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Emails for July 2005
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Question on bright beginnings school supply list | Looking for women bowlers | New message board for Minonk | Disregarding Stop Signs-a Problem all over Minonk | Correction on locationof Mighty Mo | Need list of school supplies for the 6th grade | Stray Cat Problem Solution | Lack of stopping at signs and speeding near Westside Park | When did a Stop Sign become merely a Suggestion? | Minonk Car Wash under new ownership | Concerned about loose dogs | Thanks for supporting Cub Scouts | Class of '48 | Free HP print cartridge | Thanks to those who supported Ellen Stokowski benefit | Remembering class of 48 who served | Fieldcrest CAC Coaches and Sponsors Meeting | Germany has windmills too |

Looking for women bowlers

Friday night womens league are looking for more bowlers to share in the fun. A team consists of 4 bowlers and we bowl Friday night starting September 30, 2005 at 7:00. Anyone interested can e-mail me at or call 309-238-2960 or call Dena Stone at 815-869-3044. Hope to see you there.

Dee Ragusa

Disregarding Stop Signs-a Problem all over Minonk

After reading a couple of editorials regarding the Westside park and people disregarding the stop signs or speeding, I have to say-join the club. I don't know where everyone is going in such a hurry but they don't obey the stop signs near Veteran's Park either. It's quite evident to me that many people that do not stop at stop signs don't have to worry because THEIR CHILDREN ARE IN THE CAR WITH THEM. Guaranteed if they lived where any of US do and people were blowing the stop sign, it wouldn't be OK anymore. Sarah & Sherry- you are not alone and I, for one, would like to know where people get off deciding which stop signs are and are not worthy of stopping at!!! Just chalk it up to another unsolved mystery...Maybe someone who blows the stop signs anywhere in town can enlighten me as to their reasoning behind NOT stopping at stop signs!
And don't think the city is going to help you-their answer will be the usual "we can't be everywhere".

Frustrated on Maple Avenue
Kimberly D.K. Schmitt

Need list of school supplies for the 6th grade

I have been trying to find out the school supplies for the 2005-2006 year for Fieldcrest West. I can't seem to find out. Please could you get back to me. I live here in Minonk and I don't like waiting for the last minute. The list I need is for 6th grade. Thanks.

Debbie Brown

Editor's note: Does anyone have an answer for this?

Lack of stopping at signs and speeding near Westside Park

Welcome to Minonk Sarah (and family)!

I live a few houses down from Sarah. I also see the same issues as she does. In addition to the running of stop signs there are the speeders. Some are seen flying down at speeds in excess of 40 mph.

A while back, the speed limit had changed down to 25 mph. The speed limit in Westside Park became 20 mph a few years ago. Nobody goes those speeds. There are a lot of kids crossing 4th, Washington, Jefferson and 5th Streets. One of these days, something bad is going to happen. Will it be to one of our kids? Maybe it will be an adult trying to walk our kids across these dangerous streets surrounding the park? But in our reactive response society, nothing will be done until something bad happens.

When I moved to Minonk in 1998, there was a stop sign heading west on the corner of 4th and Washington. That was taken down in 2000 and the speeding problems increased on 4th street.

As much as some council members hate it (some past members have mentioned that they do not want to be a town of stop signs), my suggestion is to put stop signs at every entrance and exit to Westside Park and for our authorities to enforce stop sign usage as well as posted speed limits. What's the sense of posting a speed limit if it will not be enforced?

I have almost 2 year old twin daughters I need to protect. If nothing is done, we'll have to protect our kids by fencing our yard, which I'm not real keen on.

The only time I see any of our authorities looking for speeders is out on 251. Obviously, that must be where the quick money is.

I'd like to see someone be in the preventative spirit before something bad happens.

If I'm correct in the process, we need to start knocking on Brian Peterson's door (he's our alderman, who also lives on West 4th street if I'm not mistaken) to voice our concerns. We should also get a petition going to tell the City of Minonk how serious this problem is.

Sherry Willis

Minonk Car Wash under new ownership


Just a note to let everyone know that we are the new owners of the Minonk car wash. We're in the process of getting everything spruced up and running good. With proper upkeep we know that this will be a great car wash. Keep your business in town! We're here to help so let us know if you have any problems. Thank you for your business.

Mike & Jeanette Zimmerman
Mark Duncan

Thanks for supporting Cub Scouts

On behalf of Cub Scout Pack 78, I would like to thank everyone involved in our Bake Sale. Thanks to all the parents who donated such wonderful cakes, breads, and cookies. Thanks to all the people who stopped by our table and either purchased one or more of our many items, or just simply donated money to the Pack. We greatly appreciate all the support!!!

