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Emails for June 2016

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south OPEN


fred baker

Fieldcrest needs to consider all the facts

Thank you to Dave Uphoff and Alderman Ronald Marshall for the detailed analysis on the classroom space available at Fieldcrest South and Fieldcrest West last week. My first question is why none of this information was presented to the board and the public when discussions on attendance centers have been held at recent board meetings for consideration of various options for use of existing buildings? Why was it necessary for private citizens of the district to shine the light on these figures?

Secondly, why would the board even consider using Fieldcrest East in any option when there are 14 million dollars of Life-Safety improvements and repairs that the district's engineer has documented and is a matter of public record. Do they expect the taxpayers of Fieldcrest to foot this bill or build a new building when there is sufficient room at Fieldcrest South for PK-3 and with the addition of classroom space at Fieldcrest West it will be able to accommodate grades 4 through 8? Why would you choose to close the school building with the least issues and keep open the building with the most issues?

Thirdly, the voters are looking for accountability, transparency, and fiduciary responsibility in the school board's decision making process when spending tax dollars for the education of their students.

Jim Liner

Comments are not votes

In reference to Becky Griffith McNamara's comment, I can see why she does not use social media very often because her remark that the public has voted to have a school in each community is a distortion of the facts. She must be referring to the poorly designed survey put out by Fieldcrest last year as the source of her comments. It sounds like Ms. McNamara's comments were designed to give justification to the school board to close Fieldcrest South.

First of all, there was no question on the survey that asks if there should be only one school in each community. Secondly, the suggestion that there should be a school in each community was taken from some of the comments made on the survey, not from a question. Thirdly, the comments did not say there should only be one school in each community, just a school in each community.

Lastly, probably only 10% of the people responded to the survey so the results themselves are not statistically significant. What will be statistically significant is the vote on the building referendum when the voters will let the school board really know how they feel about the school situation. The board better be prepared for Plan B.

Jim Liner

Ashlee Pratt: Everyone is entitled to voice there opinion but that doesn't mean that you can go around bashing other people for having a different opinion then you on community issues. Especially on the minonk talk! Voice your opinion and rational behind it, simple as that. This isn't some smear campaign where you can go around dragging other peoples names through the mud!
Peggy Rogers Winters: I just feel that before the board does something drastic as closing a school (ANY) or building a new school, that it should come as a vote by tax payers by a referendum and not a survey. A referendum is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision. And a survey is to ask (many people) a question or a series of questions in order to gather information about what most people do or think about something.
Linda Williams: Minonk, Dana, Rutland , Wenona n Toluca should have left alone to begin with!!
Beth Hanson Hakes: Thank you Jim Liner for clearing this up;)))
Penny Land: Where was this comment?
Sara Crosby: In the article Jeri Lynn wrote.

A shame to close Fieldcrest South

It would be a shame to close Fieldcrest South in Minonk. It is in the best condition of all the grade schools in the school district. This school has an addition that was completed in 2002, a kitchen, air-conditioning, is completely handicap accessible, and has been kept up. Does this sound like a school building that should be closed? The other grade schools in the district need a lot of repairs but not South. Also, one of these other schools does not have enough outlets to accommodate the needed electronic devices.

Minonk is the hub of the school district with the administration offices and high school in town. Why close one of its schools? No town wants to lose a school but we need to think about what is best for the school district. Parents want to keep their young children close to home instead of busing them out of town. If South is closed that means all of South's students would need to be bused and what about the teachers?

Down the road if, heaven forbid, this school should be closed and if the other buildings are not kept up, do we want to build a new school? That would be a sad thing when there is another answer : keep South intact!

