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Emails for June 2010
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Re: Editorial from Beck Quick

WOW! Dave I must admit this was a neat editorial. Growing up in between the old fashion values ( mom stayed at home, dad worked two jobs) and being introduced to cable t.v., cassette tapes and OMG microwaves. Now that I have pinpointed my age, the innocent times were the best.
We remember the television series Andy Griffith show and how it was so funny that Aunt Bee got "gassed" by drinking an herbal elixar or how it was a major move to put your arm around your sweetheart while sitting on the front porch. Now if you find a show, movie or song that doesn't have foul language or sexual content its not a "hit" or make the top 25.
My >job< when I was a child under the age of 10 was turning the attenna on the side of the house and my mother would tap on the window to let me know her favorite tv station (1 out of the 4 we had) was coming in clear.
Even though people who read this email or hear our stories of days gone past may snicker or roll their eyes because it wasn't cool times: but I would go to the city swimming pool from 1 pm till it closed at 8 pm everyday and not worry of stranger danger.
As for other memories too many to mention I will say that one of the best jobs I had was working for my Dad at his gas station. We had a full service station and we were told you check the tires and the oil and don't forget to wash the windshield. My father would have a fit if I forgot to say "Thank you for your business and come back again!"
So now I will quit rambling but I really miss those days.
Those were the days when we would feed off of life and not feed off of drama. Thanks for making me smile Dave


Looking for Dr. Charles Livingston

We are trying to locate Dr. Charles E. Livingston, known as Gene during his school years. Would like to have an address & or phone number. Please contact John Luedtke or Darlene Budde at: ,
Thank you!

John Luedtke

1950's memories too

Hi Dave,
I enjoyed your Editorial, as it brought back some of the early memories I had of moving to Minonk and getting acquainted with its residents. I also remember Heini and Carolyn Mohr and Kents Lumber yard, Vance and Elaine Morrow and Morrow Drugs, Howard and Mrs Palmer and Palmers Jewelry store, Everett and Arnita Dahl and the Gamble store.. the old Pool hall on the south block, the Theater that gave us many good movies to enjoy, the elevators right on the main street, and Gene Young's Chevy garage, my father worked for Gene many many years ago.. Saturday nights uptown when every one did their shopping and visiting.. many good memories...
As a young wife in a town where I knew no one other than family, I quickly became acquainted with many of the ladies in your photo, they made you feel like Minonk was a good town to be living in, they always knew who you were and spoke to you.. sometimes in todays world, people forget to say hello and welcome to our community.
Thanks for the memories, I enjoy seeing the old photo's of days gone by. The front street in Minonk today, looks nothing like it did years ago.. all in the name of progress, I guess.

Judy (Block) Reeser

Cancer Benefit for Susan Baker

There will be a Cancer Benefit on Aug. 21st for Susan (Myszkowski) Baker of Wenona. Susan is married to my brother Terry Baker, formerly of Minonk. She is a victim of pancreatic cancer. When she spoke with her Dr. the first of Nov. 2009, he informed her the cancer was already in Stage 4. Susan then went through more tests and found out the cancer had spread to her liver, spleen and stomach walls (all in Stage 4). Susan has been going through chemo treatments, has a lot of medications to take for the pain, in and out of the hospital, and with the travels to and from her treatments, expenses have and continue to increase.

The Benefit will be held at St. Mary's Parish Hall in Wenona to raise money for Susan. We have an account at Minonk Community Bank for anyone that wishes to give a Monetary donation. We also have cans setting in several businesses and would like to collect some donation items to use for a raffle the day of the event. Thank you for any donations to make Susan's Benefit a success. If you have any questions, please contact me at 309-432-2149 or email me at

If anyone wants to mail anything they may do so:
Barb Petri
915 Jefferson St.
Minonk, Illinois 61760


Barb Petri(sister-in-law)

Slow Pitch Softball Forms Ready

2010 Minonk Parks and Recreation Slow Pitch Softball forms and rules are now available online at

Forms are due Friday, June 18, 2010. Games begin July 11th at 3:00pm.

Stephanie Fuchs

Minonk 4th of July Parade Entry Forms

If you did not receive a Minonk 4th of July entry form and wish to be in the 4th of July parade please feel free to fill out the form and give it to me prior to the 4th. This speeds up your registration on that day. I have attached a copy of the parade entry form. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks so much.

Cathy McKay

Fourth of July Updates

The 4th of July Committee and St. Paul's UCC will be co-hosting this year's chicken dinner from 11:30 - 1:30 at West Side Park, Saturday, July 3rd. Tickets are $7.00 a person and can be purchased at Pop's Sweet Shoppe, Sue Park or let me know and I'll get you some. The dinner includes chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, drink and dessert. Carryouts are available. It is recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance.

American Girl Give Away

You can purchase raffle tickets to win an American Girl >Doll tickets are $1 a piece or 6 for $5. Tickets can be purchased during the Fun On The Run on Saturday, July 3rd at West Side Park. Proceeds go to support our great fireworks display.


Cathy McKay

MDR Class of 1970 Reunion

The 40th Reunion for the MDR class of 1970 will be held Saturday August 14, 2010, at Capponi's restaurant in Toluca. Cocktails at 6:00 PM and dinner at 7:00 PM. We need your help to get e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses for all of our classmates. If you have information for contacting classmates please forward them to Gary
Kroeschen at the information below. Thank you.

Gary Kroeschen

815 452 2996

The Glassmen are coming to Minonk


I wanted to let everyone know about a group of young people who will be visiting Minonk next month. The Glassmen Drum Corps from Ohio will be using the football field and the grounds at Fieldcrest High School to warm up and practice for a competition in Metamora on Tuesday, July 6th. They will be arriving at FHS on the 6th at around 1 am, where they will sleep. They will then get up, have breakfast and get to work. They will be using both the field and the school to have sectionals for both playing and marching. They will eventually all move to the field for rehearsal as the day goes on.
There are approximately 150 brass, percussion and color guard members in this outstanding corps. The community is welcome to stop by and have a listen! Although I'm sure they will be heard quite easily throughout the town.
This is a unique opportunity for not only the Fieldcrest music students, but also for the rest of the Fieldcrest community to observe a group such as this.

Thank you,

Rusty Russell

Fieldcrest High School


Our Fieldcrest 4x800 meter relay team had a terrific race Saturday at the State Track Meet Finals!!! They placed on the medal stand in 5th with a time of 8:03.46, beating their previous school record set two days earlier at the State Prelims by 7 seconds!!!! Carol Bauer coached the boys to the medal. This was the first Fieldcrest relay team to medal at State.

Each runner had a one of their best lifetime splits: senior Kinsly Tarmann (2:01.9), sophomore Collin Mangold (2:03.2), senior Jake Meyer (2:03.3) and junior James Leigh anchored (1:55.0).

Earlier on Thursday, the 4 X 800 relay team had a great run at the State Prelims qualifying 8th for Finals with a school record time of 8:10.73, 11 seconds better than their last school record set earlier in the season. Later on Thursday, James ran in the Open 800 race and missed qualifying for the Finals by 0.3 seconds.

Their returning vans were met Saturday evening south of Minonk with police, ambulance, and fire truck sirens and honking parents and fans to escort them back to school. We are all so excited and happy for the boys.

Thanks to Coach Bauer, Coach Ryan Koehler, and Coach Bill Leigh for all their time, work and encouragement!!! Thanks to the Fieldcrest Track Team, Mitch Hobbs and all the track parents and fans for their never-ending support. Thanks to all involved with the escort home to Minonk. Most of all, thanks to these athletes for their dedication to this sport. It was a terrific end to a great season!

Debbie Leigh