Thanks Again,

Sarah Prosser
Committee Chair for Pack 78

Free HP print cartridge

Does anyone use an HP tri-color inkjet print cartridge #23? I picked up the wrong cartridge, opened it, and threw the box away before I realized it was the wrong one. You can have it. Just let me know. Goes to the first response.

Barth Weistart

Remembering class of 48 who served

  • The 4th of July seemed an appropriate time to remember all the young men from Minonk Community High School's graduating class of 1948. It was shortly thereafter when the "FORGOTTEN WAR", The Korean Conflict, became an important part of all the males in that class. From June 1951 until March 1953, 700,000 reserve GI's, 180,000 National Guard members along with 1,510,000 enlisted persons and 1,750,000 souls who were drafted into service to help stem the growth of Communism in Asia. There is a fitting Monument in Washington DC attesting to those who served and gave their lives during that period.

There were 15 male members in the Class of 1948.
Fourteen were eventually in uniform. Their names are:

Stan Konwinski USN
Jim Schneider USA
Don Uphoff USAF
Albin Johnson USN
Don McCully USA
Melvin Forney USN
Glenn Harms USA
Mike Zupansic, USA
Glenn Barth USA
Don Meierhofer USA
Dick Stokowski USN
Jim Cunningham USA
Cletus Schhertz USA
Bob Curley USA

Submitted by Albin Johnson

Germany has windmills too

Dave, I just recently returned from the Ostfriesland area of Germany. This is the area where most of the Germans that settled in Minonk area came from. This was a genealogy trip that took me to many cemetaries and churches.
Walking through the cemetaries, you would have thought you were walking through the Minonk cemetary. Names like Uphoff, Janssen, Hinrichs, Broers, Kleen, Renken, & Danekas were just a few that I came across.

But, what a surprise it was to see the "futuristic windmills" all over the area. Every farmer had one or more. And, these were small farms. The old windmills are used for tourist attractions and are not used anymore. I can see why our ancestors liked Minonk area, because it was like home to them. They raise alot of rye and some of all the other grains. There is alot of dairying, but no beef cattle.

There were about 130 of us from the Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America that made this 'homecoming' trip.
And, the german people greeted us with open arms and alot of publicity and picture taking. People would stop us, or come to our tables while eating and ask if anyone was from Iowa or any other state. Trying to find relatives who came to America. There were alot of happy reunions.

Just had to send this to let you know Germany is way ahead of us with the windmills.

Emily Danekas Zivney

Question on bright beginnings school supply list


I was wondering if anyone has or knows what is needed for the bright beginnings school supply list?

Thanks in advance,

Kelly Lane

New message board for Minonk

We would like the town of Minonk to know that there is now a message board for the community located at:


Sarah Gullery

Correction on locationof Mighty Mo

Enjoyed your piece on Mike Gebhard. What a good looking model. He should be proud. As I recall the Mighty Mo is not in Long Beach Ca. but next to the BB39 USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

Rick Wylie

Editor's note: Rick, thanks for the correction.

Stray Cat Problem Solution

After reading about the stray cat problem in Minonk, I heard that El Paso was also having the same problem. This week in the El Paso Journal, there is an article regarding the July 5th El Paso city council meeting. At the meeting, El Paso Mayor Herb Arbuckle discussed a letter he received from the President of the Sterile Feral organization in Normal. This organization provides a program where they will cover the costs to trap, neuter and release stray cats. I feel this program would be a great benefit to the City of Minonk and should be looked into. It would relieve the worry of the City incurring any costs while also making the citizens of Minonk happy.

Lacy Orabutt

When did a Stop Sign become merely a Suggestion?

We moved here just a month ago and love it! My mother grew up just down the street from the house we bought, and I practically grew up here visiting my Great Aunt Sis & Uncle Swisher every weekend. It's a nice quiet community, so much more peaceful than the over-populated city we left behind in Florida. It was easy to leave behind though…although we had a beautiful waterfront park just two blocks away, our children were prisoners in their own yard. Too many vehicles coming and going and using the access road to the park as a bypass during rush hour traffic made it a requirement for the kids in the area to be escorted.

When I flew up to look for a house, I fell in love at first sight. This community is just as charming as I had remembered it. We were lucky to find a gorgeous house just on the edge of the park on 4th St. It brings great joy to both me and my husband's hearts to see our two girls so happy just being kids again. Playing in our large backyard and walking across the street to go play in the park brings a lot of joy to them. That was not a luxury we had in Florida. I never let them out of the yard there and I never imagined in a million years that I would be concerned about them walking across the street here.

