will be at the Comfort Inn,, 7350 E. Gold Dust, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

This is just off Scottsdale Road and a few miles further north than where we used to stay. There is an outdoor pool, an included breakfast, laundry facilities, and a fitness center.
The rate is $80.10 per night BUT you have to ask for either the senior rate or the AAA rate or the cost is around $20 per night more. Unlike previous years, I did not reserve a block of rooms because there was no price break for doing so.

Meantime, our plans are shaping up nicely. We will attend a Native American Hoop Dance show (free at a local hotel) and take a tour to either the historic mining town of Jerome or to the Montezuma's Castle National Monument. In either case, we will probably stop in Sedona for lunch. And , of course, we will eat a different place each night.

If you can join us on Nov. 2, 3, and 4, please make your reservations either online or by calling 1-480-596-6559. Then, please let me know you will be there and if I should plan on your being at the nightly dinners.

Remember_ Oct. 30 and 31 plus Nov. 1 VEGAS Nov. 2.3.and 4 ARIZONA
Contact me with questions.

Martha Owens
44-816 Oro Grande Circle, Indian Wells, CA 92210

Website on rowing in memory of Adam Meils Foote

Hello, Dave.

Please pass this site along to friends and colleagues.
This thing is really gaining momentum - very exciting !

Jennifer Young

Editor's note: Jennifer Young is the mother of Adam Meils Foote

Thank you to EMT/Officer

I wanted to send a note to thank Kimmel Jenkins,Officer Harms, and the other EMT's that showed up to care for me and transport me to St. James Hospital. You all saw me at my worst but didn't blink an eye. Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis!!!! It makes a world of difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly Schneider

July 4th thank you


Just a note to let everyone know that the Minonk 4th of July Committee truly appreciates all of the support of the many individuals and businesses that have assisted us as we put together the 4th of July Celebration this year. A separate note to you lists all of the sponsors we had this year and if we have missed putting your name on the list please let me know and I can correct that oversight.

I would also like to take this time to THANK the committee as they put in a lot of time and effort to make these events a success. Without these folks this event would not have occurred. I can't thank them enough for the many meetings, the endless phone calls, all of the organizing, purchasing, finding volunteers to assist and the many, many other things that they did.

Let me take this time to mention their names: Sue Park, Pat Copp, Bruce Tjaden, Billie Stokowski, Scott and Mindy Johnson, Corey Ruestman, Ron Redenius, Dave Harsted, Bob and Kathy Jackson, Jack Jochums, Mark Spencer, Heather Peiffer, Todd Minz, Terry Kalkwarf, and myself, Cathy McKay. If you should see these folks please let them know how much you appreciated their efforts on your behalf, they don't hear it nearly often enough. THANK YOU!!!

Another group of individuals that need a THANK YOU are the city employees who assist us tremendously with all of the many tasks that they perform – please let them receive your thanks as well.

The last group that deserves a big thank you is the many volunteers that the committee relies on to assist us as we attempt to organize each event. These events would not be possible without all of your help – thank you as well.

One such group that I need to thank publicly is the many, many volunteers that have assisted me through the years with the parade. Let me mention this years volunteers for you to thank as well: Sue Park, Billie Stokowski, Chelsea McCormick, Glennda Weers, Kim and Duane Sullivan, Judy Kalkwarf, Howard Harms, Terry Kalkwarf, Bob and Kathy Jackson, Julie Redenius, Jack Jochums, and Jay Hurd. This is just a few of the many volunteers through the years – THANK YOU!!


Cathy McKay
Chair – 4th of July Committee

Triple Ladder Golf Tournament results


We would like to thank the 10 teams that participated in the first Triple Ladder Golf Tournament sponsored by the Minonk 4th of July Committee. Robert Hochecher and his daughter Taylor won the $50 prize. This is a relatively new game in this area. We plan to make this tournament an annual event and hope to see more teams join the fun next year.

We would also like to thank the Minonk 4th of July Committee for all their hard work. Some people may not realize the months of planning and the many hours of time and work that make this event possible. The first of many meetings planning next year's celebration starts in August, 2007. We would encourage everyone to take time to thank the committee and if you can, offer your help.