Jari Lynn Oncken

Tina Dunning: PLEASE attend the school board meeting on June 29th!!! I have been to most of the meetings since last fall & it's crazy how from one meeting to the next, the board keeps changing what their plan is. Never seeming to follow through or make any good decisions in my opinion. Yes, in 2002 our District spent over 1 MILLION DOLLARS on South & now they want to close it??? They also purchased the Presbyterian Church claiming they wanted to put offices & whatever else over there. Now look at what happened to that decision! It now has to be torn down (which we have to pay for). So the board wasted the taxpayers money on another bad decision. We need to save South BUT make sure that if it does get saved, they don't try to move the high school out of Minonk again, because believe me, from the tone of some of the board members, that will be next. Attend the meetings and STAY INFORMED! Dianne Masley-Arendell: The addition to Toluca school was also added on in 2002.
David Dunham: I'm just asking, if they would close East or West then it would be OK to bus all their students? Again just asking......
Tina Dunning: I'm not concerned about kids riding the bus. I know my kids will be riding a bus eventually. I rode the bus to West for grades 6-8 (you were one of my drivers:)) I am concerned with what makes the most financial sense, and in my opinion, that is not closing the school that is in the best condition.
Kristen Shelby: Agreed!
Lynn Barth Manning: In my opinion the only reasoning behind this is that some people feel that since we house the High School we shouldn't have a grade school too. Maybe we should just go back to MDR and let Toluca and Wenona join together. Dianne Masley-Arendell: Sounds good to me! Never did think we should have consolidated.
Beth Hanson Hakes: I sat at a board meeting over 1 year ago...the issue at hand was how some of our schools in the district were in such disrepair that something needed to happen!! I listened to an engineering company give a cost analysis on fixing each one of these schools! Unless my ears deceived me, South was not at the top of that list, but the bottom. Now here we are with the possibility of shutting this school down!!?? Someone help me understand how we got to this place....we are not fixing a problem, but creating a greater one!!! When the other district schools fail to be fixed and have to close, where will out students go???? Not sure about other parents, but I want the best learning environment for my kids and the best possible teaching environment for district teachers!!! Becky Griffith McNamara: The vote from the public was to keep a school in each town. If.....if a school is to close it might be either the high school or south. This was the people's vote. I usually do not weigh in on social media but this was a public vote to keep a school in each town.
Tina Dunning: Yes but the public did not realize that keeping a school in each town meant that Minonk had to close one of theirs. Another thing the board kept to themselves. Heaven forbid the largest town in the district have 2 schools.....
Tina Dunning: And again, this sounds like a threat from the school board that if Minonk wants to keep the High School here, we must be OK with closing South
Nicole Embery: And it still makes no fiscal sense. That plan involves busing more students which will cost more money
Becky Griffith McNamara: My husband has never threatened anyone in his life. He is honest as the day is long and has worked long and hard for this school district, its children, teachers, and tax payers. Walk in his shoes.... He walks in yours.
Tina Dunning: Ok Becky, I won't use the word "threat" if that bothers you, but then I'll use the word "warning" if that sounds nicer. I never said your husband personally said that or said that he is a liar. It is a FACT that the board did not specify at that meeting where they stated that each town will keep a school, that that meant Minonk is only allowed to have one school. The public did not vote for that. Please don't take my words out of context & make them into something else. I would just like a board members to tell me truthfully that if South stays open, then that means what will happen to the High School??? Or that if South closes does that guarantee the High School stays in Minonk? That is it. I apologize that I am passionate about my children/family, my town, my school, my community.... everything in my life
Hollie Hartzler Kearfott: If the goal here is to save money, this is the wrong way to go about it. The option to close South will not save any money at all. Not all costs were considered in the cost benefit analysis. This move will actually cost the district money. The three options proposed do not make any sense if the goal is to save the most money possible. It is time to return to the drawing board with some individuals qualified in financial analysis. There are several individuals in this district that perform these analyses on a regular basis. Please ask for our help before making a poor, uninformed decision that will affect us for years to come.

Nicole Embery: Sounds to me that is EXACTLY what they want to happen. I have seen no good reasons to close south. Of all the schools in the district that should be the 1 that should definitely be kept.
Heather Renner Meyers: Jari lynn AMEN you have said it the most eloquently as possible.........
James Skinner: You people get on here and bitch about how you want everything better for you kids and want what is best for them and the future of the fieldcrest district. Listen to yourself. Knock down them old schools put up one school and move on I have told a school board member a number of times to build one big school in Minonk just east of the football field. Give the old buildings to each town to do with as they see fit. Kids would have central air better atmosphere for learning rather then the sweaty rooms they have now. New is better. You can only restore something for so long.

Congratulations Minonk!

As a Minonk native, I was so glad to read in MinonkTalk about the huge success of the Taste of Minonk. A tip of the hat to those that worked so hard to make this event so successful. Way to go Minonk!
Dick Shelby
Decatur IL
MDR Class of 1970


Reunion for class of 61?

Doe anyone know if the class of 61 is having reunion this year?

Bill Onnen

Janice Weber:Bill, you should of received a Save the Date in January. We did not get it back from the address that we sent it to. This last week we sent out the info you need for the reunion to that address. Please send your address so we can send you another to the correct address.

Looking for shed space

I am looking for shed space for a bumper pull trailer for the summer and maybe longer, if in town or close to town that would be great. If anyone has or knows of any please let me know. I may be reached at 309-205-3502. Thanks

Cathy McKay

South closing

Dave ;
Does the mail from Rep. Bennett mean we still have a change to keep south open?
Fred Baker

Editor's reply:No! The mail from Rep. Bennett suggests the State may come up with a plan to fund the schools for next year. The closing of South is in the hands of the Fieldcrest Board of Education.