I am at a loss for words as how to describe what I feel inside when I see cars either pull one of those "California stops" or simply let off the gas peddle as they roll right through the stop signs here…every single day! I'm at an even greater loss to figure out how these people can do this at the stop signs surrounding a park where children are playing. Being new to the community, I didn't want to raise too big of a stink…but I'm really starting to become concerned. Since moving into our new house, we have had several projects going on and today I was in the front living room setting out knick-knacks and deciding on where to hang pictures, etc.. Throughout the past month, while outside on our deck my husband and I have noticed several cars (including trucks from our area businesses) rolling through the stop sign…but today…In just a two hour period while working in the living room I must have seen 15 vehicles not obeying the stop sign.

My youngest daughter was born 12 weeks premature and we fought to keep her alive and well. She is perfect today and we'd like to keep her that way. As parents, we teach our children to look both ways before crossing the street and to be defensive "bike riders/walkers". However, we cannot watch over them every single moment…and that is to allow them to become responsible human beings, build trust, gain confidence, and be accountable for their actions. If they make a bad decision and choose not to follow our rules even one time and we witness it, we will address it with them. If we don't witness it, I'd like to think that the good people in this community would help out a little by just following basic traffic laws to at least help keep them safe.

I really hope that this email comes up in conversation with you and your neighbors. It only takes one accident to take a life away, the roadside memorials at the intersections of the surrounding country roads are evidence of that. Please do the right thing and protect the children of this community.

Kindest regards,
Sarah (Rients) Gullery

Concerned about loose dogs

I have a concern that I would like to bring forward about people and their dogs. I just got a dog a few months ago and ever since I did when I take him on walks just down the street there are several people who have their dogs outside and not chained or on any leash and these dogs have charged and and bitten my dog. I'm disturbed by this because there is a leash law in Minonk and I dont' like being in fear every time I take my dog on a walk. I have been up and down many streets and have had several occurances of other people's dogs charging at mine and mine is on a leash not harming anyone. I think something needs to be done about this. I am not trying to attack anyone or imply that their dogs are dangerous. I understand that maybe these dogs have not been associated with other dogs so they do not know how to act when another one walks by, but it is not fair for myself or anyone else who may have had the same problems, to be in fear that another dog is going to attack us or our dogs when we walk down the street. I'm hoping this problem gets resolved and people can start either being outside with their dogs when they let them out so they can keep an eye on them or chain them up.


Carrie Lindley

Class of '48

I just wanted to thank Albie Johnson for "jogging" our memories regarding the "Forgotten War", and for reminding us who served in this "police action" from Minonk. Albie is to be congratulated for bringing this to the top of the list.
Thanks so much for all who did serve.

Art Kettelhut

Thanks to those who supported Ellen Stokowski benefit

I am taking the time to say a personal thank you. There are so many people to thank and give credit too I am actually afraid to individualize: I don't want to miss anyone. Let me say this is not the first time I have witnessed a community such as ours pour out with contributions, concerns, helping hands and prayers. I personally witnessed these same acts of generosity when my nephew and his children were in a fire.

We may not agree with the politics, complain of the increase of taxes, and our school system. We read about it in editorials or talk about it amongst ourselves... I am just as guilty of this as the next guy. But what we do have in this community is the people. People who show concerns for our friends and neighbors whether they are a native here or just moved in. We focus on pulling together to help our fallen in time of tragedy, health challenges and when they have lost loved ones. The results of tonight's benefit is a perfect example of what we are all about. So I want to give credit for this success to everyone through your donations, volunteering, and by participating in tonight's event, we have strengthen our community bond and provided comfort, hope and will power to our friend, family member and neighbor: to help them heal and most importantly to never give up. After tonight we may just acknowledge one another with a simple nod on the street but at least at this very moment, right now, no matter who we are, we put all differences aside and united. We pulled together as a team.

Thanks to all and may God bless.
Becky Quick

Fieldcrest CAC Coaches and Sponsors Meeting

The Fieldcrest CAC will be holding the 2005-2006 coaches and sponsors meeting on July 13th at 7:00 p.m. This meeting will take place in the Band Room of the Fieldcrest High School. Anyone with questions will be welcome to attend. At this meeting, the CAC members and coaches/sponsors will be going over any policy changes from the 2004-2005 school year. The CAC appreciates the willingness of coaches/sponsors to work with our organization to achieve another successful year.

Garilyn Wells
Secretary of the CAC