Charlie & Jeanie McGuire

Thanks to Fourth of July Committee

I just wanted to thank the 4th of July committee for all of their hard work to make this week wonderful. I think they did an effective job, and I am glad they did not let the negative comments affect the outcome. Every event I attended turned out quite nicely, and I just wanted them to know I appreciated their hard work.

The Masters Family

Thanks for info on AT&T

I want to thank Keith Paris for sharing that information regarding Cingular and AT&T. It's nice that we have a place we can keep in contact with one another here in Minonk. Not only can we share our opinions, but we can share useful information - that in many cases - only the people who live and work in Minonk can truly understand.

Thanks again Keith!!! You've assisted at least 2 people.

Sarah Prosser

Poor AT & T (Cingular) Service


For people in Minonk who have AT&T (Cingular) service and have started having trouble, here is the contact information to call them. When you get the automated answer use option "0" and option "0" AT&T (Cingular) Customers

Should you be experiencing degraded service since the change of your alpha tag to AT&T,
please contact customer service at 800-331-0500 or 611 from the wireless device so that the representative can file a trouble ticket to have your issue escalated and looked into further in detail by our technical support team.

Keith Paris

VBS Update

I just wanted to remind everyone that Vacation Bible School is just a few weeks away! For those wanting to volunteer this year I need them to please contact me. Everyone over the age of 18 has to go to a "Safe Church Policy" meeting!! This MUST be done before VBS week. For those who have not yet registered I will have registration forms available on the 4th at the Pavilion (during the Chicken Fry). Important dates are: July 29th 6-7pm (t-shirt pick up), July 30-August 3 VBS 6-8:30pm at St Pat's, August 5 5pm Closing program at the Pavilion. Please call (309-303-6769) or email me ( with any questions. I would also like to say a big Thank you to Paulie's Pub & Pizza for donating the money needed for the candy bags & float supplies for the parade!!!! Thank you!!

Jaime Mool

Use of refund money

I would like to second Albert Thompson's motion to use that refund money mentioned in the Pantagraph to pave some streets around here... especially W. Fourth st. although I am admittedly biased concerning that street.
D. Sweeney

Soccer registeration forms ready

Hi Dave,

Attached is the front/back 2 page word document for any interested parties to sign up their Pre-K through 5th grade kids for Soccer:

We only have this week to sign up for soccer to play down in the El Paso league again this year..............

Sign up forms can be downloaded here, (make sure you get both the front and back downloaded and printed off) as well as sign up forms located at Visions Video, Pop's Sweet Shop and Minonk City Hall. Click here to download the forms.

All sign up sheets and money must be turned into the drop box outside of Minonk City Hall by this Friday August 3rd.

Jeff Keller
Minonk Parks and Rec Board

Comment on Pantagraph article on 90K going to City


I hope the city decides to put this money to use. My guess is...not. The streets are in horrible condition. Instead of a yearly Band-Aid – why not pave these roads? Misused funds have plagued that town for years - just ask the police dept.

Albert Thompson

Click here for Pantagraph article.

Reply to comment on comment

I was not hurt in any way by your comment, I only commented because instead of it being a "bias" comment then I will re-word it and say is an untrue comment. The word democrat in the dictionary means "a person who believes in the political or social equality of all people." I believe you and I are equal in all sense of politics or religion. We both have our beliefs, and I respect yours, I would hope you respect mine.

My only intention was to hopefully have people read these comments and either join in with what their ideas are or make it strike up intelligent conversation at either the dinner table or friendly conversation with friends and neighbors. It was how I was raised and I use to hang on to my dads every word. He was a very intelligent man with lots of ideas and a lot of opions on how things should be, either in politics or religion, but mostly politics. I am sure he came by it honestly too since my Grandma, Elva Rumler, used to be a big part of the Democrat Headquarters in Fulton County many many years ago. So the part of democrat that runs through my blood is the part where it says we are all equal, politically or socially.

So if you think Don, that in anyway I was upset or hurt by your comment it is totally the opposite, I took it as a chance to once again make people talk about something that could someday cause a flicker in someone who thinks they could make a difference in our small community and flourish from there to be someone who helps in making this again a country that is full of pride. Wouldn't it be nice Don if it was one of your kids or mine?