Updated attendance centers analysis

I have attached an updated attendance centers analysis. Financial considerations have been updated in light of recent staffing conversations. It has also been posted on our board website.


Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, Superintendent
Fieldcrest Community Unit School District 6


Thoughts on South closing

Concern for the closing of south. Not for sentimental reasons, but for practical, common
sense reasons. A thought came to me, if South is closed, will it just stand there? Have you
thought about the cost of tearing it down?. I think it is time to put away selfish thoughts,those
that think only of MY town, and think sensibly of what benefits the children, teachers and those
who care for our children. Praying that right decisions will be made tonight.
P.S. Not a huge expense, but will the other buildings be air conditioned at a not too small expense? With our world getting warmer, it will be even more necessary.

Rosemary Oldenburg

Chicken dinner tickets July 3rd

Purchase your chicken dinner tickets at Minonk Community Bank and Pop's. Sponsored by St Paul's and 4th of July committee.

Janet Redenius


Hi Friends,
Well, I must say, "MINONK IS AWESOME"!

The TASTE OF MINONK, was a SUCCESS! (in my opinion)
A BIG, "THANK YOU", to our CITY WORKERS, for putting everything up for the businesses, the BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, and ALL others who walked around to help everyone get ready! It was so nice to see the community come together to support the businesses.
On a personal note, "THANK YOU", SEAN CUNNINGHAM, for coming to my rescue and printing menus for me!



south closing

I think every one possible should be at the next school board meeting to face the school board members . I think it is a disgrace that they are even thinking about closing the south building. We the people of Minonk must stand up for our self because the members of the school board who represent us will not. This is my plea for all Minonk people to go to the school board meeting. I agree with Fred Baker whom ever votes for it to close should be ashamed of themselves .

teresa cirks

Heather Renner Meyers: As a parent of children that attends south, closing the school would be a disgrace.... Minonk is the hub of the school district we have the district offices here the high school here....... We decided to move to this town because the elementry school stayed in the respective towns till there 5th grade year...... I have 5 children one has graduated 2015, 1 in junior year ,1 3rd grade a 3yr old, and a 5 month old baby. Everyone who believes that the school should remain open needs to speak up and show up. I will do my best to be there. WHEN IS THE NEXT MEETING.....

Too bad about (taste of Minonk)

Its too bad about taste of Minonk, we have to wait another year! Talk about some planning it was GREAT, food ALL very good,, Thank you very much for ALL the hot work that went into this event. Thank the city crew for there tables and fence. Can't say enough good about it. THANKS

Fred Baker

Joshua Robert Baker: I thought it was a very good turnout and a good time thank you everyone who was involved in the planning and the businesses who sponsored it.
Christina Talbert: I call for another one before the summer is over lol.

The closing of south

Fieldcrest school board . Voting yes would be a thing you must live with the rest of your life, so if you vote NO you can take your grand kids for a ride in your car, and be proud to tell them I helped to save this school , or you can tell them I help close this school , that will not make them proud of you. Vote No so you can sleep at night . Vote like you want to not like ONE man wants you to. Thank you for all your work on South, am sure this will be your last term on the board.

Fred Baker

Filger Library activities


It is wonderful to read about how the Filger Library has become such a viable, exciting part of the community. Congratulations to the person that is making that happen!

Pamelia Palmer Goy
MDR class of '54

Editor's reply: Head librarian Debra Blunier and Assistant Librarian Susan Ryan are making the library a vibrant part of the community and are to be commended for their work.


Free boxes

Lots of moving-packing-storage boxes to give away, I live here in Minonk.

call.. 309-232-3530

J Reeser

Notice to residents for upcoming 5k event

The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team is having a fundraiser on Saturday June 4th.
Our event is called Rockin and Runnin for the kids of St. Jude.
The event will include a 5K Run/Walk and Kids Fun Run. The Kids Fun Run will start at 430 pm and the 5K at 5 pm. Events will be over by 6 pm. The City of Minonk has approved the course and this letter is to notify you that the streets will be blocked off for this event.

The route is an out and back course. Kids Fun Run starts at the corner of 4th and Chestnut and kids will run to Maple Street and then back. The 5K route begins about the corner of 4th and Chestnut and will go to Maple, then out 4thStreet, continuing on county road 2125 N, turning left onto county road 2800 East and then will turn around and come back on same route.

We expect streets to only be blocked for about an hour or so.

Thank you for your cooperation! Come join us for this event! We hope to raise a ton of money for the kids of St. Jude!!!

Thank you for your support of the Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Runners as we continue to help the children and families of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Thank you,
The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team

Linda Lindley