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Emails for June 2017

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Minonk History Books Still Available | Thank you and Good-Night | The right Vote | I vote for what is right | July 3rd City Council meeting cancelled | I vote for what is right | Vote for chief of police | Rutland American Legion Annual Chicken Dinner | City council members. | Chicken dinner tickets | Volunteers needed for July 4th events | Pictures need a new home | Minonk Annual Water Quality Report | Student temporary records to be destroyed | HELP WANTED | Thank YOU, Scott S. | Not fighting his battles! | Not fighting his battles! | Food Pantry needs plastic bags | A Question!???? | Street Route for St. Jude Run Team | Response to Trump editorial. |

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Thank you and Good-Night

Thank you Joe Gaspardo!!!! AGAIN- ENOUGH SAID

Rhonda White

I vote for what is right

Hello Chris Winters,
I hear what you're saying and I'm glad to hear what you have to say.
However, there is one thing you stated that is incorrect. The is no "law" stating the chief of police has to live in the town he work at. In fact, there are other communities around Minonk that has a police chief that doesn't live in the town where they work.
The city council did vote on residency. But that's another story in itself.

Scott Sharp

I vote for what is right

I vote for the mayor but do understand this chief may be a good guy. I say may because I have not met him and I think that is the mayors point. How would I when I work days and when I get home he is an hour away. If anyone has not read the Peoria Journal Star article written after the mayor did not make the appointment - they should. The writer talked to both the mayor and chief. They both agree that as a condition of his employment and to not be in violation of local laws the chief would have to live in Minonk. This is fact! After the first year came and went the mayor gave him more time. After the second year the chief continued to refuse to make Minonk his home so the mayor kept his word, did not appoint him and is hiring a new chief of police who will commit to the city. The article clearly outlines how many attempts the mayor made and how clear this was.

This is really simple and it is between two people the mayor who has to ensure the right things are being done and the chief of police. The mayor has kept his word and unfortunately for those who seem to like this chief he has not. Before you start to criticize just read the article and read what the chief said "I was going to make Minonk my home and I agreeded to do so, but changed my mind". According to what he said it was because his family life changed. That is too bad for him but we should not criticize the mayor for still following through because if he does not we are suggesting that he break the law. You should actually thank the mayor for giving him so much time to get moved most would have not been that gracious. Before you start to criticize just read the article and read what the chief said himself. The chief of police made the decision not to stay employed by not moving here - he said it himself!

Chris Winters

Rutland American Legion Annual Chicken Dinner

The Rutland American Legion Chicken Dinner will be June 25,2107 at Rutland's City Park

Dinner will be served from 11:00-2:00 Cost for 1/4 chicken dinner with desert is

Adult -$8.00 Children under 8 -$4.00 Bingo at 1:00 Bocci Ball Tournament

Draw Down at 4:00 In case of rain , dinner will be at American Legion

Gerri Cleary

Chicken dinner tickets

Chicken Dinner tickets are available at The Sweet Shop and Minonk Community Bank. Draw down tickets and Bovine Bingo spaces available too.

Janet Redenius

Pictures need a new home

When my husband and I purchased the Minonk Masonic Lodge building to turn it into our home 18 years ago, several pictures of men who had been Worshipful Masters of the Rob Morris Lodge 247 were stored in the basement. I'd like to move them out, but I hate to dispose of them in case descendants of these men would like to have the photos. Following is a list of the men and the year(s) they were in office.

Martin L. Newell 1880
Edwin Harris 1887 '93 '94 ‘97
Herman A. Christians 1898 ‘99
Charles Morgan 1902
Samuel Roberts 1914 ‘16
Charles F. Knoop 1915
Cloyd Phillips 1917 ‘18
Bert Ridge 1923
P.H. O'Connor 1924
J. G. Andrews 1927
Wilka H Abels 1928
Raymond White 1930
R. W. Davison 1931
Milo A. Sterritt 1940, ‘41
Howard M Stevenson 1949
Edward Bechmann 1951
H.W. Schickedans 1954

If you would like one or several of these pictures, please let me know as soon as possible. They will vanish by the end of summer!

Lila McCulley

Student temporary records to be destroyed

Fieldcrest Community Unit School District 6 will begin destroying any intact student temporary records, beginning July 15, 2017, for any student who last attended school in the Fieldcrest district in 2011-2012 school year or prior.

Any former student or legal adult guardian of a former student wishing to retain these records should contact the building which the student attended prior to this date.