Lisa Zimmerman

Comment on democrat comment

Well I too agree with Don Sweeny, but only with one thing and that is with Dave and his being educated on a lot of subjects. But what I don't agree with Don, is the Democrat comment. For one thing that is a bias statement and I don't think in this day and age we live in that we need to continue to waste our intelligence on such statements. I believe we need to put our energy towards things that are productive and not hurtful. I am a registered Democrat but would vote for who I thought would help make changes and then I would do what I had to as a citizen to stay well informed on what is going on with all of the politicians. I was watching a news channel last night and they stated that Bush is the worst president we have ever had. Well I have to agree. I have also been listening when the news talks about North America becoming one nation and we ( when I say we, I mean Mexico, Canada and the USA) will be defending the borders of a new nation. Will it happen? Will it be a good thing or bad?

I also hear on the news that AlQaida is still getting ready to attack us here again. I am sure if we don't keep our eyes and ears open to our surroundings and report anything that is suspicious it will happen again and this time I am positive it will be worse.

These are things we need to be getting ourselves educated on and stop with the bias comments on what political party is better than the other. We need to be united, as one, and do our civic duty to keep this country ours.

I am just proud to be an full blooded American. Are you?

Lisa Zimmerman

Lost cat

Would you please post the following on the e-mail page as I'm afraid not enough people check the lost and found page:

We have recently lost our beloved black cat. If you have recently been adopted by a VERY friendly black cat please see the lost and found page for a more detailed description.
Don Sweeney

Is Cheese Factory closed?


As you know (or not), I retired last year from the Post Office in Minonk, and when Sauder & Rippel closed, Chuck went to work for Stollers across the highway. We moved back to Streator (where we were both from originally) to be closer to family, and now Chuck works at the Stoller's store in Ottawa. I am now a regular volunteer at St Anthony School here in Streator, and also a volunteer for IVCC's Adult Literacy Program. I was recently in Minonk to play bridge with some of my friends and was told that the cheese factory had closed. I don't remember seeing anything about that on the webpage and was sorry to hear about it because I always loved Zivney's cheese. What happened? I suppose like everything else, it was just too small to keep going. What a shame, I'm sure it will be missed.

Joanie Miller

Editor's reply: I also heard that the Minonk Cheese factory has closed but have not received an official announcement so I don't know if it is true or not.

Minonk group going to Las Vegas and Phoenix


So far nine of us have committed to going to Vegas for another Minonk Group trip. We will be there on Oct. 30 and 31, and Nov. 1. (A few people are arriving on the 29th), We will be staying at the Orleans at 4500 W. Tropicana. To make reservations you can go on-line to or call 1-800-675-3267. If you call, be sure to ask about the senior rate and you will get the same rate that is the internet special rate. Rates currently are $90 for the first night and $108 for the other two nights.

We hope that lots of people will join us for the fun. I would appreciate it if anyone who plans to attend (or needs more information) will contact me at JLOwensCPA5@msn. This will help in making dinner reservations.

Most of us are also planning to journey from Las Vegas to Phoenix for an additional three days. To date we have not selected a hotel but expect to be able to announce one within the week. The trip to Phoenix is always great because we get to see so many former Minonk residents there.

Please consider joining us for a good time with old friends.

Martha (Eikenmeyer) Owens

"Safe Church" meetings

I just wanted to let VBS volunteers know when the "Safe Church" meetings are: July 11th (St Paul's) 6:30pm, July 12th (St Paul's) 6:30pm, July 15th (Baptist Church) at 7pm, July 17th (St Paul's) 6:30pm. If anyone needs more information please call (309-303-6769) or email (

Please keep in mind the purpose of the "Safe Church Policy" is for the safety of ALL of our children. EVERY volunteer over 18 must have been to one of the meetings no later than July 22nd -so references can be called.

Thank you,
Jaime Mool
VBS Coordinator

Donations of jeans for veterans

I am accepting donations of gently used men's jeans (without holes or stains) that will be donated to homeless Veterans. The company I work for, AtHome America, has their own foundation for Veterans called the HelpAmerica Foundation. The HelpAmerica Foundation is a non-profit organization that has a goal to improve the quality of life for those in America who have uncommonly great needs due to circumstances beyond their control. This will be accomplished one heart, one home and one family at a time.

