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Emails for June 2013
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Minonk Rec Youth Sports Golf Cart Raffle | Address correction for Cynthia Taylor | Memories of Tom Guinnee | July Food Pantry opening | 4th of July Parade entry forms | Mini King & Mini Queen for 4th of July | The Tale of Trees need copy of | Answer to Question for Donna Hartzler | Question for Donna Hartzler | 4th of July Drawdown tickets | More Memories of Aunt Lita's House |

Address correction for Cynthia Taylor


There's an error in the street address for Cynthia Taylor....And, she was moved to a room with a view of Lake Michigan AND Michigan Avenue!!

Cynthia Taylor
Prentice Womens Hospital
250 East Superior Room 1466
Chicago, IL 60611

Although her birthday has passed, cards and notes will brighten her days! Hope to keep them coming!!

Your editorial "good bye to an old friend" was very touching....How difficult to write about the passing of a young friend, but you do an excellent job. Keep up the Great Work!

Jeri Sue Johnson

July Food Pantry opening

I would like to remind Food Pantry clients that the Food Pantry will not be open on July 4. Instead, we will be open on July 11 for the usual hours (12-3).

Lila McCulley

Mini King & Mini Queen for 4th of July

If you would like your child to have a chance at being the Mini King & Mini Queen of the 4th of July parade, there will be entry forms at Casey's, IGA and Minonk Community Bank starting on Tuesday June 18th & ending on Friday June 28th. Royalty requirements are as follows: Must be age 4-7 by July 4th, 1 entry per child, must reside in Minonk & please no former King/Queens. Winners will be randomly drawn on July 1st and parents will be notified by phone. Winners will ride on their own "float" in the parade. Any questions please call Tina @ 309-530-1401.

Tina Dunning

Answer to Question for Donna Hartzler

Ed & Glenn Hartzler were brothers to Donna's father-in-law Alan. Uncle Glenn passed away in 1994 and Uncle Ed passed away in 2007. After Uncle Ed passed away, the Hartzler Homestead was sold. Out of 14 children, my Dad, Duane, and two of his sisters, Leona Janssen and Mary Kirkton are still living.

Angela Kirkendall

4th of July Drawdown tickets

The 4th of July semiannual Drawdown will be held on Wednesday July 3rd at 7pm at the beer tent located at Veterans Park. Eleven cash prizes will be given out ranging from $50-1199. Tickets are $25 a piece and include your admission into the beer tent. You do not need to be present to win. Contact Donna Hartzler at 432-2321 with any questions or to purchase a ticket.

Donna Hartzler

More memories of Aunt Lita's House

You are so right, Nick. 1952, I was 12, when we moved into the new Stoddard/McCully
home built by Heini Mohar and Kent Lumber Co along with Earl Rowe doing the masonry plus all the others who did their part well to make it a house that would stand, quoting my father, 'for 100 years' which would be 2052. I won't be around to see that but maybe someone can check on that for me.
The Bela Morgan Stoddard, my great grandfather, later great aunt Melita's (Lita) house was great fun as a child: celebrating Thanksgiving there with the family, my sister, Nancy's wedding there , riding the pony, bothering Rosie in the kitchen, exploring every area of it including every nook and cranny. Then it became condemned when a long time employee Heini Decker was badly hit by a falling brick. That was the end of anyone entering the house except workmen. But a beautiful, to this day, and sturdy house arose in its place.
As Nick said, there was much reused that was meaningful in the new house. Parts of the old house were used in the new one before that became the popular thing to do, now called salvaged or repurposed or other fancy words. The new house was enjoyed by all. My other sister, Martha Jane's wedding reception was in the garden which my mother kept up with help as it had been from the beginning, many dignitaries visited, parties were had every election night, prom nights, college and high school parties. Everyone knew they were welcome there. I loved having my cousins next door. Janice and John and I spent much time together also.
The downside was that our brother was taken into the service which he was proud to do the same year. He was in the Army and defended on Pork Chop Hill in Korea. He was gone for almost 2 years which was quite unnerving for us all. His wife Elaine lived with us and taught at Dana and Minonk. So we had quite a full house. Don had a wonderful house to return to between the service and graduate school in Colo. (Quite a contrast to a tent on a mountain in Korea all seasons of the year.)
The Carriage House behind, where the pony lived was turned into a fabulous ranch style home by Mac and Irene McCarthy. After Irene became widowed she decided to give up the grain elevator south of Minonk and move back to Champaign Urbana. That is when my parents many years later moved into that house facing Fourth St. and sold the 401 Maple Stoddard/McCully house to the Barrett family.
I'm sure much of this is redundant as I wrote my father's life story a year or so ago which Dave has on file most likely. But it is fun to remember our great childhoods. Minonk was a very good place to grow up. We did not know how lucky we were at the time, always busy, safe, active, always a game and no door was ever locked.
Thank you, Martha Lou, Nick, and all. Thank you, Dave as always.
Ginny McCully Miller

Minonk Rec Youth Sports Golf Cart Raffle

The Minonk Rec Youth Sports and MidState Stars Soccer Club are raffling off a great street legal golf cart next month.

The tickets are $10.00 each or 6 for $50.00.

Anyone needing raffle tickets, please contact any of the Park Board members or Mike Zimmerman (309-712-3578).

You can also message the MidState Stars Soccer Club or Minonk Parks and Rec on Facebook.

All proceeds will help fund the Minonk Rec Youth Sports and the MidState Stars Soccer Club.

Thank you,
Mike Zimmerman

Mike Zimmerman

Memories of Tom Guinnee


I read your article this morning and was reminded of a "Tom Guinee" moment. I was a Sophomore and I think Tom was a Senior. It was one of those hot August afternoons when football practice had just begun. I was standing on the sidelines with my mind in the clouds when coach Staples said...."Onnen, get in there and block Guinee" As I was running out to the field I thought "this is really going to hurt". Tom put a hit on me my mom felt. To this day I don't think I have fully recovered from it.

By the way, I really appreciate all the work you do with the e-mails and information I have not stayed in touch with Minonk very much over the years. It's nice to reflect.

Bill Onnen

4th of July Parade entry forms

Just wanted to remind anyone who wants to participate in this year's 4th of July Parade to please get their entry forms in as soon as possible to help ease congestion at line up on parade day. If you would like to have an entry in the parade and did not get an entry form please feel free to email me at


Lori Kapraun

The Tale of Trees need copy of

I am researching my grandfathers early days as a child and know he and his family lived in Minonk for a number of years, having immigrated from Germany in 1800s.
I am very interested in obtaining a copy of that book; TALE OF THE TREES, byAilene Schneider. from 1981. Are their any copies available for purchase? Please inform me as to where I might learn more about the early history of Minonk. Thank you.
Bonnie Lennon

My grandfathers name was Paul Yaddof and his dad Carl Yaddof (Gadow).
Editor's note: The book is no longer in print and is hard to find. Anyone knowing of a copy can reply to this website.

Bonnie Lennon

Question for Donna Hartzler

When I was a kid I lived on a farm about 5 miles South of Minonk. One of our neighbors was a Hartzler family. I remember Eddie and Glenn the best. Are they any relation to you?
Bill Onnen

My step father's name was Melvin Morris

Bill Onnen