Fieldcrest East (Wenona) – 815-853-4331; Fieldcrest High School (Minonk) – 309-432-2529; Fieldcrest South (Minonk) – 309-432-2838; Fieldcrest West (Toluca) – 815-452-2318. (105 ILCS 10

Dr. Dan Oakley

Thank YOU, Scott S.

Thank you for letting the people of Minonk know how you feel and exactly what is going on! For some reason, I have gotten attached to Minonk and its people but after the meeting last night.......well, enough ! Certain people want to run the town their way and evidently, they did get their way last night. Sad!!!! Chief Wherry has been an excellent Chief and I do feel that there certainly could have been a way to help and satisfy the residency that someone definitely is requiring and this could have happened wo his family moving to Minonk. It is hard when you have children in schools and selling a home but I guess that was not figured into the residency.
Good luck in replacing Chief Wherry because he will be hard to replace!

Nancy Wherry

Not fighting his battles!

That is never my intention!!!! In fact, he never knows what I am going to say or when I am going to say it! I am sure he is more than capable of fighting his battles but he is one that does not like to "toot his own horn". And, why don't you talk to him? He has fought more battles than you will ever know and has seen his comrades die...........I just want certain Board Members to know what an excellent Chief they have and not make it personal! The Chief certainly does not know that I have stated some of these facts and if he did or does, I know he would be upset, but, I feel someone has to "toot his horn"!!!!! There are three families that have been telling me what is going on and I do not like what certain people are saying!!! Enough is enough!

Nancy Wherry

Vicki Landherr: Are you kidding me???? With all the hatred going on in the world can't a small town manage to get along? I am originally from Minonk and had dealings with the police chief a couple years ago and I found him to be a kind, caring individual. There are always going to be "haters" in the world...even in a small town. That is so unfortunate for them because they will go through the rest of their life miserable and trying to bring other people down to their level.......GROW UP PEOPLE! Life is way too short for this kind of behavior! Give the guy a break and let him do his job!

A Question!????

How many Police Chief's has Minonk had in the last 5 years or more? Usually, when someone is hired in that position they do stay for a period of time. Someone is saying that The Chief has not told the truth about moving to Minonk. He was going to move until two Board Members have attempted to tell him how to run the office and his job. This is called "micro-managing"! A big NO! The Chief thoroughly enjoys the people in Minonk and is doing the best he can do to keep it a safe community for the people! He did not lie about moving, he was going to move! He has rented an, what he does after he is finished with his job is personal! But, he is always "on call" and the people are always covered by other officers. Attend the meeting tonight and let the Board know that Chief Wherry is the best you have had for a long time! Keep him on! He has a fantastic resume and knows the law and keeps the law in place like it is intended to do, not showing favoritism but doing his job..........keeping!

Nancy Wherry

Byron Good: Is the chief capable of speaking for himself? Why is his mother fighting his battles? Please do him and us a favor and let him speak for himself. In almost sure everyone would like to hear what he has to say, not what you say for him. Just saying.

Response to Trump editorial.

A Senate resolution, headed by Sen. Rand Paul, urged Trump to leave the climate accord, because of the deleterious effect it would have on our economy. It was unfair to us compared to other industrial nations. Trump couldn't re-negotiate for better terms for the U.S., so the only solution is to walk away from a bad deal. I'm glad we have a president who has business experience upon which to judge such situations.

Members of the Australian Parliament are urging their Prime Minister to follow Trump's lead and leave the accord. They recognize it as unfair to their economy also.

As for so many nations signing on, most will do little or nothing in this effort.

I might add that, the earth has warmed and cooled before without man's influence. It can do so again in spite of our futile attempts to stop it. We will take what comes.

Jim Flynn

Minonk History Books Still Available

MINONK HISTORY BOOK. 20 sets of the three volumes are still available. Each set costs $160 plus shipping. The books make a great gift for folks with a small town connection. An index of names is included in the back of each book.
Books can be picked up from Lois Klendworth at the Minonk Community Bank or will be mailed to you by Barth Weistart, PO Box 87, Young, AZ. phone 602 216-2020.

Barth Weistart

The right Vote

Employee's of the city of Pontiac must live in the 10-12 mile radius of the City post office. Livingstone County Police officier's must live in their own county also. Minonk's past Police Chief knew what the rules were. If the rules are not followed then he would be let go. This is what happened. I don't understand why this is a surprise. IT WAS IN HIS CONTRACT--- POINT BLANK !!!!! He was and is a good person and did his job. The rules of his employment were not followed so he was let go. THE BIG QUESTION IS---- WHEN WILL OTHER PEOPLE LET IT GO and move on........