I will be taking donations until Tuesday, July 24th. If you would like more information, go to my website You can click on the "About Us" tab, then click on "Help America Foundation". Anyone who would like to donate gently used men's jeans can contact me at: or by calling 432-2135.

Thank you,

Christine Cunningham

Donor list for July 4th celebration

Minonk's 4th of July Celebration could not have been done without the generous help of the many, many volunteers – for the parade, beer tent, fireworks, kid's events, car show; and many other events that were scheduled;; AND to the many, many business's and individuals who donated money this year.

We THANK YOU for your support!!!


Alpha Community Bank
City of Minonk
Country Florist
Cunningham Candies
Dr. John Podzamsky
Hartzler Construction
Heartland Cable
Herman's Body Shop
Jerry's Golf Carts
Lavon's Fine Food Restaurant
Leiken – Leiken
Meyer-Jochums Agency
Mona's and Capponi's
Milashoski Plumbing
Minonk American Legion
Minonk Auto Parts
Minonk Unocal
OSF – Minonk Office
Paul S.B. Naik, DDS
Paulie's Pub
Pop's Sweet Shop
Ruestman – Harris Funeral Home
Ruff Brothers Grain
Ruth Knapp Fund
Shear Design
Soaring Eagle Studio
Spring Green
Tae Kwon Do
The Iron Wheel
Tjaden Construction
Uftring Automotive

If we have missed anyone please accept our apologies and let us know, we will add your name to our list.


The Minonk 4th of July Committee

4th of July chicken dinner

I wanted to thank all the people that stood in line to purchase the awesome chicken dinner that the St.Paul's youth group and 4th of July committee put on. I know (from working) that all of you stood in line for quite awhile and hope it was worth the wait (it was for us). Jerry and I were happy to help with this function. St.Paul's church youth group is a great group and many thanks to Susie Schertz and others for all the time spent with them. Where would we be without our youth, they are the future of Minonk !!!!!!!

Tina & Jerry Welch

Class of 1997 plans reunion

The Fieldcrest class of 1997 is celebrating their 10 year Reunion! The reunion will be August 31, 2007 at Capponi's in Toluca. Time TBA.

We need all 1997 graduates to please send us their mailing address, email address, phone number, spouse's name, and married name to
The deadline to submit this information is July 10th, 2007. We must have your updated info so that we can send you an invitation.

More specific details about the reunion will be in the invitation.

Parents: Please forward this information along to your son/daughter. This may be the only way we can get a hold of those that may have moved away or do not have access to Thanks!

Gloria Ehrnthaller

Poor AT & T Service

Hey Dave,
I just wanted to thank Keith for his post about the AT&T service. When I moved back here from Flanagan I had Cingular and I hardly ever had service. One of Cingular's big things was to offer "no roaming" they said if you were roaming, they would pick up the cost. Our family had 3 cell phones with Cingular and we were actually costing them money, plus we hardly ever had service to make or receive calls. Cingular told us they would drop our plan for no fee so we could pick up another service that would work in Minonk.

It looks to me like it is getting worse now that it has become AT&T service, so that was very kind of Keith to post those helpful tips.

Jackie Masters

3 on 3 Tournament a success

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 3 on 3 Tournament sponsored by the Minonk 4th of July committee. We would also like to thank the St. Paul's Youth Group for a wonderful concession stand. We would also like to thank the city crew for helping get the park ready with the bleachers and everything else they did. It was a great success and a wonderful turn out. I hope to see everyone again next year. Thank you.

Jeremy Fuchs and Heather Peiffer

Bags tournament results

Just wanted to thank the 14 teams that signed up for the first bags tournament
sponsored by the Minonk 4th of July committee.
This was our first attempt at hosting a bags tournament and we hope that each
year it will get bigger and better.
Thanks for all the input and suggestions we received. The winning team was
Brian & Craig Stotts, taking home the $70 prize.

Kathy, Bob & Derick Jackson