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Emails for June 2015
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Questions about survey | My 2 cents about the School Situation | public works & safety committee | Farmers Market to start Saturday, June 20 | Operators of Non-Highway vehicles must be at least 21 | A long dedication to Richard Esposito on | School Survey | Public Safety and Works Committee | Building Survey | Minonk annual water quality report available | Rockin' n Runnin for the Kids of St. Jude Success | Building Committee Community Survey | Who fixes splash park? |

Questions about survey


I have a few questions in regards to the survey that was conducted on this website about the school building issue. The first being, exactly how many respondents were there that completed the survey? Also, were you able to gauge from which community the respondents were from? It seems to me that this survey would be a little skewed coming from a Minonk-citizen ran webpage with a overwhelming response of saying either repair or rebuild with the middle school.

Additionally, I am baffled by some of the comments. Especially with comments 10, 12, and 17. See them below:

10. I would like to East closed and the K-6 split up between South & West. This can happen with Junior High & High School Combined-can this be feasible with repairs only and not a new builing?

12. i feel that the schools of west south and high school are functional and can be repaired . Do nothing to east and move those children to other facilities or add on to one of the other buildings .

17. Close a building, the one that is in the worst shape, and repair the others

I have to ask the reasoning behind the people's thoughts for closing the Wenona school building? Can you justify them?

If you, and this is a general you, attended a informational meeting on the school building issue, you would know that it is NOT FEASIBLE to close the Wenona school building and put students that attend there in other buildings - there is simply not enough room. I am just taken aback by the fact that 22% of the respondents of this survey want the school board to do nothing with the Wenona school building. So I just want some justification behind these comments.

Thank you.

Braiden Skinner

Editor's reply: Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I sincerely believe you would be most comfortable taking the next step and doing your own survey. The upcoming 4th of July celebration may facilitate this process, which should only take a couple of hours. From conversations I've had, taxpayers are struggling to meet daily family needs on less dollars, and don't like their treatment by the school board.


public works & safety committee

funny how this committee left out the two newly elected aldermen who had not previously been involved in Minonk politics!

tim spencer

Mark McNamara: I believe all should be involved. They were voted in.

Operators of Non-Highway vehicles must be at least 21

This is a reminder that under City Ordinance 10.32.040, section H, for Non-Highway Vehicles, operators of a qualified Non-Highway Vehicle must be at least 21 years of age. This includes recreational vehicles. For further inquiries contact City Hall at 309-432-2558.

Mayor Bill Koos

Penny Land: I don't like to see young children riding on a lap either
Kevin Persic: Absolutely Penny Land! This is becoming an issue in town! I cringe when I see a child buckled into the driver's lap.

School Survey

I too find that the survey is/was very confusing. Question 1 option 1 I assume means that the 7th & 8th graders would be going to a new school with the High School kids? So then what would the need be for the renovations at east? Does that change that estimate? If we took those kids from East would we necessarily need a new school? I also do not like the idea of asking us to make an informed decision without all of the costs for temporary classrooms, and 2012 construction cost estimates without the true costs of demolition, land purchases, and other incidentals. It appears in my view that the board has the survey skewed in one direction.

Rich Carver

Carol L. Junker: I find this survey extremely confusing!! I figure we are going to have to take it to someone young with kids in school for help. It is worded insanely crazy.

Building Survey

I have to agree with the most recent editorial regarding the Fieldcrest Building survey. Having fairly extensive background in writing surveys, the first couple of questions you ask yourself before developing the survey are:

1. What information do we want to get as a result of the survey?
2. What are we going to do with the information?

I think we all know the answer to #2 - the Board will use the survey as part of the decision-making process on whether to repair or build new.

However, the way the questions are designed, I have a hard time understanding how they will be able to intelligently and accurately interpret the survey results. I had to read the questions several times to differentiate between the available options in order to rank them; all the options seemed to similar. My anticipation is when they get the results, there will not be enough statistical difference between responses to draw any clear conclusions.

Perhaps the best options for people taking the survey is to simply state their preference in the open-ended text response provided after Question 1. Hopefully doing that will provide a clear message to the School Board in an otherwise confusing survey.

Rich Luckey

Jessica Michaels Overocker: Great thoughts and exactly what I choose to do. Ranked the open ended question as 1, put my thoughts, and listed all the rest as 6.

Rockin' n Runnin for the Kids of St. Jude Success

Thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday to support our St. Jude event. We raised a lot of money for the kids of St. Jude and it wouldn't be possible without our sponsors and everyone who supports our group and events.

Also a special thank you to the City of Minonk crew who always go out of their way to help our group set up and take down for the event. Without their help it wouldn't be possible.

Thanks for the continued support for this wonderful cause.

Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Team

Who fixes splash park?

Does. Anyone know who fixes the splash park? There is the tower frog and sprayers behind frog that don't work.

Bethany Carey

Jenny Railey Hernandez: The water fountains weren't working the other day either
Stephanie Fuchs:The city knows of the problem and they are going to be working on it.

My 2 cents about the School Situation

I will never believe that repairing schools costs more than rebuilding unless the buildings are falling down. I understand that these buildings were to code when built and may not be now. I believe legislators are mostly to blame for creating such a scenario. I believe little thought was put in to decisions about codes, mandates, compliance to new standards, etc. that eventually make sound buildings un-usable. I'm not turning my back on addressing safety and accessibility for all, but more common sense needs to drive decisions that create a situation where a community cannot even afford to educate their own children.
Has anyone talked about upgrading the maintenance/janitorial staff to enable a higher quality of service that will in turn help keep the buildings better maintained and cleaner. I believe a little will go a long way here. If I were the janitorial staff at some of these buildings I would be ashamed of the filth and condition of some of these rooms. It's one thing to be plain used up and worn out (which is understandable). It's quite another thing to just be dirty and unkempt. Shame on Fieldcrest district management, building administration, school board and state legislating bodies for all having a hand in allowing this to get to the state that it currently is.


Farmers Market to start Saturday, June 20

The R Farm will start its farmers market Sat June 20, in grass uptown by Casey's. We will have 4 kinds of lettuce, kale, kohlrabi, green onions (scallions) , new potatoes and maybe some other items. Hours are 8-12

Janet Redenius

A long dedication to Richard Esposito on

Jim Anderson

Public Safety and Works Committee

Since the Public Safety and Works Committee will be making choices that effect the whole city.
I believe the whole city should be represented by having all aldermen on the committee. By not all aldermen being on the committee. It comes across as there being some sort of a hidden agenda. Making decisions for the city should involve all aldermen.

Keith Paris

Becky Peiffer: The temporary CHIEF shouldn't be caught sleeping on the JOB EITHER!

Minonk annual water quality report available

Could you please post on your website that the City of Minonk's annual water quality report is available at
For anybody that would like to request a copy can call the water plant at (309) 432- 2644

Cary Naas

Building Committee Community Survey

The Fieldcrest Board of Education's Building Committee is releasing a community survey regarding the upcoming building renovation/construction process. An all-district mailer with the survey will be out in the next few days. The survey is also available now online at for those preferring to complete the survey electronically. The Building Committee asks that all responses, whether paper or electronic, be returned no later than June 22, 2015.

Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, Superintendent
Fieldcrest CUSD 6