Joe Gaspardo

July 3rd City Council meeting cancelled

The July 3, 2107 regular meeting of the Minonk City Council has been cancelled.

City Admn. Austin Edmondson

Vote for chief of police

What does the city council have against the current chief. I have met him and talked with him for quite a while after I asked the police to check on a neighbor's well being. I find him quite personable and professional. After talking with him I feel he has much more knowledge of the criminal justice than any one of the previous chiefs that Minonk has had in the past decade. In addition to his knowledge he has the small town friendliness, We are not a Bloomington or a Springfield or a bullet riddled Peoria thank God but we need a Chief that will uphold the law no matter who breaks it. We also need a community police who is sensitive to the needs of the town. Fair to one and all. Please keep our current chief. He's good he's fair and he wants to stay here. Thank you Judy Ruff

Judy Ruff

City council members.

Odd. Someone came up to me today and told me they cannot be friends with me since I was writing things about Alderman Russell Ruestman. Ummm, no I wasn't. Well not that I realized anyway! That was quite the confirmation on who the other council member is. I've always wondered who the people that are apposed to Chief Wherry. I still wonder why they want him gone so desperately.

Scott Sharp

Volunteers needed for July 4th events

Volunteers are needed for the 4th. If you can fill a spot please call Janet at 309-261-2593. Spots are available for chicken dinner ticket table from 11 am-?, Inflatables from 11-4, help with the cake walk, watermelon eating contest and eating contest at Sutton's park at 5:30, collecting donations at Millennia park, Sutton's park, old Sauder and Ripple and athletic field before fireworks. We also need donations of cup cakes for cake walk and desserts ( non cream based) for chicken dinner. If you can help for an hour or more it would all be appreciated. Thanks

Janet Redenius

Minonk Annual Water Quality Report

The Minonk annual water quality report is available at To speak to someone about this report or request a copy, call (309) 432-2644

Cary Naas


HELP WANTED: Police Chief

REQUIREMENTS: refer to posts on FB pertaining to prior chief and his mother


Rhonda White

Not fighting his battles!

For starters, Chief Wherry or any of the city council members will write on Minonk Talk. That would be extremely unprofessional and quite tacky if they did. We are on here expressing our views and opinions. If you want to know what Chief Where is all about, wave him down, go to his office, go to a city council meeting.

Chief Where has good ideas and wants everyone to live comfortably without fears of feeling unsafe. He is not someone who does his 8 hours and leaves. I have run into him several times at 10 pm, 1 am, and even 4 am once. This is not just his job, it's a way of life.

As stated by Nancy Wherry, Minonk has has a lot of chief over the years. Funny, none of them were Minonk residents. And I find this to be quite hypocritical, the main person that is upset about Chief Wherry's residency is the same person that had officer Crowley not only full time for quite a while, but he was chief at one time. He never did live in Minonk.
Plus, some of city council members are anti military. Chief Wherry sometimes has to go to military training. "They" didn't think he should be doing that.

The sad part is, Chief Wherry is over qualified to be Chief of a small town and he could very well get run off by people that are trying to micromanage the police department. It's sad because he likes Minonk.

Scott Sharp

Food Pantry needs plastic bags

The Food Pantry is needing plastic shopping bags. We "double bag" items that are given out and go through a lot of bags each month. If you have bags to donate, please take them to city hall or any of the community churches. Thanks for your assistance!

Lila McCulley

Street Route for St. Jude Run Team

The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team is having a fundraiser on Saturday June 10th.
Our event is called Rockin and Runnin for the kids of St. Jude. The event will include a 5K Run/Walk and Kids Fun Run. The Kids Fun Run will start at 430 pm and the 5K at 5 pm. Events will be over by 6 pm. The City of Minonk has approved the course and this letter is to notify you that the streets will be blocked off for this event.

The route is an out and back course. Kids Fun Run starts at the corner of 4th and Chestnut and kids will run to Maple Street and then back. The 5K route begins about the corner of 4th and Chestnut and will go to Maple, then out 4th Street, continuing on county road 2125 N, turning left onto county road 2800 East and then will turn around and come back on same route.

We expect streets to only be blocked for about an hour or so.

Thank you for your cooperation! Come join us for this event! We hope to raise a ton of money for the kids of St. Jude!!!

Thank you for your support of the Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Runners as we continue to help the children and families of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Thank you,
The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team